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Hey guys and Welcome to my channel.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today i wanted to talk about my experiences and my decision to get the devil shots the deadpool shot is a birth control method that is in a syringe it’s injected that’s why it’s called a shot so before i get started i just want to make a disclaimer that i am no way associated with any kind of medical degree not a doctor a

Nurse physician pharmacist or any of that thing so i can’t tell you what to do nor am i suggesting to you what you should do i’m just telling you what it is just in case somebody don’t know exactly what it is and my experiences and my choices for getting the depo so let’s go ahead and move into what the depo-provera actually alright so i’m ringing my information

Off the mayo clinic org so you can go ahead you can go there and check it out the depo-provera is a well-known brand name for mad roxie progesterone a contraceptive injection for women that contain the hormone progesterone vera is given as an injection once every three months typically suppresses ovulation keeping your ovaries from releasing an egg depo-provera

Also thickens cervical mucus to keep sperm for reaching the egg you could get the depo in two two was the cot two variations of potency so the strongest the original is called depo-provera where the lower dosage is called depo sub-q provera 104 the difference is that the depo-provera the original the strongest potency is ejected deep into the muscle tissue we are

The depo-provera sub-q 104 is injected just beneath the so now that we have a broad picture of what the depo-provera is it’s just another form of birth control that you don’t have to get but once every three months every 90 days my decision to get or to go on any kind of birth control is because i am not trying to have any children no time so but for me and my

Lifestyle i just feel like it is too much i’ve been on the pill before i’ve only tried the peel up until the dead-ball and that was after i had felix but i had a really low dosage because i was still nursing and you don’t want to give a boy any kind of progesterone and oestrogen and stuff so it was okay because i will put an alarm on my phone and it will go off

Every day at five o’clock i would take my pill i would be good so my decision as far as the depo now here’s the problem for me i didn’t do my research at all like i’ve already i know you guys have heard of the the horror stories your hair falling out weight gain pimples galore pizza things you know just all of these negative negative things about the shot um so

Far like i said i’m up for my second dosage i have not had any the only side effect that i can say that actually notice is my mood i have very i’m very moody very very moody all the time especially like in the beginning i was very very agitated and moody um i actually lost weight i did not gain weight i lost weight my face did not break out i my face just broke

Out just on its regular self like on its own how it normally do once a month my face and that i have on no makeup so whatever little speckle speckles you see that’s just my natural skin imperfections and daily life pimples i guess i haven’t game anyway like i said i lost weight and it’s crazy because although i’m losing weight i’m eating more so i feel like now

And then i do get a crazy appetite but at the same time i think it’s almost like my metabolism speeding up and it probably has nothing to deal with the shot it could just be my body just doing its own thing the only thing i will say is that i thought about like the nuvaring but that’s just too too grossed out for me i mean just the whole thought about things that go

On down there just grosses me the hell out so that’s why i didn’t choose the nuvaring i don’t even think people get patches anymore like it does that even exists if it does exist i’m not for patches because i’ve heard nothing but def stories from people using patches and stuff and that freaks me out like and then if someone said how can a band-aid late stopped you

From getting pregnant and i understand it’s absorbed through the skin and you know what i get it i totally get it but i just i’m not with the patch like what if the patch pills halfway off like does that lessens your chance or does it like soak down through the rest of the patch into your skin you said i’m saying like that’s just so so simple that’s too complicated

For my brain to think i can think about a pill you take the pill that goes in your body your body disperse it throughout your system you’re good shot eject it man got it i totally get that stuff but a damn band-aid that’s injecting like seeping hormones through my skin like what if my skin you know dry skin is like tough skin and you know what if my skin so damn

I’m rough and tough and it just can’t see through y’all looks like i can’t do it with it um the other versions of birth control all like the music nerra or mira whatever i’m not having no devices surgically implanted in me okay i feel like that’s the tracking device or i feel like it’s going to like erosion is going to occur and i’m gonna get gangrene and i’m

Gonna have limbs falling off and may detach yourself and get stuck through organs like that just freaks me out like i can’t do it i don’t want anything in me i don’t even want to think about if i have to get some kind of screws in me like now how much drama that would be just getting through the damn airport like yeah i have like this you know medical device in my

Uterus so send me through the scanner like that is just too much like i know i’m totally can be over exaggerating for you guys that’s how my brain feed that’s how i think i overly analyze things to the extreme i won’t say this this is this is how crazy and maria is when the lady came in she said that you decide where you want your shot and i said i get a decision

Like what that’s new to me i thought it’d always go in the butt cheek and she said no you can get it in your arm or you can get it in your butt and i said well which one hurts the most as she says it depends on your pain tolerance but most women want it in their buttocks because they have this illusion that the depo makes them gain weight so wherever they get the

Shot that’s where their weight is going to gain and i said what is the crazy that’s kind of i’ve ever heard like give me a shot in my butt and it’s gonna make my butt grow uh no i’m okay but i don’t like getting shots in my arm because for one i can see it and i instant like right now i can feel i can remember the feeling that weird sensation this i always feel

Like especially if i get a shot in my left arm i feel like i can feel it in my heart and that really freaks me out because i feel it’s too close to my heart and what if i have a heart attack or a stroke or i don’t know like what if something crazy happens because you hit a nerve that’s connected to my heart like you guys that’s how crazy i am i know i know i’m

Just a hot mess but hey it’s me and i’m cool and it is what it is um so i did get it in my butt which by the way you guys i passed out on the table okay they had me pull my pants down exposed my buttocks and they say all right miss green are you ready i said no when they said well you gotta get ready i said wait i don’t think i wanna lay down because i don’t feel

Too good and they said all right here we go i said we’re gonna count and she was like no i’m not gonna count i was like what kim count can count and so she’s like blonde too and i said wait wait wait and she just like bob press the stuff in i said oh lord like literally you guys i jumped ripped the paper and i was out i was laid out okay and the lady uh you know

She has a little ammonia thing and she will be obvious all i was scream are you okay i said it’s over we’re like did you get me did you stick me or did you like not stick me because i passed out she say no i miss grain there’s a you have any what is it donald duck sticker on your maxima gluteus and i was like oh this is so embarrassing but she said whoa you know

You’re not the only one who passes out from needles i said oh my god i feel like my butt is about to fall off and i said well what gauge was it cause it really did hurt now see this is how you know i’m the crazy patient when i know about the gauges i said please tell me it was like a 23 or like y’all miraculously came out with like a 27 and she was like now i miss

Graves you can just set up so what are you tone i wonder i heard it like the size if i’m not mistaken the bigger the number the smaller the needle so the smaller number the bigger the needle okay so i was like shoot especially if straight needle like i have a butterfly but a regular straight syringe a 22-gauge yeah i was dying so my butt my buttocks my right cheek

Was sore for a week now i don’t know how it can affect everybody else i don’t know if i psychologically made it hurt more by having a portion of my brain focus on the movement of my buttocks but when i say i could i did not exercise for a week sitting down standing up squatting or doing anything that requires you to use your buttocks hurt it laying down on my back

Rolling on my side it hurt um i did have a little discoloration almost like a bruise and it could be for the fact that when she stuck the needle i tightened up my buttock so let’s kind of like a punch and it created just just like the size of a little green bruise but it was okay there was no lumps i didn’t have no breakouts i didn’t have no rashes and didn’t get

Infected and that was some of the things that i did end up reading up on after the fact like after i came home was that the there were side effects to the injection site but luckily that portion of my brain that was focused on my ass cheek for like the whole week was focused on any kind of funkiness that could be going wrong and nothing went wrong so i was pretty

Thrilled about that which is leading me into going and getting my second dose of the depo-provera which like i said i can wake up and i have to think about it and i can go to sleep and i have to think about it and the only thing that i will say that that is stuck in the back of my mind is the fact that if i do decide to have kids it takes a really long time for

Your body to get it out of your system where the peels want you to stop to stop and that next cycle rolling around and you can have a baby the deaf pole shot definitely does if i’m not mistaken i heard it takes about you take anywhere from three to six to a year to get it out of your system have your cycle back on track and to try to conceive so that is definitely

In the back of my mind because i think oh my god what if i become cyril you know crazy um as far as my minstrel since the first shot i had one minstrel that lasted for two weeks i thought i just had another kid i said oh my god like i had to go and buy some more supplies because i was just saying how can i be off my period for two whole weeks and it wasn’t like a

Regular minstrel it was like light to slim like to none light to non-existing for two whole weeks so it was it was annoying because in the morning i’d be like oh you’re still here and then by the in the day huh you got another me nothing maybe i’m done maybe i’m it’s over with and then come the next morning ah you came back i was so unaware of this and then you

Go away and then you come back and it’s like oh my god would you make up your mind like i rather you just come full-blown for three days if we had a little zippers on our side it’s i could just like unzip take my ovaries out and put them up here on this shelf okay and then zip them back up and then just dust it off and put it back when i need them because i’m like

If i’m gonna be on period for two whole damn weeks i don’t know maybe i maybe the depo it’s not for me you may need to go back to the peels because two weeks out two weeks that’s like two weeks a misery like re we’d already don’t even like 5 days 7 days 3 4 days 2 weeks whoo that’s pretty much it you guys i want to try to keep this very short simple straight to

The point if you have an experience with the depo and it’s comfortable talking about it let me know down in the comment box or let me know your experiences with any type of contraceptive that you have tried or maybe if you’re thinking about trying something and you just want to talk things out go ahead and leave it down in the comment box um i would love to hear

Your story and yeah that’s it don’t forget to hit the subscribe button i’m getting close to a thousand subscribers and of course with the traditions of youtube i will have a giveaway and you guys know it’s going to be the bomb because i have bomb content at least i like to think i have bomb content um but yeah don’t get did that subscribe button share share share

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