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My Acne Journey With Minocycline, Doxycycline, Differin Gel + Clindamycin & Retin -a micro 2 months.

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My Acne Journey With Minocycline, Doxycycline, Differin Gel + Clindamycin & Retin -a micro

And i was about to get it on table form so i liked it i appreciated when i started taking them in exactly i started breaking out a lot the thing that i didn’t like with cycling it was i got constipation so because of that i hand up stopping the pill i went to my giant pharmacist today i asked if i can get a dose recycling in table but the last time i accidentally

Said they have it so they were waiting together go ahead for my doctor of course a degree and i got the doors in cycling in tablets so and so so excited that i was able to get this little thing that i can swallow the second yeah and i’m gonna be doing our tool time today and for the record this medication it’s been paid out of pocket i taste for this medication

Out of project even with the koopa because i don’t have else assurance even really coupon i end up paying a hundred hundred twelve dollars for one month so i’m supposed to take you for three months so maybe for three months i might end up sustaining 300s on two dollars okay no bad problem you got the job done no problem because the last time i was on doses i

Claim my face was really really clear and be really good i don’t know if you guys can tell i used to have a bump here so the dog society helps clear the stuff that thing i was having here you can see you know right here but it’s fading away so for the minocycline oh i don’t know if it worked because he was just breaking me out right now so i’m cycling that i’ll

Be i’ll be starting tonight today so i’m gonna start tonight yeah so i’ve also made a lot of changes you know on on the treatment i was supposed to be using where’s the chords right now retina micro but that’s frightening micro i really really don’t know if it works or not the car 20 time i was on it and i didn’t get any result out so depressing i’m so like oh

I don’t know you know i went back to my different jail so i went back to my different channel because this month have been so busy i have a lot of activities or i didn’t want to be going around with the sad looking face because i have acne problem you know what i mean so i went back to my different jail so that i can get a little bit of oh beauty on my face why

You know just for the girl of this month to be over i have a lot of activities i was out of town for convention so i wanted to look good you know so i went back to this so maybe i’m going to start this off right now micro because it’s got the 0.4 it’s got the high doesn’t so i’m gonna start these tonight i don’t know if i should started or not with different gel

In doses cycling i’m pretty sure i can help i can do better you know but i don’t know i don’t know if i should start this mic right now micro or i should just stick to my differential reason why i’m kind of like dawdling between this prescribe scene and over the cancer thing you know this is very expensive if i’m to get it from you know from some to get it it’s

Gonna be a lot of money and this one is just go over the counter and it’s pretty affordable you can just get it and um you know so i will store that acne does not have no cure and it’s just a thing that you keep on doing and doing you know it’s gonna be coming out okay since it does not have no cure so i don’t want my my system to get used to this prescribe thing

Since it doesn’t have no cure so why can’t you just stick with this that i can always get over the canner in a super affordable you know they always used to control my acne at all if if i cannot keep it you know what i mean so that’s why i’m kind of like okay let me just stick with don’t have to get a prescription for it i just got to just go in get it problem

Solved right so yeah so alright now i’m gonna be you with these dawson cycling and the different gel hopefully okay so for my wash i used to have a lot of acne on my chest and duct sport and all the stuff they put in my back well right now i think it’s better now so why it’s because of this so i was using deed to wash my body and it’s really really really work

That needs to work so i decided to try this on my face so this has 10% base apartheid it’s got 10% but when i first started i was just using it twice a day so i think i was putting harm to my skin and i started getting a lot of posh hodgepodge like sunburn and i was breaking out a lot too so i stopped this one and dirty towers using days i was also using this

Plan of mine same so i was thinking maybe it was clearly maxing i was burning my face and give me those patches so i stopped disclaiming same so things i have stopped this one and i deferring to a different plane sir and it’s got 5% basil parts right and so different cleanser basil pasta a cream treatment deli deep you know daily cleanser deep daily cleanser

So i got this for walmart and and also i haven’t been able to get a face cream with ha sp authority that controls my war year so this was what the doctor had given to me so bad sick so bezique face lotion caddy spf 38 so was high and my face was still oily so i decided to stop it so i went to the mind of different and i saw that they have a face moisturizer and

They have a cleanser so i said to myself why can’t we just used a face moisturizer and he’s got up and it’s oily control moisturizer with sunscreen for acne prone skin and that’s me that’s what i have and it’s got 30 spf 30 that’s what i’ve been looking for you know what i mean so i’m like right now i’m stuck in between their gel for nitrates mate and cleaning

During the day and it put in my um moisture i stopped moving and since up between there for less than a week now i’ve seen a tremendous results on my face it’s like i say yes yeah i think i said i got these on sunday yeah i got this off sunday and i just started it last night sunday which was something so i just started this last night and when i wash my face

With this i have this burning tingling sensation all of my face but when i wash my face with this with the 5% i have no feelings why it cleans good in there’s no burning sensation so i said hallelujah fun and it’s not my problem you know what i mean so right now i’m gonna be i’m gonna be sticking with this beautiful cleanser for daytime and then at bedtime see

With servile facial cleanser for me facial cleanser so i do this at bedtime because i tried i tried serum centreville it sits a fail it’s it burns me a lot it’s not gentle i’d with a claim it is gentle but it didn’t work for me so i’m i’m just kind of like in between this one just stop k i’m stuck with this sarah though it’s very very gentle when i clear my face

With it i don’t say no pain or burn is incision was whatever it’s just yeah so right now this is developed me i have shoot a video maybe last two weeks ago printing posters i don’t know why so maybe i’m gonna be posting both together like the way my face was before and so right now i have stopped taking minocycline because i get constipation from it and i didn’t

Like it so i’m back with all those recycling with tablet and different gel different jet size lotion with spf 30 where the works with my sensitive skin and differentiated cleanser and of course a review this was only put all the info in the description box below the meantime thank you so much for watching my video and if you have subscribed to my youtube channel

Make sure you check it out and check then i subscribe and also hit the nuts alright each time i upload a new video you will not be missed out and it may time i leave your side and comment down below whatever you have any questions you can just leave it dump them out in the comment section thanks so much and see you on the next video

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My Acne Journey With Minocycline, Doxycycline, Differin Gel + Clindamycin & Retin -a micro 2 months. By Esohe Osazuwa