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My Accutane Story (Isotretinoin)

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Hey guys this video is gonna be a little bit different than my normal medically related videos although this is kind of medically related so it is my experience taking accutane and it is a medication to help cystic acne on your face i saw a lot of videos when i was taking accutane and before i took accutane about people posting their experience on youtube and i

Thought it was about time that i do a video because i really had a great experience taking the drug and it helped me out and helped my life out a lot so i figured why not make a video about it now accutane is a medication to treat cystic acne it is also called nodular acne although i’ve never really heard it called that so this type of acne is beneath the layer

Of skin that normal acne would be so normally if you think about a pimple you’d be able to pop it and you’ll have a little bit redness there it’ll go away in a day or two this type of acne develops over time so this acne this pimple might take days to develop and it’s usually a larger area and it’s underneath the skin so even if you were to pop it it’s gonna pop

Underneath your skin and cause just severe scarring so this is the type of acne that i had all over my cheeks and a little bit on my nose but mainly on my cheeks and it was severe it was red it was painful and it was inflamed and i had this the beginning of my junior year of high school you could imagine the effects that this has on somebody so for me personally

I didn’t want to be in any pictures so any anybody anytime there’s a camera around i didn’t want to be in the picture i didn’t want to be tagged in the photo i didn’t want anything to do with photos another thing i was really not wanting to talk to any girls or just go out socially or go out to any parties because i just didn’t feel confident in my face i didn’t

Feel confident just representing myself in general so that was the two main effects it had on me this acne and also it just looked bad it looked terrible i didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror and yeah it was just wasn’t a good experience for me time and i really needed something done about it so i’d say midway through the semester of my junior year i

Went to my pcp and before you get prescribed accutane because it’s a pretty serious medication you have to be prescribed different you know other treatments before you actually try the bigdog so for a month’s period of time i was prescribed tetracycline and tetracycline did not work for me it doesn’t in most cases where people have cystic acne but you have to

Try that as a precautionary measure before you try the accutane so during that month period of time where i tried the tektite tetracycline my acne actually got worse and at that time it got worse and it would pop and it caused all kinds of scarring around my cheeks just like tons that i can’t i don’t know if you can really see it too well let me try to flash the

Light on it possibly you can see some scarring right there or maybe on this side of my face if you see those little divots in my cheeks that is the scarring that i had from that acne during that one-month period of time it got really really bad there while i was on that tetracycline treatment and eventually i went back to my pcp and i said look you need to refer

Me to a dermatologist this is getting worse and he finally did refer me to a dermatologist going to the dermatologists office first thing he said let’s get you on some accutane had to pass psychiatric tests because it does a side effect of it is suicidal ideation and especially in teens because that’s an at-risk population already so psych tests had to meet with

Him monthly and had to get blood tests to run different blood markers because that is another concern when a patient is on accutane so how did it have all these tests and meet with him monthly but when i got on accutane within a week i would say within a week or two weeks i already started noticing changes in my skin so what used to be an oily greasy forehead and

Face and cheeks and hair that all went away really quick my whole face kind of turned up a lush white and all the grease and all the any oil on my face just evaporated it was gone and almost immediately within two weeks i started seeing no acne no cysts on my cheeks anymore and it started to resolve kind of coincidentally so during those two weeks where my acne

Was resolving this was during the second semester of my junior year and i just made the varsity soccer team as well i was getting to know new friends at that time so kind of i got acquainted with a new friend group was really you know livin it up was on the varsity team and my face looked good so i gained confidence back i started going out to parties i started

Talking to more girls and it just really once my face started to clear up i think just good things started to happen to me too almost by coincidence in this case because i had a lot of socially things that were bringing me up as well as this acne thing that was being resolved at the same time the spring semester so both of those things came up and yeah i was just

Socially doing a lot better and i guess more confident myself now that my acne resolved literally within weeks of taking the medication i know that doesn’t happen most of the time it usually takes a few months but i saw resolution of symptoms within weeks of taking the medication so i think i was on accutane for six months total i want to say six months would be

The entire period of time and during the last three months of the accutane i didn’t have any pimples or any cystic acne whatsoever so that was a good sign all my symptoms have resolved within three months and then after even to this day my scalp and all my nose and face is really dry i’ve just never had problems with acne or pimples or anything since then if this

This drug isotretinoin just helped me a lot i guess i had really oily skin and now i don’t now i don’t have that problem in my life so yeah it was just really helpful in that case so i would say if you know somebody personally who’s suffering from really bad acne or acne that they just can’t seem to get over maybe talk to them about possibly consulting their doctor

About accutane just trying a treatment of it or you know just talk to him about this is an option this is something that’s available to you and have them go talk to their doctor about it i know there’s lots of precautions side-effects risk that you have to you know obviously go by this these standards could have changed i took it five six years ago so obviously

That might be different but um yeah i’ll post a link below about accutane just details of the drug and facts about it and also i’ll post my instagram follow me on there subscribe if you enjoyed this video drop me a like i enjoyed making this video so yeah thanks and have a good day

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My Accutane Story (Isotretinoin) By Samuel Smith Med