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Hey guys it’s brandon marshall and welcome to my channel today i’m doing an acne update for you guys basically wanted to tell you my acne story what happened show you pictures of like everything that how what i went through just let you know that it is okay and that positive outcomes come from this time it feels like the end of the world but i promise you it is not

And i also want to show you some of my miracle products that helped me get through acne and just let you know that you’re not alone so i’m sure you guys see these youtubers on here and you get a little discouraged because i get you see them with this picture-perfect smooth skin and it’s like that is not reality that it’s not a thing all these lighting techniques

Lighting everything just makes everyone’s skin just look so perfect everybody has pores most people get breakout most people have scars like it’s not everybody is blessed with perfect skin and it’s just part of life it is a part of life i have the skin of a 16 year old kid and i am 23 years old like this just it’s just my life obviously my skin is not perfectly

Cleared i have come a long long way i’m confident i’ve never been this confident with myself and it’s just really exciting so i just kind of want to show you guys like what i went through and i don’t know i just i like watching these kind of videos just to see what people go through and just it makes you feel better it makes you feel a lot better about yourself and

Feel that you’re not alone basically can we just take a minute i am on like a porch outside actually sets mom porch and it’s literally pinterest like everything about is pinterest and i’m like i have to film a video here natural lighting no one bella lights no ringling let’s be real how it all started i really noticed my skin breaking out senior year junior and

Senior year of high school and that is actually when i started wearing powder i start wearing powder just to cover up the redness because i was really red i had cystic acne everywhere i started just popping up and i’m like great i’m going to college and i look like a pizza like cool i just remember being so embarrassed so i would hide powder in my car and i would

Be like like covering up my rendition because i felt so bad about myself and like it just got worse and worse and they hurt to touch like i would get them all around my neck all over my face they were just ridiculous and i advise you never pop a pimple skill is look it sounds so gross but i got so many pimples and that’s why i have some of these scars i feel like

That’s what a lot of them are from so it’s just a really good idea not to pop your pimples and i know when i went to my freshman year of college i started tanning a lot i was tanning overly tanning to camouflage this redness and it really was not good for my sky relay that later on and i just kept getting breakouts and acne and i’m like okay this time to go to the

Dermatologist i have to do something i was getting so depressed with myself where i did not want to go in public i just felt like i was defeated i just couldn’t do anything because people were going to be staring at my face and staring at my redness and staring eyes it’s like it was just the worst feeling i was so depressed i promise you that was the worst time of

My life in my mind because i just i couldn’t cope with that i just i mean i was so soaked myself that i actually started hurting myself and it’s just not a good lot to do if you ever get to a point please just message me or something i will reply i will talk to you i would let you know that it’s okay i was just in a really dark time and i went to the dermatologist

And they told me i had severe acne like i had a case of severe acne and i just lost i remember crying and i was interred pick i’ll insert some pictures here of what my skin was like with some dates but they’re just a really bad time you my dermatologist put me on a medicine called solanine which is almost accutane but it’s not and that’s an antibiotic that really

Helped up all the did all these names down below that way you can research them if you’d like also i had a topical tazz iraq which is basically a mini chemical peel and i was also put on axon which helped with acne and breaking out they really helped me and i was on those for about two years i’m still have breakouts here in there but i just felt so good about myself

And lately i’ve kind of been breaking out here and there but i mean that’s life it’s it’s gonna happen i have some breakouts but it’s nothing like before like i feel so much more confident um but i mean i still get acne it so happens i just disregard it it makes me more confident if i just don’t even think about it if i just remember that everyone else has had acne

Err most people have had acne in their life and have dealt with it the good things come out of everything and the fact that i started learning powder and got me so into makeup where i just i am a huge love for makeup now i love art the art of it i brains are sending me products to use different makeup brands hourglass sent me some of their makeup like it’s just

So awesome that something negative in my life that i thought was negative has turned out to be so positive and has given me a creative outlet which i really love so you just really have to be positive and i mean technique happens happens and you’re not alone like you were not alone i wish these old pictures right here you’re going to be like oh my god like it’ll

Be okay but some of the products like i said the ones that i said before um one was also the proactiv sulfur mask i would say any mask with sulfur really help dry out redness and i just was using that excessively and using it as a spot treatment it really helped another one my recent are doing using is the mario badescu drying lotion oh my god dab it on is it

Wake up the morning it is half its size it is really it’s been a great product so far tip is just to remember that you don’t want to completely dry out your face because i want to retire i was like i just want my dry my face to be as dry as possible with all these medications and everything that way i won’t get acne no you still need that moisture in your skin

It is still okay to moisturize your skin you do not want to be completely dry that causes wrinkles i can just everything this this video is not sponsored in any way but banish acne scars when i came across the bat-brain i just got so excited because they have a charcoal mask which is really good it’s kind like the sulfur ones that dry out things there’s have so

Many different mess for so many different skin types and i just fell in love they helped me so much and another product is the derma roller you can get that done at your local dermatologist or you can do it yourself what have you feel more comfortable with but it really helps with acne scars to which i mean as a now i do have acting and you have acne scars i do

Not have a lot of them not gall wood but it gets better it does get better as cliche as that sounds it gets better you don’t get better everything i’m the better you’ll be happy and yeah just be happy life is too short to worry about people staring at you because people stare at me on a day-to-day basis and i i could give two shits like i said the products that i

Really like and have helped to me i’m gonna link tom below that way yes and check them out if you’d like also it’s just really random but i had a lot of stuff coming up in my life a lot of big changes i’m moving like it’s just a really chaotic thing but i was really thinking about getting a peel box what do you guys think like that went i think the only be idea if

It would be really cool and just start putting at my description so if you guys want to send me something or sent me a letter or something i think it would be really freaking sweet but make sure you hit that subscribe button i’m here for you check out my other videos check out my social media links and until next time bye guys

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