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My Brain Pain! Aimovig Month 7: My Migraine Journey.

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🛑WARNING!🛑 If you don’t like needles, I give myself a shot with an EpiPen, so ya might wanna close your eyes and just listen to this one, LOL! 😂

Hi everybody it’s tracy i hope you’re doing well as you can see here today is amo big day and it’s actually my injection and month number seven as of today i’ve been off of topamax for 47 days and if you’d followed along in my previous videos you’ll see i did have a lot of withdrawal symptoms even though i tapered off properly and 100 to the t of what my neurologist

Asked me to some of it was i gained 10 pounds in 20 days which i never really noticed that i had lost while i was on it but either some of that weight was weight that i had not put on while i was taking it or it’s just also i looked it up withdrawal symptoms weight gain had a lot of um interesting uh issues we’re not sure now that hair loss was an actual with a

An actual product of the withdrawal from that it could possibly be a move so we’re still trying to figure it out i have an appointment with my neurologist in a few weeks so i will find out then but um if you see here are a few pictures that i’d like to post that are to me astounding because it’s maybe like four or five times what i would normally lose when i’d wash

My hair so check these out so pretty crazy right well for me it is i just anyway so every day when i brush my hair i lose more hair than normal and then when i wash my hair it’s just crazy so like i said i’ll find out in a few weeks if this is actually just being on amovig but even if it is to be honest i am down from 18 to 20 migraines down to just two a month

So honestly unless i go bald and hey bald is beautiful so you never know but it might still be the alternative of having a lot of migraines but um i do also want to say that being off of topamax i feel that my mind is a lot more clear i’m writing a lot better i’m going back through my old blogs and checking and you know when i’m in the middle of a migraine it’s

Very common for me to write the same word twice in a row or the same phrase twice in a row so i’m going back and doing some editing that one of my volunteers hadn’t had a chance to check up on yet and i’m finding a few of those repetitive sentences so i’m just glad i can get that taken care of and have the clear mind to to do so so it’s it’s been really good being

Off of it i’m also noticing that my taste is coming back so carbonated drinks are tasting back to like pretty much back to normal so i’m happy about that so today is about a moving about my injection which is here i’ve already opened the the safety proof sticker but because it’s cold and i’m wearing my pants i’ve decided that this will be the first injection i

Give myself in my stomach with um some of the fat roll on my stomach and i’ve never ever given myself an injection in the stomach only in my legs and my thigh so we’ll see how this one goes so if i give you a little grimace i’m sorry um i i don’t know if it’s going to hurt or not it could we’ll see i guess you’ll find out when i find out okay so first off what

I’m going to do is i’m going to stand up you won’t see my face i’m going to clean the area with a little alcohol pad i’m going to give myself that mirror check here pull some skin here clean that i want to clean this whole area then get my ammo vig as you can see let’s see can you see it you can see the liquid is clear take the cap off box grab my little area

Of flesh here okay guys we’ll see actually you’re not going to see me grimace okay push it down push it down oh thank goodness a little tiny steam but nothing too bad it clicked the yellow you can see the yellow indicators all the way through so it definitely injected everything oh good well a tiny bit of blood not much teeny tiny bit put the band-aid over it

But otherwise it went really well i was afraid it was going to hurt because i’ve just never given myself an injection in the stomach before yeah a little blood nothing major nothing anywhere compared to what a migraine feels like so thank you for watching and thank you for joining in on my seventh injection it’s kind of hard to believe them over the half year

Point so i’m very excited thank you all for your support i hope that if you are interested in this medication you’ll speak with your neurologist about it right now um i actually have a discount card from the pharmaceutical company and my prescription is only five dollars a month so i understand this only lasts for a year but hey one year’s worth of discounts

Like that has been so helpful for us guys thank you so much and i hope you have a good rest of your month happy holidays and take care

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My Brain Pain! Aimovig Month 7: My Migraine Journey. By Traci Wilkerson Steckel