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My Brain Pain: My Migraine Update!

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At the end of my 3rd month on Aimovig….

Hi everybody it’s tracy i hope you’re doing well it’s been a little bit since i’ve actually updated everybody on my brain pain migraine journey so i’d like to do that today it’s actually been uh august 22nd was when i took my third dose of amovig and i’ve actually been doing very very well on this medication and it’s just been amazing i actually had was very

Interesting i migraine yesterday and it was what was interesting to me is that i was just overcome with extreme exhaustion like i would when i would normally have a migraine and because i haven’t really had any migraines i had completely forgotten what it felt like to have this uh it was considered it’s called like the pro drone period so it’s like uh just

Basically it is a symptom that you have before the migraine hits so i was just going about my day and all of a sudden i just felt like all of my energy had been completely wiped out of my body just pulled right out of me and i just felt like i needed to lie down and i was like that for the entire rest of my day like everything was just shot but there was no pain

And then last night when i was going to bed getting ready for bed i was washing my face i realized i had a little tiny bit of tenderness in my eye socket here it’s a tiny bit but before before amovig i would have the most awful extreme pain and it would last for three days or more when a migraine would come so i’m just so thankful that when i do have a migraine

It’s just so minimal and usually so far when i have had a migraine on amyvic i can usually just take ibrelvi which is the first abortive medication i can take that’s actually worked for me but because i didn’t even think about it being an actual migraine because i didn’t have any real pain associated with it i didn’t take the umbrella this time but anyway i’m just

So thankful that the amovig has worked so well for me and i hope that if you have tried everything under the sun like i had and it hasn’t helped you i hope you’ll consider speaking with your neurologist about aimovig because it may work for you and i hope that if it does it works for you as well as it’s worked for me too so i just wanted to update everyone on my

Brain pain it’s just i’m just so thankful that i’m doing as well as i am on the emo bag and i hope that all of you other fellow migraneers i hope that you’re doing well i know if you’re in southern california or if you’re not right now we’re experiencing a lot of wildfires and the smoke has just been tremendous and it’s also a huge trigger for migraine so i’m so

Sorry if you’re suffering from migraines right now and i hope you’ll all take care thank you all

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My Brain Pain: My Migraine Update! By Traci Wilkerson Steckel