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My Accutane Experience FIRST WEEK | Days 1-7 on Isotretinoin | Acne Update | Side effects

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Hello guys! today I share my experience taking accutane and this is my expericence the first week days 1-7 taking the medication for my acne! Dont forget to subscribe to follow me on my journey!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel welcome if you are new as promised i said i would do a accutane video for my one to two weeks experience and then probably a bit longer after that today is day number two um before we begin i will pop on the screen quickly what my skin looked like yesterday on day one obviously today i have got makeup on but obviously

You can see kind of see my acne underneath my makeup as it has rubbed off a little bit um but yeah i just put it on to make myself feel a bit better today um but yeah yesterday i only took 10 milligrams of actin so i only took one tablet and today i’m going to take 20 milligrams or two tablets and um the dose that i’m going to be on is 30 milligrams however i

Just wanted to wean myself up to it for the first three days just in case i had any like severe reactions or anything at least i hadn’t taken like a higher dose and it would be like easier for my body to digest and things like that um so yeah today is day two here are the tablets again and um obviously i haven’t felt any side effects from taking uh the accutane

Yesterday i don’t know i don’t want to like break it cause they’re soft capsules um yeah i haven’t felt any side effects from yesterday’s tablet as of yet um but i mean it’s only been 24 hours i have got a bit of a headache today however i don’t think that’s to do with uh acting i think it’s like time of the month to do with like my implant and i haven’t left

The house all weekend um and it’s now like monday night as well so i do think i need to go outside and get some fresh air at some point as well just because i was lazy all weekend um but yeah so for these tablets as well you do have to take them um with a high calorie high fat meal um as it absorbs apparently the tablets absorb better into your body that way as

Well as opposed to taking on an empty stomach you may not get as uh good benefits because your body hasn’t absorbed as much of the dosage so yeah these are the little tablets thankfully they are really small um oh my god it’s gone up my sleeve there we go i’ve got it it rolled up my sleeve um up there but yeah and thankfully they are very small i’m not very good

At taking tablets and they’re softer gel tablets as well so very easy to swallow i was scared they were going to be like them ginormous like dry tablets which i would have been wretching on taking three so i’m gonna drink it with milk tonight i did look it up and you can drink milk while on accutane um i like to have some antibiotics you can’t have milk with but

These are completely different so and milk’s high fat so it did say i recommended drinking it with milk so that’s what i’m going to do show one true but yeah that is uh night two got some carmix ready for the dry lips which i have started putting on already as um i kind of want to prevent rather than have it have dry lips and they crack and then i get it so i’ve

Been preventing with that and i just also get this number seven hydro loomis overnight recovery cream um which is for extremely dry skin just still pop on at night as well again i’d rather have something that’s really really moisturizing to um prevent anything from cracking as well and i’ve treated myself to an eye cream there’s a by number seven and i do really

Like that brand as well although as you know all of my other stuff is dermalogica uh my mom got me this dermalogica intensive moisture moisture cleanser um which i probably won’t use until my skin does start to get dry just so i can see the difference that it’s making but yeah i normally use special cleansing gel but i guess this is just a moisturizing version oh

My god yeah oh it smells that smells lush i actually want to use that now but i think i will wait a few days although my skin is a little bit oh no it’s not really dry it’s just oily and all of my makeup separates so that is another thing that i’m looking forward to this is not having really oily skin anymore i don’t know if it picks up on camera but like all my

Makeup separated around my nose and i work from home now so i can’t even blame it on wearing a mask and it’s all separated on my forehead as well actually up here but yeah that’s something i’m really looking forward to about uh this process but the only thing i haven’t bought yet is some eye drops and i know my eyes are gonna get dry so that was a bad move maybe

I’ll go and get some this weekend but we’re now on seven minutes and this is meant to be a two-week video so i’m gonna try and edit this down and i will see you tomorrow for day three hey everybody so it’s day three now and i am about to take my ice shredding oven um i was going to up my dosage to 30 milligrams today however i may just stick on 20 at the moment

Just because i felt a little bit sick this morning so i want to give my body that little bit extra time to adjust um but yeah i haven’t really seen any side effects as of yet this is what my skin is currently looking like i mean it was a little bit sore and i itched up there but i feel like that’s just my skin anyway but yeah i’m just gonna stick to 20 milligrams

Today see how i get on um and then maybe we’ll go up to 30 tomorrow or the day after i’m not sure yet so i’ve got my two tablets see you tomorrow hello it’s me i’m back and it’s day four this is my skin i don’t know how i can see this on camera but i’ve had a few little white heads appear along my cheeks um which they’re a little bit sore um but yeah today i’m

Gonna start taking three tablets so my actual dose which is 30 milligrams and i’ve noticed that my eyes feel a little bit i don’t know if they feel tired but just a little bit itchy today which means that they are dry i have had itchy eyes anyway sometimes i get it in the summer um so matt kindly went and got me some eye drops today um which is just the optrex

Intensive eye drops so yeah got that which is good so i’ll let you know how i get on but here we go but yeah apart from that i haven’t really had any other side effects um as soon as i do i will let you know though apart from actually one thing is i feel like my skin feels greasy i don’t know if that’s just because i’m like waiting for something to happen or

Not because it’s greasy anyway but yeah you know what i mean so i just thought i’d update you quickly i’m just well i’m not just waking up but um i’ve just had a shower and got dressed it’s the morning of day five and i can feel my skin tightening um i have got some dry patches i don’t know if they’ll pick up on the camera see on my nose here and then something

I like i know it gets dry around spots anyway look at that that’s rank um starting to get a bit dry around here and up here but i do feel like like around here my skin feels really smooth and also up here they’re starting to smooth out as well already i don’t know if that is anything but yeah it’s definitely starting to dry out as you can see on my nose but

So i’d update you before i put my moisturizer on hey guys so i believe it’s day six now now yeah day six yes because tomorrow is day seven i don’t know and i thought i’d give you an update so this is what my skin’s looking like i have had a few spots come up a few under the skin spots you know coming up around here and this is quite painful um so yeah i mean

I wouldn’t say it’s clear as of yet but i do think that the spots that have come up are a lot smaller and less painful already i don’t know if that’s because um my skin’s starting to dry out so the the spots as gross as it sounds and not as like moisture liquidy so it’s like not as big does that make sense there’s not as much moisture in them and i’ve had a few

Come up on my forehead as well i just feel like i’m generally looking redder overall i don’t know if that’s just me imagining or not um i woke up with really really sore eyes today so i had to put eye drops in them this morning which seemed to have lasted the whole day at the moment so fingers crossed that’s as bad as they get although i think they will get worse

Um because it’s still early doors and one thing that i noticed is that my skin’s starting to feel tight although i am moisturizing but i can definitely feel you know if you do this it does feel tighter than normal and especially on my forehead as well um last night i have this weird thing where i struggle to breathe sometimes at night anyway because the air is

Too dry so i have to put vicks on my nose to try and like give it more moisture or something but last night that just was not cutting it out this air was just too dry so i’m looking into maybe getting a diffuser i don’t know it’s something that i’ll use after accutane anyway because i struggled to sleep with the dry thing quite often anyway so yeah but i just

Thought i’d give you an update and i’m gonna take another three tablets which is 30 milligrams and we’re almost at the end of the week one mark and i have got some dandruff around here although that is something that i do suffer with anyway i will see you tomorrow for day seven’s check-in hopefully i’ll be wearing something different then because i’m so lazy at

The moment and i just lob and i just love to wear comfy clothes and i will put the same logistics out that’s just so uncomfortable but it is going in the wash now i promise anyway i’m rambling on i’ll see you tomorrow’s update actually before i forget to go is that i have noticed my knees are a bit painful already as well and i don’t know um joints can be a bad

Side effect i don’t know if these are all in my head because i’ve read about them and i’m preempting them but i have noticed my knees as i’m walking up the stairs they’re a little bit sore so yeah that’s everything guys it’s still the same day um i’ve just had my bath and um obviously just washed my face even though i had no makeup on um i just like to cleanse it

You know morning and night just so it stays clean and washes off all the days dirt um but i just realized another side effect so in the morning i’m still using my dermalogica active moist cream um but at night i’ve got this number seven um hydroluminous overnight recovery cream for drier skin and it’s been fine um i’ve been using it for a week now and it’s been

Fine but tonight when i put it on my skin was stinging so i think that’s just a sign that it’s dry you know like when your hands are dry and you put hand cream on and it stings kind of like that on my face not as bad as like obviously really bad cracked hands as my face hasn’t cracked yet but that’s how i’m feeling so yeah so it is the morning of day seven i’ve

Just got out of the shower um but yeah i thought i would update you obviously you can see like i mentioned yesterday my skin is kind of like a bit pinky ready all over um and i’ve had a lot more spots come up again this morning so i don’t know if my skin is in that like purging phase at the moment obviously we’ve got the spot from yesterday up here but i’ve got a

Few like under the skin ones come up one here another one here yesterday we only had these ones we’ve got this one now and the one above it these ones here and one these ones are okay they’re a bit sore and then one come up here i’ve got one under the skin you can kind of see a bit red there where it is that one this one and these couple down here are so um

And then yeah and then i’ve also had one come up on my neck here which is really painful

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My Accutane Experience FIRST WEEK | Days 1-7 on Isotretinoin | Acne Update | Side effects By Meg Lev