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My Chatty Update on Prednisolone/Azathioprine

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Hi all…Chatty video for you..not too long.

Foreign hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so i hope you’re all doing okay and continuing to staying safe and looking after yourselves um for those of you who are tuning in for the first time hi i appreciate you taking the time out of your day and i hope you do enjoy this video and if you do then you know a bit of this and subscribe i’d be truly

Truly grateful and thankful yeah it’s not too bad over here on ivy’s channel so you know give me a go as you’ll be able to see by the title this is just a chatty update video you know talk about we putting this alone tapering down of that and um anything else i can think to talk about so without further ado um prednisolone now those of you who know a bit about

Me i have two autoimmune diseases i’ll just go over it quickly i have two autoimmune diseases no i’m not collecting them but um hypothyroidism with graves disease and i also have myasthenia gravis which is a muscle weakness um so i was put on i’ve been put on prednisolone because with the myasthenia gravis that it started in my eyes and then you know i was

Keeping my fingers crossed that it would just stay in the eyes but unfortunately it generalized to other parts of my body so it wasn’t just the eyes it was like talking chewing swallowing breathing you know weakness in wrists hands so couldn’t grasp anything or hold anything or dress myself weakness in my legs my feet couldn’t walk you know you get exhausted so

Doctors when i got generalized which was a couple of years ago doctors put me on prednisolone and my highest dose today has been 120 milligrams i know there are people out there who are on much more much higher doses but my highest has been 120 milligrams and was it last year the doctor said that i could start to take her down off the prednisolone yay um so

Every first of the month i would taper down by one tablet which is five milligrams so i have like you know just put this alone just like little white tablets yeah and five milligram for each tablet um so yeah i’ve been doing that and until maybe a few months ago now the doctor said that i could taper down by two tablets so instead of just tapering down by five

Milligrams i could taper down every month by two so now first of march i tapered down by two again so i’m at 30 milligrams now yes i said thirty i’m happy yay so from 120 down to 30 milligrams and i’ll stay on that i stay at 30 now for a while um but also at the same time as i was put on prednisolone i was put on another medication um because you know people

Those of you who are on pregnancy law and all take it you know it’s not good to be on it indefinitely because you know it will mash you up i mean most medications you know if you stay on them too long they’re not great anyway this other medication that i was put on was called azathioprine i know it comes in all different names and i was taking a therapy yeah

Up until a couple of weeks ago where my doctor said stop taking it immediately because i don’t know what it was doing to me bloods but as the doctors put it it’s making your bloods deranged and so you know rather than continue to take it they said stop because we don’t know what’s going on maybe i’ve become too sensitive to it um i have no idea so i’ve stopped

Taking the azeothia pin because this was the one that i was gonna stay on more long term you know once the prednisolone had gone to about five or ten milligrams i was gonna go that one was gonna be me long-term medication but something seems to have gone awry and um so yeah i’m not taking that one i was having blood tests because with this they have to monitor

Your bloods so i was taking blood tests every month but now the doctors want me to take blood tests every two weeks so and they said that you know since i’ve stopped it the effects of it will stay with me you know i still have the effects for like one two months maybe and then after the effects wear off i don’t know how that will affect me so we will see and i’ll

Keep you abreast of what happens there um in regards to my what was the other one hypothyroidism i stopped taking my carbimazole that was me tablets for me hypothyroidism about six months ago now maybe seven um and i feel okay i’ve not had any symptoms from that hypothyroidism you know because if i remember rightly the last time um had anxiety that was one

Of the symptoms um headaches um hand would shake hand tremors um and of course you have sorry if you’re having anything to eat loose bowels you know and you always felt hungry always felt hungry so it didn’t matter how much you weigh because your metabolism was working over time and of course you know you can lose a lot of weight um with hyperthyroidism but

Like i say i’ve been off the tablets about six seven months now and uh i’ve not felt any symptoms arise but i’ve had blood tests for my thyroid so you know i’ll see if that what that comes back as but yeah you know i’m trying to stay healthy eat eat the right foods but you know it’s it’s not easy getting things and making things from fresh all the time because

Everything is going up you know and that’s that doesn’t include the electricity prices and all that so you know and plus a lot of the what’s the word i’m looking for oh words failing me you know the pre-packaged foods a lot that is cheaper you know i mean but i’m trying to stay clear of it because um you know i was told as well that my cholesterol was getting a

Bit high so that was something i had to take into consideration as well do you know what i mean so and plus because of the prednisolone i became type 2 diabetic so there’s all these things you know that i think okay harvey ah javi ivy you’ve got to take charge now do you know what i mean and i don’t intend to be type 2 diabetic because you can reverse it you

Know every morning i wake up i have my lemon water and then after that i have my celery juice because i’m a big fan of celery juice yeah and you know try and incorporate lots of salads um yeah and just you know know when you you’re full that’s the thing know when you full and uh you know just stop eating so there’s a certain time at night let’s say by seven

O’clock i’m done eating and all i’ll do is just have me herbal tea and this is chamomile so cheers it’s good and yeah so apart from the thing with the aza thigh print uh you know don’t know what’s going on there but we’ll find out and um i don’t know if i’ll be allowed to go back on it or if they’ll find me a different medication but i’m doing okay i’m trying

To keep me step get me steps in every day you know but sometimes tiredness can just overwhelm me it’s like a blanket and it just drapes over me and i’m just knackered seriously i’m just i’m tired you know um but sometimes i give in to it and i just think yeah come on ivy your body needs sleep or just to rest or other times i try and motivate myself you know

Try and do other things to keep myself awake because you know if i sleep all day then come night time you know body clock goes a bit weird and so like if i have to get up and go to the bathroom come back then you know i can be awake for hours or some nights i get up i go to the bathroom get back into bed and i’m out like a light so yeah chronic fatigue can be

Annoying and then there’s brain fog you know when something comes into your head and then as a as i’m about to open my mouth it’s gone i’m like wow that should be a guinness world record and get something in my brain about to say it and i’m like darn it it’s gone but that happens doesn’t it i don’t know if it’s just with age you know when you go into a room and

You think what did i come in here for i don’t know or have you ever done this i remember you know it’s not happened for a while but i was doing shopping one time and i bought and it was bread was it bread no it was toilet rolls and milk and then i was thinking i’m sure i bought some milk and yeah i’m sure about toilet rolls so what i’d done instead of putting

The toilet rolls in the bathroom i’d put the milk where i would put the toilet rolls and the toilet rolls went in the fridge i was like ah really but yeah these things happen it’s a part of aging i guess you know yes uh it’s a beautiful day it’s what days it’s monday the 14th of march it’s a beautiful day not bad no rain no gusts of winds oh we had like a trio

Of storms one after the other not long ago but it’s it’s a nice day i’m gonna try and you know keep as active as i can and yeah i’ll keep you abreast of you know everything well not everything but especially what happens with with these and um hopefully no symptoms will return for the thyroid yes hopefully it will behave itself and um yeah i might do a video on

Some plant-based foods you know because aldi does some really good plant-based things yeah and i’m hoping to do some more cooking videos so i liked doing me cooking videos and yeah and that’s about it uh i can’t think of anything else to be honest there you go and as soon as i turn the video off i’ll think ah i didn’t say that or oh i didn’t say this but yeah

So if you’ve stayed till this point i appreciate it and thank you and like i said earlier if you have see it’s gone he’s gone now if you have enjoyed the video then thumbs up and please do subscribe i’d love to have you um yeah and that’s it you know you know don’t let negative people get you down chances are they are just jealous of you they’re jealous of you

So don’t listen to anything negative people have to say let them stay in their own little negativity pond okay and hey my friends let’s keep smashing this live anyway that’s me out for another video um stay safe stay well and god bless and i will see you soon for another video bye for now

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My Chatty Update on Prednisolone/Azathioprine By ivy campbell