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My Chantix Story Honest Review With Bad Side Effects

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What’s going on everybody gave back again and today i feel really glad to be back in making making some more videos for you i’ve had a really shitty two weeks and i need to explain to you why i haven’t really been around even with my last livestream where i ended up a playing some skyrim even then i really wasn’t myself and i was out and i was starting on a downward

Spiral so as the title says first of all last week last thursday i got about halfway through our clinic at work and i was just having this really weird sensation and ever since i had surgery on my leg that whole area like you need time you touch it it just it’s partially numb partially not numb and it just it feels really weird and i just had that sensation all

Over my body well one of my co-workers forced me to take my own temperature and i was running between 101 and 102 a fever since i don’t know seven o’clock that morning probably cuz that’s when i started having the feeling so high he picked me up from work took me home threw me in bed and i passed out for i didn’t really get out of bed until friday about 11 o’clock

I felt a little bit better she was at work and i went to the local grocery store i got some gatorade stuff like that and by the time i got home i was just wiped out passed out every time i got up and did something i passed out again so this flu bug that’s going around is no a freaking joke if you start getting and everything make sure and see your practitioner

Your primary doctor is somebody you may have to start some antibiotics or something there’s a cop that goes along with it i don’t know if you can hear that but i still have that going on with antibiotics now something that i’ve had going was a couple weeks ago i started with chantix and i’ve been off and on both vaping but smoking as well a lot of you that know

Me very well know that my wife or wife-to-be is also a smoker and we’ve both pretty much smoked since we were in our teens so it’s been a long-ass time and between everything that’s going on and for me i kind of leaned back to it because there got to be a point that vaping wasn’t it wasn’t satisfying to me and the it was smoking was my excuse for going outside

And getting away because people wouldn’t come look for me for a good three minutes three to five minutes if i was outside having a cigarette because they didn’t want to be near it and i finally a couple weeks ago i got tired of smelling like it and with the wedding coming up and everything else i just i would to try and be a little bit healthier i would to stop

Doing that i am baby more now but i just couldn’t stay away the gums didn’t end up working the the patches when i had my surgery the whole time even with the patches on i was just craving and i don’t know even like even after getting out of the hospital for three days i could have just been cold turkey right then in there but it didn’t and that’s my weakness but

It doesn’t have to be yours so i decided to try chantix now i didn’t remember that when i was younger when i was in my 20s i believe i tried chantix at that time and how you told me that i was just kind of mentally unstable i was just angry all the time i don’t remember i don’t remember it i honestly i honestly up and i thought that it was more in her blowing

It out of proportion then i actually was and i thought because i was older and wiser and i had a good support group i have good friends now and good co-workers that i would be fine with that so i went through week 1 week 2 now week one with the chantix you can smoke while doing taking it in fact they they tell you to and i thought that was where i’d gone wrong

With the first time that i ended up taking it was because i just cold turkey and i figured that’s why i was just so irritable at that time and so this time i follow directions i was a good boy and you know they they expect you to naturally taper off because the way the chantix works is the chemical that’s it binds to the receptors in the brain which make you not

Get that says fine dopamine rush or feeling or de-stresser from smoking and from the nicotine so yeah in the first week not too much change and the second week it bumps up from the first few days looking at the pack of the first few days you’re taking half a milligram a day once a day and then i on the fourth or fifth day you start taking half a milligram morning

Night and then on the second week it bumps up to a milligram in the morning milligram at night and it does say that you can have more lucid dreams things like that some people complain of nightmares i didn’t have any nightmares i do remember dreaming more and remembering them afterwards but they weren’t they weren’t scary dreams they weren’t bad dreams i actually

Enjoyed the dreams but something triggered when i ended up getting sick and it may have started before that with the irritation i’m not sure i just know for a fact that after i ended up getting sick i was a lot more irritable at that time i was only having a couple of day while taking it but i could go a whole workday between the time that i went to work to the

Time i clock out without one without i thought about them but there wasn’t an oco my god i have to have one so that part was awesome and then and then i went kind of psycho yeah so what ended up happening was when i was sick and then once i got better from that i got really depressed and i haven’t had depression a sense since i was a teenager letting you know i had

A really crappy childhood and i’m not gonna get into that right now but yeah i spend a lot of time in my own head as a teenager and as a child so i kind of reverted back to that and i didn’t put two two two together i feel like a really shitty person right now because of what i’m about to say heidi and i would get into an argument not even an argument a conversation

About the wedding and then i would get snippy and we’d have an argument about something and you know she’d say you know what if you keep the you know you keep talking this i’ll cancel the wedding my brain was going do it i give a but i was biting my tongue because i the other side of my brain went you don’t mean that don’t say it because you don’t mean it but

It was there and i didn’t i didn’t realize that that’s what was going on there were times that i would come home from work or so forth and you know she’d be downstairs watching tv having dinner or something like that i go and lay down on the bed just chilling and maybe watching youtube or so forth and or listening to it i just lay on the bed i literally didn’t want

To move i just stare at the frickin ceiling like no thoughts no anything i just didn’t care and the reason i’m making this video is because i would to give an honest opinion and an honest review from someone that admits that they have some mental issues and before before i even took the medication to let people know because i did a lot of research and i did a lot

Of searching i had known that there were you know they have warnings of suicidal thoughts on and so forth did i have suicidal thoughts like i would actually go through with it no did i have thoughts of did i care if something happened to me yeah no i didn’t really care and i think that’s the biggest thing is i just stopped caring it just it shut something off in

My brain and i did not like it my final trigger was on was it monday of this week tuesday of this week today’s thursday so it was either a monday or tuesday i was like you know what we need to i need to talk to heidi we need to figure out something like go out of town go to morro bay for the weekend something like that something fun i needed something happy in my

Life something to make me smile because nothing was making me smile and i love morro bay i love monterey i love going in the aquarium i love all those things and even that in my brain went i don’t care i just really don’t care and that’s when they click with me that something was severely wrong when even that didn’t make me care about anything i couldn’t sit down

I didn’t even like i got sakura shadows died twice i played it for like a day or so forth and i got so frustrated with it like i literally put it down to work on something else that’s this whole story on its own but i just didn’t have the motivation or the care to sit and work on a project or to even turn on the computer or to do anything so if if you’re gonna try

Chantix have have a good support system have family members and friends that will not just support you but keep an eye on you if you start acting strange now i only got into just up to week four and i stopped taking it and within 24 hours after doing research there’s a 24 hour half-life so after you take your last dose within 24 hours of the the medication that is

In your system is reduced by half if you go through the whole pack it’s when they take you about five five-and-a-half days for it to be fully out of your system so keep that in mind but if you hit that point and people start telling you that you’re really irritable or you start having these thoughts for yourself do yourself a favor just stop just stop taking it

Talk to someone about it let someone know what’s going on with you because there’s no freaking joke you don’t really realize that what’s going on in your own brain you think that it’s normal even myself while having these thoughts and having this go on and went okay this is normal like i i don’t mind this feeling i don’t mind the aggressiveness because that’s not

I mean normally that’s not me yeah it’s not normal it’s not cool it will create some fights it may even break up a relationship the good part is that aug i do have what i think in a day i may have a quarter half a cigarette and i think i do that mostly for the it’s not in the sensation and it’s not even for the the hit from it it’s more either a social thing or

It’s more of so you don’t get grossed out by it by the smells and stuff like that because i definitely don’t want that with her still smoking you me not i don’t want i don’t want that end up happening and coming between us but that’s also why i picked a backup baby no baby more which i may end up doing some more videos and stuff like that as far as reviews i’ve

Had a couple companies contact me so i may do that down here but yeah i just want to let you guys know what was going on i wanted to thank you guys for sticking around and being supportive expect more videos coming i actually have the air boots all cleared out i have the guts kit laid out cleaned washed and i’m gonna prime it and i think that’s about it i just

Wanted to give you guys an update what was going on with me and anyone that is thinking about taking chantix because whatever isn’t working with them besides consulted because you have to consult your health care professional to be able to even get it but definitely talk to your family talk to your friends talk to your co-workers that way they can keep an eye on

You because you you won’t be able to keep an eye on yourself you literally won’t think that there’s anything wrong you’ll notice that you’re irritated but if you’re like in my case you won’t care so that’s it and i want to thank you guys for hanging out i will see you guys all in the next video i’m going to wrap this up i did it upload it and then i have a couple

Videos that i want to do now that i’m in the mood i got some accessories for the osmo pocket to a review for you guys i got some indie filters i got a holder for it i got a couple of other little things i was supposed to have a pair of nippers from us a gundam store i was going to do something mean i was going to do a review of it with nothing in my hands because

That’s literally what i got after being contacted to ask if i would to do a review on him i never lee got nothing from them so and i’m not going to hit him up because because thanks guys i wanna say again thank you thank you to my friends for being there and being supportive through through my mental difficulties and i’ll see you guys all there pretty soon peace out youtube

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