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My Brain Pain! Aimovig Month 8: My Migraine Journey.

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🛑WARNING!🛑 If you don’t like needles, I give myself a shot with an EpiPen, so you might want to close your eyes and listen to this one, LOL! 😂

Hi everybody it’s tracy and i hope you’re having a wonderful 2021 so far this is my brain pain migraine journey and i’m sharing with you my monthly amovig injection because this drug has worked so well for me it’s been magical like a miracle i just can’t appreciate how well this has actually worked for my body enough it’s just amazing so if you’re considering

Speaking with your neurologist about this this is great for people who have chronic migraines i was having 18 to 20 migraine days a month which is just unbelievable and those were just the days that were actually i could say that were painful um there’s not a whole lot of there are not a lot of days left in the month but a lot of people if you know you have brain

Fog you can have cognitive issues just all these different things i guess brain fog and cognitive issues fall hand in hand but you can have exhaustion just a lot of other things there could be pro drone like the phase right before your migraine hits or post drone which is that phase after your migraine’s over that are just uncomfortable and it’s very difficult to

Get tasks done every day if you’re in some kind of funk whether it’s with pain or not so anyway i’m really excited this is going to be my day that i give myself the injection i’m still down to pretty much two migraines a day i mean a month i have had a few more this month but i’ve also been having some of my heart issues which they could be related so i really

Don’t want to think that it has anything to do with me getting used to the drug i think it’s completely unrelated so i will not get into that any further but i’ll go ahead and start with the process for giving myself my a moving injection if you are following last month you know before that there was a new reference guide that’s been added which is really nice

Because if it’s your first time it just it’s nice because it’s all of um it goes through everything you need to do from the start to end it’s very self-explanatory and then of course all the drug information as well last month i gave my injection in my stomach and i’m going to do that again this month i already have my little alcohol wipe ready for my stomach that

I’m going to prepare my flesh with but um here i have my amo jig amo vig injector pin and i can see through the window the fluids clear so it’s good to use i’ve actually had it out of the refrigerator for about 15 minutes so that way it won’t be too cold going in and that’s usually what they advise you to do okay so first i’m going to clean my stomach i know i

Might use any of this area then i’m going to roll up just looking in my mirror okay take off the cap what’s nice is that you can when you press the pen the button to inject yourself it actually makes a sound when it’s finished so it’s like a little click and then you’ll be able to see a little yellow mechanism that shows that it’s all the way all the fluid

Your medication has been has been injected so i’m going to just grab some skin here on my tummy i’m going to press the ejector pin the little where you put the actual injector pin you push the end down and then i’m going to press here it goes click you can see the yellow i’ve got my band-aid here just face down yay so just a little bit of medicine came back out

Of the area but no blood this time but you can see on the injector let me see you can tell here it’s yellow so you know that everything worked properly put it back in the box to throw it away um i did want to share basically one of the issues that i’ve been going through it started from the very beginning it’s the same i guess i’d say i’m still affected by the

Constipation which is one of the main side effects that is actually on the label i have had some like off-label issues with weight gain and also with some hair loss and my neurologist said that’s normal because cgrp that protein is actually like in your gut in your digestive system so when that’s being blocked basically that protein is like telling yourself it

Curves your appetite so when the protein is being blocked you have to just mentally know i can’t eat 24 7 even though my body says that i’m hungry so that’s been a little bit of a challenge but it’s something that i know i can work on hair loss honestly it’s been consistent and it’s not so bad that i’ve got bald patches but i can tell my ponytail is a lot thinner

But i wanted to show you because people ask me and it’s funny i get dms on my instagram account um what is your regimen for your constipation and i’m fortunate in the fact that i also have colitis so which is kind of the opposite problem so i have a gi who has worked with myself and my neurologist to help me find the perfect regimen and i don’t have any of the

Colitis i still have it but i don’t have the issue that comes with it because amo vegas so strong i’m having more of the constipation so i thought i was hoping they would cross each other out but they have not but i kind of wanted to show you my regimen so if you want to stick by to see that please go ahead and do so if not i hope you appreciated this monthly

Injection video please subscribe and please reach out to me i love being able to help people however i can and if you have a question i’m going to give my unprofessional um not advice or opinion i’m just going to tell you what i’ve experienced but you need to always reach out to a healthcare professional if you need real true medical advice okay so thank you

And here is my regimen for my daily routine just to keep myself going okay hey guys thank you for sticking with me to continue on with my regimen that i take for one of the major side effects of taking aimovig and that is constipation it’s a topic that not a lot of people like to talk about but if i’m here to help you i have to be honest and i’ve actually had a

Lot of people send me messages and i had a few emails but primarily dms about what is my regiment how do you do this so first off you need to reach out for any medical advice to your general practitioner to your neurologist and to your gastroenterologist because i’m under advisement of my neurologist and my gastroenterologist for this so it depends on what other

Medications you’re taking if you have any other underlying health conditions you want to make sure that this is all approved by your doctor before you just start taking this stuff because a lot of times depending on other health issues you might have these are things you cannot take every day so under advisement my gastroenterologist my neurologist i have been

Coming up with baby basically a concoction and i finally have a regimen that works for me for a daily bowel movement which is crazy but um constipation is so dangerous when it has reached the point where if you haven’t had a bowel movement in like six seven days even probably four days depending on what your body’s used to and some people have actually had to

Have surgery because the constipation has been so um bad for them so one thing about amovig is it basically stops the protein that is found in your body it’s when you’re in pain you have cgrp you have this protein and basically amovig stops it from hitting the receptor so you don’t feel that pain however it also slows other things down so your bowels your blood

Vessels that can actually slow the process of them contracting opening and closing so that’s one reason why blood pressure is an issue and also constipation so i am thankful that i have reached a point in this probably starting with like month two where i have a great regimen that i can take so my pharmacist with walgreens they are not sponsoring me but i just

Love picking up all these items there and they’re approved by my doctors and it saves me some money because this is it can get a little expensive when you’re doing this every day so starting out with my smooth wax which is very similar to muralax i take one cap full in the morning usually with my coffee and one capful in the evening usually with the the drink

I’m having with my meal at suppertime also um you really need to increase your water intake i’m now up to about three liters of water a day okay let’s start with this next is the fiber powder it’s very similar to been a fiber and i take two scoops full of this in the morning with my coffee and two scoops full again in that drink that i have with oops with my

Supper and then at bedtime i take two cinna tablets and this is something that i have to take every night when i go to bed pretty much like i’d say between 10 11 12 in the morning is when i take it and i honestly because of the severity of the constipation i don’t have any issues with loose stools or anything i just have my normal bowel movement like once in

The morning like it’s crazy but that’s what i have to do on a daily basis just to be able to have that safely and once a month i don’t have it with me now but i also take magnesium and it’s actually like a magnesium laxative it comes in a bottle and you can drink it you can add it to your water and that kind of just it’s like my monthly basically a cleanse but

I usually take that right before i give myself an injection and for like the first 72 hours i’ve discovered that it’s easier on my body if i just eat a lot of leafy greens or salads for those first three days upon giving myself the injection so anyway i know this is a topic that not everyone likes to discuss that’s kind of gross it’s kind of whatever but if i’m

Here to help you i have to be honest and i really do want to help you but again all of the issues that i’m having that are related to side effects totally outweigh being in pain 18 to 20 days a month i just cannot describe to you how my life has changed and i’m so thankful to for amovig and for my doctors for believing in me because i had to advocate for myself

To even be on this drug i also thank my insurance company for being an advocate for me for approving this drug so i hope that if you’re considering taking innovate you will reach out to your doctor as soon as you can because it’s just been a lifesaver for me and i want you to be able to have the same experience so guys again thank you all please don’t forget to

Subscribe also reach out to me in a dm or in an email because i’d love to give you just my experience i know i kind of just went public with this but just if you have any other questions that i haven’t gone over i’m happy to answer for you have a great day bye guys

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My Brain Pain! Aimovig Month 8: My Migraine Journey. By Traci Wilkerson Steckel