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My Accutane Journey: 6 months on Accutane

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thanks for following along on my journey! i’m so glad i was able to document all of my progress, accutane truly changed my life. if you have any questions about accutane and my experience leave a comment below!

Hi everyone it’s bridget so as you can tell this video is very different from videos that i have done in the past i wanted to come on here and document my accutane journey i feel like acne is something that not a lot of people know that i struggle with i started getting acne in middle school probably around seventh grade so it’s been about seven years i do wear

Makeup almost every day to cover up my acne because it’s one of my biggest insecurities i thought by me documenting my experience with accutane it would be helpful for other people and it would also be good for me to kind of look back on my journey and see how much i changed throughout it i will continue doing updates for you guys as i go along my accutane journey

Hi everyone so today is february 14th it’s valentine’s day i am officially going to be starting my accutane journey here’s my first one that’s it that’s my first hi guys so it has officially been one week since i’ve started my accutane journey as you can honestly tell my skin has definitely been breaking out especially on my forehead my back is also breaking up

Pretty bad which is so fun your skin is supposed to get worse and then get better it definitely has gotten worse i will keep you guys updated with what else goes on bye for now hi guys just wanted to come on here and do a little update on my skin i will say in these two weeks i have noticed some changes my skin definitely has gotten really really really dry my lips

Have gotten super dry and also my scalp has come really tried i mean you can probably see the dandruff from here my back has been breaking out really really bad that’s it for my update and i will see you guys soon hi everyone i have just finished up week three of accutane definitely clearing up one thing that i have noticed this past week is my pores are starting

To declog they’re really coming up the surface like i can feel them it’s so weird they are very very visible right now and i am just waiting for them to go away which will hopefully be soon anyway i will update you guys in one week that’s all for today hi everyone so i wanted to come on here and do my one month update when i look back at what my skin looked like

The first week being on accutane i noticed that my skin has definitely improved but i still have a long ways to go so this is what my skin looks like after one month on accutane i have had dryness on my face obviously on my lips on the inside of my nose my earlobes and at the beginning of taking accutane i had it on my scalp as well along with the dryness i will

Say that my hair and my face do not get oily anymore like at all after taking the accutane for a few weeks my pores are like almost completely clear as for my actual acne boy have we got a ways to go i will be starting a higher dosage we’ll see what happens on this new pill hopefully it’ll be good anyway guys that’s all for my one month update and i will see you

Guys later foreign this is what my skin looks like after two months of being on accutane as you can see my forehead is pretty clear i do still have like some breakouts mostly on this side my chest knock on wood has been completely clear this entire month and my back has not really like big breakouts or anything this past month i was experiencing some rashes on

My hands and arms it’s just because my skin’s really really dry i have been experiencing back pain my muscles are just so tight i did mention the back pain to my dermatologist he said it’s very common very normal and it should get better as time goes on that’s all for now bye guys hi everyone so today is may 14th and as of today i have officially been on accutane

For three months as you can see i’m having a pretty bad breakout on my cheek other than like where i’m breaking out it’s super smooth i’ve been exfoliating a lot i haven’t been having any breakouts on my chest or my back which is awesome that’s all for my update and i will see you guys next month bye guys hi guys so today is june 14th which means i have officially

Been on accutane for four months and i want to come on here and do my skin update i don’t remember the last time my skin has looked like this i am just so happy i will update you guys next month i’ll see you in july hopefully my skin will be looking even better than it is now hi everyone so today is july 14th which marks five months of me being on accutane so i

Want to take them on here and do of course my skin update for you guys i haven’t noticed any like extreme changes this month my skin is just gradually getting better and better every day bye guys see you next month hi guys today is a great day today is august 15th and i just had an appointment with my dermatologist and i am officially done accutane i am so excited

I have one pill left that i’m going to take tonight and then i am done i can’t believe it my skin is not completely clear but i haven’t had any breakouts this past month i do still have some scarring mostly on this side but it should all clear up very soon my lips should start feeling not dry anymore which is going to be awesome and my skin will like not feel

Basically just as dry as it has been one thing that i have noticed my face has gotten a lot a lot slimmer especially my nose i was looking at old pictures of me and i’m like that does not look like me i just feel like my face looks so much slimmer specifically in my nose and in my cheeks and even my forehead i am just so happy with how my skin turned out i haven’t

Had too many problems with accutane i pretty much discussed every single one of my problems just back pain and dryness and stuff like that those are like very common side effects but honestly like this experience has all been so worth it for me i hated the way that my skin looked i felt so self-conscious and insecure about my acne the way my face looks so different

I am just so so happy hi everyone so today is september 15th and i have officially been off of accutane for one month so this is what my skin looks like as you can see i do not currently have any breakouts my skin is not dry it’s just looking like really good overall i am extremely happy with my results and of course really happy that i did end up deciding to go

On accutane just because it was a scary decision but it all worked out very well in the end as you guys can tell if you guys have any questions make sure to leave a comment down below and i’ll be sure to answer it because i remember before i went on accutane i was doing so much research everywhere just like wanting to know what people’s experiences are like and

How accutane was for them and i would love to help anyone out who has any questions about it anyway that is all for my accutane journey i highly recommend accutane if it is right for you see you guys in my next video bye

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My Accutane Journey: 6 months on Accutane By bridget h