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My Accutane Skincare Routine || Taking Care of Your Skin on Isotretinoin

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Hey y’all! I can’t believe I’ve never shown the products I use for my Accutane skincare routine! I’ve been using the majority of these since the start of treatment, partially because they work so well and partially because Isotretinoin is so finicky I’m afraid to change anything. Hope this helps!

It’s raining skin care hallelujah so i went back on accutane yesterday i went nearly a month without my medication due to problems at the i pledge level nobody could get their pills it sucked so because of that i will not have an accutane diaries update for a hot minute i will say though i am wearing makeup um my skin remained like um there’s like there’s

A little bit of some trouble trouble spots going on over here but like my skin did not completely implode the minute i stopped taking accutane and something really encouraging is that all of the moisture that my skin had lost pretty much came back in the month that i was off of accutane so even though it’s going to disappear again i know that it’ll come back when

I’m done with treatment now that being said i do still want to give an accutane update so i recently had somebody ask what kind of moisturizer i use so i thought i would just give you kind of a rundown of my entire accutane skincare routine in terms of face wash i use the same one every morning and every night washing my face is the first thing i do when i wake up

After brushing my teeth and one of the last things i do before i go to bed after brushing my teeth and i use the peach and lily power comb hydrating cleanser uh it’s scented like camellia and chamomile i really like this face wash it smells sweet and fresh at the same time it’s this nice like gel face wash almost it’s not abrasive at all it is super gentle and i

Haven’t had any issues with it both in the morning and at night after i wash my face i use moisturizer i use the tula skin care 24 7 moisture hydrating day and night cream and something that i will say about tula is that i do have a lot of tula products in my routine and they are expensive but right now they’re kind of the only stuff that works for me so i’m

Gonna continue using them while i’m on accutane and when i’m done with accutane i’ll reassess how many of them are actually necessary to stay in my skincare routine another tula product that i use is the tula skincare rose glow and get it cooling and brightening eye balm do i see a difference in appearance when using this no but i use it kind of more occasionally

When i wake up in the morning and my under eyes are just puffy warm irritated not feeling it and i just kind of swipe it under my eyes and it kind of makes me feel a little bit more awake it is cooling it’s nice will i repurchase it once i’m done with it probably not but it’s nice to have for now and the final tula product that i use that is also part of my

Morning routine is the tula mineral magic oil free mineral sunscreen fluid broad spectrum spf 30 with uva and uvb protection i will admit that before accutane i was really bad about putting on sunscreen i hated the consistency and the texture of it and it just made me uncomfortable and unhappy this is not that which is a nice motivator to use it every day it

Doesn’t make my face feel gross it doesn’t feel heavy on my face and it doesn’t leave a white cast it’s very liquidy very thin i don’t know how it works but i’m not going to question it and i will be repurchasing this when i’m done with accutane as kind of a motivator to continue wearing sunscreen on the topic of sunscreen we cannot forget body sunscreen so on my

Body i use the kula classic sunscreen in peach blossom and it is spf 70. i’ll say that the scent is like maybe like a little too overpowering but it doesn’t smell like sunscreen so it’s not like i put my sunscreen on every day and smell like i’m about to go to the beach you know and i pretty much just picked that one because it was a spray so it was gonna be easy

To use and it had a very high spf and that’s that that’s pretty much that on that every product that i’ve mentioned so far i got at ulta there are probably other places that you can get it but that’s where i got mine so i know it’s available at ulta now another very very important thing on accutane is lotion i had moisturizer for my face and neck and we’ve got

Lotion for all of the rest of me i just wanted to check the price of the lotion so that i could tell ya and this is what i got come on so i use the bath and body works ultimate hydration body cream with hyaluronic acid 24-hour moisture i use the rose scented one because if rose scent is an option you bet your ass i’m gonna take it and i really like that stuff

I i find that some of the other bath and body works lotion like the other formula is just like a little funky to me but this is like a thicker lotion but it doesn’t feel as sticky when you put it on if that makes sense um and to go with it i also keep the rose shea butter hand cream from bath body works by my bedside uh and every night right before i go to bed

I will put this on my hands and once i put the lotion on my hands before going to sleep i will put on these like shea moisture gloves to just keep all that in there my hands are still a little dry i don’t want to imagine what they would be like without these and without that both of the lotion products i got at bath body works and these i got at bed bath and beyond

To remove my makeup at night which you must do every night even if you’re not on accutane i use the oil-free eye makeup remover uh comparable to neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover but i use the up-and-up target brand i mainly use this because i don’t know something about those like makeup removal creams like i just don’t enjoy them and i also didn’t want to

Continue using makeup remover wipes which i used to use because they are bad for the environment and i’m trying to you know reduce the amount of waste that i produce and that was a major way that i was producing waste so i take my makeup off with that and with these little reusable cotton rounds that i will not be showing a close-up of because they’re gross the

Cotton rounds just came in a pack of like 24 i think i probably ordered them on amazon and once i’ve used them all i just throw them in the washing machine take them out and they’re good to go and last but most certainly not least my savior my hero my one and only vaseline lip therapy now i believe this comes in like a couple of different like scents or colors it

Doesn’t really smell like rose to me i don’t know if it’s supposed to but it’s a little pink i don’t really think you can tell when i put it on but i’m a sucker for anything pink as you can you know probably tell when i tell you this is the only chapstick that has worked for me even a little bit on accutane like every other chapstick i have tried i am miserable

Within two minutes this stuff works i cannot recommend a product more one of the reasons why i was kind of hesitant to try it at first was because especially with the state of the world how it is uh dipping my finger into my chapstick sounded like the worst possible activity i could ever think of like it was gross without the state of the world and then add that

On top and i just did not want to do it so one of my friends actually suggested and then gave me a silicone makeup applicator and this has been so great for being able to apply my vaseline chapstick without getting my hands all vaseline it’s safe to assume he got it on amazon but you can probably find them just by looking up silicone makeup applicator and that’s

All i got for you hopefully this was helpful to anybody on accutane or to anybody who was just looking for some good sensitive skin skincare products thanks y’all so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe i hope you have a great rest of your day today and a great day tomorrow bye the parking lot of your

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My Accutane Skincare Routine || Taking Care of Your Skin on Isotretinoin By Ilana Degann