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My 4th time taking Aimovig & update on last three months

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Hello welcome okay so this video is of me hannah taking amma vague i don’t think you can see it it’s amavig’s 70 milligrams once a month injection here’s the reaction if you want to jump straight to that i’m just going to explain how this last month which is my third month on amavig has been and if you want to know how the first couple months went uh that’s my

Other videos just a quick breakdown the first month i was really spacey and then the second month not as spacey but and okay so this last month um i can’t tell if anything’s working like i feel about the same i wrote down i document my migraines and i haven’t been able to get a good shot of this but at the end of this video i will show i’ll put it in focus so

You can see how i rate my migraines and document it i’ll do that at the end that way if you don’t care to see it you don’t have to pass forward through it so i wrote down this past month i’ve had seven debilitating migraines um i’ve had lots of headaches but the set i’ve had seven debilitating migraines um the month before i had 10 so that would have been my

Second month on amavik um i think in the video i said nine but i just counted it with ten so and then uh the month before which was my first multi-name of amavig i had four um but i was super spacey like so many times it was like debilitating spacey like i couldn’t function um and just to give an idea the month before before i was on amavig i had 10 migraines um

So that could be kind that might be an average for me like one to three a week um so yeah i don’t feel like a lot has changed yet but i’ve been told with amavik you want to give it a couple months so now taking this my fourth injection will be put on first injection after the second injection that’s your first one the third injection that’s your second month so

This fourth injection will be my third month right anyway let’s get into it so it’s supposed to be refrigerated and then once you’re ready to take it uh you take it out and leave it out for about a half hour which it’s now been about an hour so it’s been out plenty oh and i noticed something new every time on the um directions it says every 30 days and i have

Been taking it every 28 days so this is now my 30th day but i noticed on the thing it said take it 7 30 in the morning and i never noticed that before but here’s the thing with me because of my migraines and my chronic insomnia my schedule is all over the place sometimes my morning is in the evening or at night sometimes my morning is in the morning um but it’s

Almost impossible for me to keep a normal schedule it’s very very hard that’s why things like appointments are stressful or work it’s very stressful because i never know how i’m going to feel until that day for example the other two nights ago i went to bed around 1am but then after like three hours uh head pain woke me up and within a couple hours it was a brutal

Migraine that lasted for well over 14 hours so then when i’m going to bed it’s that time i went to bed i think seven a.m was my bedtime so anyway it it’s all over the place so 7 30 a.m that could be this is kind of my morning it’s almost 10 p.m um and i i was up a couple hours ago so this is like this could be like my 7 30 a.m okay so i always do the unboxing on

Camera so let’s see okay i’m going to show you so it has the instructions and then the in-depth instructions so here it is put the lid on my little exacto knife so this is oh i don’t think you can see it this is the window where the medicine is and it’s supposed to be clear which mine is i see a little bubble but i’m assuming that’s okay um so that’s supposed

To be clear uh when i take the medicine this is the button and i’m gonna take this cap off when i take the medicine you’ll see a yellow going down that’s pushing the medicine down and then when the medicine is completely in you’ll hear a click and this will now be yellow once the medicine is completely injected i always go through this because i’m always like

So yeah the purple start button and then you’re gonna um you have three places that you can put it in you can put it in your upper arm at least this is according to what i’ve read i’m not an expert this is just my own observations and experience and reading about it um you can put it in your upper arm if someone else can do it for you i think it says um you can

Do it in your stomach which to me is the worst place like a terrible place to get an injection you can do your thigh which is my preferred place um so we’re gonna clean that with a wet one um yeah and it says to leave on for like 15 seconds window turns from clear to yellow when the injection is done and that happens in my experience it’s happened like in three

Seconds but since it says hold down for like 15 seconds i always hold it down for that long just to make sure because i don’t want to mess this up so i hold it down longer than i need to but i would rather be safe than sorry oh and you’re not supposed to shake this um i’ve seen the pharmacist some of the people that ring me out at the pharmacy sometimes they’re

Like shaking it or not shaking it but they’re kind of flopping it or like when i picked this one up the guy he accidentally dropped it and i’m just like it says not to shake but whatever it’s clear so hopefully that’s okay let’s clean the site we’re gonna put the injection i’m gonna put in my leg make sure we can see all right so we’re gonna clean that all right

So we’re gonna get ready i’m gonna make sure we can see yep that’s where i’m gonna i’m gonna hold this to hold this firm and then lastly to let you know if it hurts or not it’s different for everybody most people that i’ve watched it doesn’t seem to hurt them when i do it it hurts really bad for about three seconds so i click it three seconds of brutal pain but

Then it’s gone um this last time when i did it which was my third injection it actually bled a little bit but the other times it didn’t so we’ll see what happens the window right there so you can see the medicine going down and take this cap off oh gosh i could have sworn i felt liquid i hope that wasn’t the medicine okay here we go so oh i’m gonna press that

Down make sure that you can see the window there we go the windows there all right i’m gonna do it on three two one let’s get a little nervous all right make sure we can see the window all right three two one go oh god okay the pain is letting up oh god that hurts not to freak you out it might not hurt you but it hurts me okay the pain’s almost gone and hopefully

My hand didn’t cover hopefully you can see yep i see yellow and this is where i’m silly and i just hold it down longer than i need to because it says hold down for 15 seconds um but i am sure it’s done i’m slightly nervous only because when i took that cap off i could have sworn i felt a liquid drop on my leg so i hope that’s not anything faulty okay i’m sure

It’s done i’m gonna lift it up now all right see okay now the window is yellow you probably can’t see that but the window is now yellow where it was clear and no blood i do see a red spot but i don’t even think it’s gonna need a band-aid all right well thank you for watching um okay i’ll do the thing where if you want to see how i document my migraines it’s my

Own unique way of documenting so i’ll put that but if not i hope to see you in my next video and i wish for you wellness and goodness um i know it’s hard living with migraines or any kind of chronic health issues and i wish you wellness uh and just as importantly on your journey for wellness i wish you joy and good things um because that’s what life ultimately is

Anyway right is our journey so i hope that in the midst of anything that you’re going through you can find good things and i wish wellness for you so okay okay talking but uh have a good day and hopefully see you in my next video um and okay so if you want to see how i rate uh i’ll put that now so this is an overview and then i’m going to zoom in in a second but

I’m just letting you know that this is what a typical month looks like it’s actually may right now but i’m just showing you for the month of april so what i do um so i’ll discuss first the on the top right corner of each day what that is my neurologist’s office every three months they i have to fill out a questionnaire to rate things on a scale of zero to three

Depending on how bad the head pain was so i give that day a scale of zero to three what r is is my own way of that’s my way of saying my head is on my radar so it it’s like it’s never a zero like there’s always something going on but maybe it’s not enough that i would have labeled that day as a one because it wasn’t a lot of head pain but i have to i can’t give it

A zero because it’s my head’s always on my radar and what i mean by that is like you know how if you have a healthy part of your body you don’t feel that part of your body unless you think about it like if you have healthy knees for example you don’t feel your knees unless you think about it but then once you think about you can feel it however if you have pain

In your knee uh then it’s on your radar um you can feel it at all all the time and that’s how for my head it’s always on my radar i can always feel something whereas i shouldn’t be feeling anything if i had a healthy head so okay so that’s what r is so so that’s the top right corner so now moving on to let’s just pick day 13 for example so i say pain and then i

Put parentheses and then overall i would say that day was just on average my head i just felt radar it was on my radar so that’s what on average is then in parentheses that’s what it ranged from so the lowest i felt that day was on my radar the highest my pain got that day was a five and so on how i scale my head pain i give my head pain on a scale of 1 to 10 for

Headache and then once it gets to 10 beyond that is a level 1 migraine and then from there i rate my migraine pain on a scale of 1 to 10. so i’ll put that as an l1 for level 1 l2 level 2 and you can see on the days 11th and 12th i had on the 11th i had a level 7 migraine which is really bad on the 12th i had a level one which was still a lot of pain um so that’s

How i rate my pain and then underneath on like looking at the 13th for example underneath pain i put pressure and then i rate i give a scale of about what that was and obviously this is all a rough estimate it’s really hard to define it’s like trying to describe the weather when it’s like a weird weather day um it ranges a lot so i give my pressure on um i give

My pressure a scale and the reason i have pain and pressure is because they’re not the same thing but sometimes i experience them at the same time sometimes i can have a lot of pressure but no pain it’s just a lot of discomfort and then other times i can have a lot of pain but no pressure and then sometimes if it was like specifically like say looking at the 13th

At the bottom i wrote spacey and fatigue off and on today that’s i deal with a lot of spaciness and a lot of fatigue and so sometimes if i don’t feel like coming up with numbers i’ll just put that i was spacey and fatiguey a lot and that was if i write it on here that means it was enough that it was really distracting to my day and it made my day difficult so

That’s why um i like to give a number range for things but at the same time if i don’t feel like doing that especially because it’s a lot to document all this and i document other have other journals for other health issues as well but my head pain is definitely the biggest one um but yeah sometimes i’ll just write stuff if i if i don’t want to uh write come

Up with the numbers and then lastly on the bottom left corner you’ll notice on some of the days i put numbers like look at the 11th and 12th i put a 3 and a 5. on my questionnaire from my neurologist’s office has questions like like you know the first question is how many days in the last three months did you miss work or school due to headache or head pain

So it’s like i can’t i’m not going to be able to remember the last three months the answer to this question so what i’ll do and there’s 10 questions by the way and it’ll include like how many days in the last three months did you not do household work due to head pain um and then the next question is actually how many days was your productivity and household

Work produced by half or more due to head pain so i’ll write at the bottom if it was like the if i had three which i think that was the how many days did you not do household work due to head pain um i’ll put that number to that question there so when they ask me on the questionnaire i’ll go back through my journal and i will count how many threes there were

And then i’ll put that many on the questionnaire and five is did you miss leisure activity or fan social activity or family event or anything like that i’ll put that so that means i missed up due to my head pain that day that’s how i fill out that questionnaire so that’s the basics um if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and yeah i’m always

Getting better at documenting things so i apologize you’re looking at a book i didn’t know how much i was gonna talk for this but alrighty have a good day and i wish you well

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My 4th time taking Aimovig & update on last three months By Hannah’s Quest for Healing