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My 5 month journey on Accutane( Isotretinoin) | Zora Joseph

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Hey, I’m Zora Joseph and this is my journey / experience on Accutane( Isotretinoin). I hoped this video helped you if you’re interested in accutane or gave you some clarity if you’re skeptical about it as well. I hope overall you were informed about what accutane is and how it works.

And this is my first ever youtube video and it’s going to be about my experience my journey on accutane my acne journey my skin journey was all skin honestly but just separate journeys that are still i’m still in the same skin journey and just some information about accutane what is accutane you may want to take accutane you may already be on accutane or

You might just be curious to know about skin you know you may want to be a future dermatologist and you’re just looking at skincare videos or you just need overall skincare advice um that’s exactly what this video is gonna be about uh so keep watching uh i have a lot of good stuff in it don’t forget to like and subscribe as well and let’s get into it i’ve

Suffered from acne since i was 12 and uh this is the clearest my skin has been i do currently have on makeup right now but you know you can kind of see that it’s like not like it’s like so it’s kind of smooth you know i struggled with acne and texture i still struggle with texture not so much acting trying to clear up my dark spots now but um this acting

Journey has been something that’s been ongoing for about nine years uh you know it’s been a long long ride it’s been a long while but up close to and almost had my skin goal you know i’ve been doing some good stuff you know but yeah i have tried everything under the sun i’ve tried so many products i spent um i’ve spent my summer all my checks i was working

40 hours summer 2018 um i spent my whole entire basically all my checks towards the skin care program program and this is just i’m informing you now so do not fall for this like i did you you if you suffer if you suffer from hormonal acne cystic acne acne that’s just not going away and you’ve had acne for years do not fall for the eight week eight weeks i

Can get your skin clear program i mean some people didn’t fall for it but me i was really desperate i was like now my skin clear before sophomore year going to my sophomore year college i want to walk in there with quality skin do not fall for it because your skin cannot clear in eight weeks you suffer from hormonal acne that is hormonal acne is it literally

In cystic acne art roller coasters or up and down up and down that’s literally what my skin went through um so this is just you know that’s just the truth i fell for it i’m telling y’all now don’t fall for it don’t do it and don’t do it i told you don’t do it but yeah so that’s the truth um next uh i’m gonna insert a clip of my skin this is this was clip was

Probably when i realized that my skincare journey was like it was starting to affect my self-confidence um this picture was taken this video was taken um march 2018 and i always took videos of my skin and pictures of my skin because i knew one day my skin would clear and if you’re on your skincare journey take pictures so you can look back and be like wow like

You know appreciate where you come like where you came from because it’s just like wow like if there’s times it felt like my skin would never clear i was like i’m gonna suffer with acne for the rest of my life i’m gonna just not feel as pretty i’m not gonna get to my full potential i’m not gonna get to my peak because of acne and take pictures record document

Your journey you don’t go to show nobody i kept my pictures in i got an app a keep safe app literally i kept my pictures because i didn’t care who went through my phone but i was just so ashamed of my acne even though these people can see my acne with like right in front of them it was just like nah i don’t want you like to see it because people people get so

Used to seeing me with acne that nobody actually sees that it’s acne they just see that as you that’s one thing all my friends told me they’re like oh like honestly like i didn’t even like notice your acne i’m like you didn’t notice you didn’t notice my face like they’re like no i didn’t notice because i just got so used to seeing you like that which kind

Of sucked but that’s just that’s the truth you know that’s my little back story and now we’re gonna get into fun part fun part of the video which is accutane we’re going to get all into the accutane pre-accutane during accutane post accutane life pre-access this is january 2020 i am now i finally got into the office with this dermatologist just phenomenal

He’s amazing i my mom goes to him my friend goes to him um he’s a really great dermatologist i finally got into his office and the first day i get there he’s like so i’m gonna tell you told me you tried everything under the sun now it’s time for you to try something new accutane he explained to me what accutane was and accutane is a medication that’s very

High levels of vitamin a that have been scientifically proven to clear acne and i contains a pill you take which clears the acne from the inside out so it’s not just a topical or surface you know cream um that’s what it does so i’m like yeah i said honestly i’m tired like i just need like i’m not even feeling like how i’m feeling i’m just feeling really down

The acne has really hit me at this point that’s like wow like i don’t feel pretty i don’t feel i don’t want to go nowhere i don’t want to take pictures i had no pictures of my face that were like postal everything was just pictures of my acne videos in my acne from about october 2019 or november 2019 to april may that’s when i actually started taking videos

And pictures of myself because i was starting to feel pretty again you know so that happened and then i contained journey you know he explained to me everything um ladies we have another issue accutane we have it hard again because it’s just annoying but you know it costs to be a boss if you are a lady a woman you must take a pregnancy test every month you

Take one before accutane along with blood work you take blood work before accutane and after accutane i believe that’s what i did and a pregnancy a pregnancy test is due every month before you get your next dosage one month before they have to make sure everything is good with you um and also i chose um you have two options you can choose abstinence or birth

Control i personally chose abstinence because i just don’t like birth control um but if you like birth control then you know if you quote the idea then definitely go for it because do not be one of those people that are going to keep doing what they’re doing and you know you know taking this kind of medication that literally states the effects it has on a

Fetus and a baby like it’s on my pill box it was literally on my pill box like what it does how it damages you know these organs and a baby’s brain and everything so if you’re going to you know choose to have sex just be smart and just honestly do the birth control method should be told and then you can also use you have to use two forms of contraceptive which

Is birth control and i believe a condom or you know they have different types but you know your dermatologist will tell you more about that um but yeah those are the things you need to know um also he told me you must eat fatty foods you must like you must eat a fatty food and yeah that’s just life pre-accutane now we’re gonna fast forward to march 2020 and

This is live during accutane so now i have started the medicine so now we are in march of 2020 and this is life during accutane i am taking accutane i’m taking my pills i’ve been taking my medicine for about one week or a week and a half i’ll say the side effects is coming the dry lips the dry skin um they’re here they were here to stay like i had vaseline

In almost every purse i had i own um every i kept in my nightstand i kept vaseline in my bathroom i kept vaseline in my car my gym bag there was always a little vaseline the cocoa butter one that’s my favorite i just i had i always had it i got it i always had it on me like i was like i got it on me i always had it on me because i hate dry lips like that it

Just looks so ugly and your lips will be so ashy and dry and they turn white i’m just like it’s not cute it’s not you know nobody boy or girl it’s not cute so yeah i always have fat and then um it’s next so i’m in month i’m in may so my acne is just starting the skin is starting to adjust to the medication also my dermatologist gave me 30 mg i took two pills

Of 30 mg once a day which was a total of 60 milligrams i was taking every day since i started my accutane journey and um yeah sometimes you will forget like i forgot to take my medicine some days and that’s okay do not double up do not double up on your dose just take it the next day just try to remember and take it the next day and usually they say it’s

Good a good idea to take the medicine at the same time you took it the previous day so always keep that same time frame we took it around 11 try to take it around 11am the next morning then around 12 11 12 always take it within the same time frames what my dermatologist told me which is what i did um other side effects that people are actually i’ve actually

Heard about somebody has asked me personally i did have mood swings i would get random random phases of being sad um i don’t know why but i would randomly get sad and i noticed it and then after i got the medicine i didn’t have those effects somewhere but during the medicine i’ll randomly get sad so it’s good to keep you know happy people around you watch

Happy shows do happy things you know just just try to keep you know happiness and also inform people around you that hey i’m on this medicine these are some of the side effects i think i may be experiencing this you know try to tell somebody you know don’t just keep it bottling bottled in and um yeah so this is may 2020 i started also may 2020 i had a purge

Uh my birthday is may 20th i had a purge right before my birthday i was upset like my skin started to was it right after it was either right before right after my i started to have like i had like five bumps like not even like bumps pimples these were these were boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom it was so bad i was like what i said what’s going on

And then the doctor said the acne is coming out so the acne it depends you know it varies per person of course but the acne will come out you know it may not come out as bad as it did on other people or may come out even worse than it did on other people but the acne is the accusation is bringing the acne out from the inside so it’s coming like not throwing

It up i don’t know why i’m doing that but it’s going to come out on your face like it’s going to show so yeah that’s during accutane um life during accutane you know let me continue on foods make sure you are eating your fatty foods around my month before around one three and a half to month four i kind of got lazy i got kind of got tired of always having

To eat an avocado or you know something else eating avocados every day i got tired of it so i would um uh um i’m not gonna eat nothing i’m just gonna eat regular foods it’s gonna eat some chicken some chicken and rice that’s chicken the rice showed on this face you need to eat your fatty food like it has to um metabolize like that medicine literally will

Not work if you are not eating a fatty food your acne may even look worse than what it looked like before because the medicine has such high levels of vitamin a so make sure you eat your fatty foods make sure you eat your fatty foods like i had to i was eating so many avocados because like my skin was starting to like literally go back and i was like no i

Want to be off accutane in five months like my doctor planned instead of six you could take accutane from about i think three months to seven months i want to say i’m not too sure but you don’t want to go past a certain time it’s better that most likely they would actually take you off the medicine and put you back on instead of just you taking the medicine

Through that time period a time frame so that happened and um now we are in september going in october doctors like zoro skin’s looking great you’re going to get off a container i’m like i’m going to get up i can say i’m so happy i couldn’t even i turned 21 this year i couldn’t even keep crazy drunk you know i mean not that i was going to get crazy drunk

But you know it would be cool to know that i could have like but i couldn’t unless you know um yeah so that’s kind of like during acting some things you need to know um now i’m going to get into the products i was using when i was on accutane i used this cerebe this brand of but it was a daily gentle cleanser my dermatologist told me that you only need to

Use that no other products just that that no other facial washes toners nothing just use a gentle cleanser because the acne will take care the accutane will take care of everything and that’s exactly what happened um he said your skin becomes very sensitive when you are on accutane so you need to even like shy away from certain products just so you don’t

Cause any irritation or even you know your skin you don’t want your skin to retaliate against you and flare up again um so i use that and i’ll leave this in the description box of uh all the products i used then we’re gonna get into the moisturizer and i got a moisturizer that had sunscreen spf 30 included um my uh dermatologist also told me spf after 50

It’s not even real really after 50 it doesn’t go past 50. like that’s so all the 107 and all that i use a simple spf 30 and um this right here kept my skin great it’s a moisturizer and a spf you can get it at walgreens ulta and target i believe tiger just started selling this and i would mix that with um my shea butter so i’ll use these two on my face just

A little bit of my shea butter and this because my skin was really dry so i have to make something with it and i love you know mixing i love when i can use natural stuff if i’m already using a lot of chemicals i try to go in as much natural as i can in there um this we get this from nigeria uh when we have our family goes back to nigeria you know sometimes

You know they always bring us back this this is the only thing i tell about you to bring me because they overcharge for a year i don’t know you know whatever but yeah those are the products i used during um life during acute and now we’re gonna get into life after act now we are done with accutane so it has been cleared and this is my skin after i finish

Accutane yes i’m amazed as well it it changed dramatically like it was amazing to see the results of my skin i i was i was lost work i actually cried in the doctor’s office because this is how that’s just how much acting affected my life like it was just a lot you know um now i’m just here with accutane i finished my last dosage i went to my um last checkup

You know last appointment and the doctor gave me my uh cream my post accutane routine um he also gave me a i had a set an appointment for a chemical pill and um yeah so now it’s about a week out two weeks out i’m using uh this facial wash right here the cereal acne foam cleanser this is the wash i was recommended to by the dermatologist and i was using this

Right here that’s my facial wash cleanser um next we have toner i have my toner fresh i picked this up at sephora i was just looking for a toner like to add some more products extra steps you know that to take to make my skin clear it’s almost finished this is the travel size i do recommend you getting a travel size of any product you’re going to get just in

Case you know you want to see how it reacts to your skin and that’s one thing i love about sephora they have travel sizes in almost everything so that’s a bonus so you know check this out it’s done really well for my pores and keeps my skin just glowing like my skin always has this glowy look and i love that i love skin that glows next i have this um polish

Choice exfoliant this product i’ve seen like in so many places like every time i search up how to get rid of texture this product pops up how to get rid of uneven skin tone this product pops up and this product has done me well next we have back to the basics okay in the morning i use my la roche sunscreen slash moisturizer mixed with my shea butter just

A little bit of that just for moisture and yes i put it in a vaseline because i don’t have a container i didn’t get a cute container actually because i wanted to look a little pretty and um my shea butter comes thick but what my mom told me to do was like she kind of left it outside to make it more like a butter because it’ll come like a little bit like in a

Little ball it won’t come like a smooth butter so you can either you can actually make this whip honestly it’s a little machine and just whip it because it makes it way easier to apply than you yeah so that’s my choice and then at night i use my um tretinoin cream my dermatologist recommended to me he told me after i finished my accusation i would use this

This cream is really good a lot of dermatologists recommend it once you’re once you really don’t have acne you know you have a little bit of blemishes and you’re just trying to get rid of that hyperpigmentation and dark spots this is what they recommend so this is what i use on a daily basis i’m still changing up my skincare routine still trying to find more

Products to help me get that full even nice texture and smooth out my dark spots so of course when i find some more products i’m going to let y’all know i’m definitely going to have an updated skincare review updated skincare routine video coming up in early 2021 with all my products everything even some updated skincare pictures i’m actually going to insert

Some pictures of what my skin looks like um currently um also i did do a chemical peel and i do have some clips from that chemical peel i will also insert um of how they did it yeah so if you have any questions leave them below i would definitely answer them i hope this video was helpful to anyone dealing with acne anyone who wants to start their accutane

Journey anyone who just wants to be informed with skin care or just need some tips on how to deal with um acne prone skin i really hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like subscribe thanks for watching bye all right you need some money no big problem hunters alright

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