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My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey

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This video is about my acne journey on the acne medication called Accutane (Isotretinoin).

You guys i finally got my medicine oh gosh dumb boots so guys i finally after months of requesting to see a dermatologist and to start accutane i finally got my medicine delivered to me in the mail i’m so excited you guys you don’t know i’ve been waiting since may to get prescribed this medication i still haven’t unboxed the medication and i wanted to unbox it

Right now originally i thought my dermatologist was going to prescribe me 20 milligrams for the first month and see how my body reacts and then prescribed me 40 milligrams for the second month but she actually prescribed me 30 milligrams for the first month sorry that’s like i’m filming off of my camera i mean my phone that’s what it’s kind of like jittery the

Screen anyway so in this box here there’s three it comes in three like little packets so i’m guessing there’s ten pills in each package so let me go ahead and each and this is how important it is to like not be pregnant on it they see it right here and every single pill they say right here they say it on the front page this is basically just such a strong drug

That there’s warning signs everywhere special warning for female patients right here anyway so i’m excited to start taking the medication it’s this is so long overdue in my previous video about accutane i read out the warnings and side-effects that you can experience while on accutane i can read them out for you because there’s a whole like page right here on this

Pill package some side effects are headache nausea vomiting blurred vision increased brain pressure that’s a new one severe stomach pain diarrhea rectal bleeding trouble swallowing yellowing of your skin or eyes or a dark urine i didn’t know that either changes in hearing allergic reactions bone or muscle pain i was worried about the bone or muscle pain because

I’ve always had like my knees are always hurting ever since i was little vision changes including trouble singing at night this can start suddenly so be very careful when driving or operating any vehicle at night and persistent fever chills are sore through and there’s also other side effects which are like chapped lips dry dryness on the face or brando’s bleeding

Randomly but i’m still excited to try this medicine because i’ve tried a lot of stuff as you can tell my have a lot of scarring from my previous like acne breakouts and i can even insert a picture of when i was prescribed cephalexin and doxycycline which are oral pills it makes all the bacteria come out so that’s what i was doing and it was very painful i’m glad

I’m taking this medication and i’m like i’m so excited to start but i do know that i’m gonna have a hard time while on it because my face is gonna get worse before it gets better you can look at the picture that i’m gonna insert in the video and compare it to when i’m done with this whole like five to six months on this medication i’m excited and if you guys want

To stay on this journey with me subscribe to our channel i’ll be posting monthly updates about doctors appointments and how i’m reacting to the medication and the side effects that i’ve been experiencing stay tuned for that video i’ll see you guys on the month 1 update

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My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey By Hernandez Siblings