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Hey friends welcome back to my channel and if this is your first time here welcome my name is sydney and my channel is just sydney i wanted to share with you guys how i knew i was pregnant before testing positive for my pregnancy test if you are new here i am a mom to twin three year old boys so it honestly had been a while since i experienced pregnancy symptoms

But i did remember a lot of what i did feel before finding out i was pregnant for my previous pregnancy so i wanted to share with you guys some of the signs and symptoms i experienced to hopefully help you guys out if you are also thinking you’re pregnant or if you are trying to conceive as well i am currently 11 weeks pregnant but i wanted to share this

Before doing first trimester updates so i’m gonna be doing that video after this one so make sure to subscribe for more updates in the future and give this video a big thumbs up and if it helps you out in any way so with all that being said let’s get into the first symptom that i thought was odd was that i was getting up to pee a lot during the night which i

Never really do i don’t really drink a lot of water and anything at night so i thought that was pretty odd and i wasn’t too concerned at first but that was definitely one of the first signs that i noticed as a similan symptom i did experience was i’m not really going in to order just what i remember and you know no particular order i was experiencing a lot of

Lightheadedness and dizziness multiple days at a time i do sometimes get low blood sugar and i thought maybe that was it but i never really experienced it bull days at a time and then i have also i was also anemic during my pregnancy so i was i was thinking maybe i was anemic and maybe i needed to start taking my iron pills again so i started taking iron pills

As well but i definitely thought that was very odd and made me kind of think that maybe i was pregnant and i wasn’t late with my period at that time but it definitely gave me a red flag and had me thinking that it was another symptom that i was experiencing i was overly emotional about everything i’m a pretty emotional person to begin with but i felt like i was

Even more emotional for anything i would kind of just cry and even seeing a movie i think it was called on a word i started crying at the end i typically do cry during movies but i was bawling and um that’s usually not how i react typically so i thought that was definitely a sign as well with all of those hormones going on you know i can get you extra emotional

During pregnancy sign and symptom i was experiencing i actually started getting some lower back pain it wasn’t too painful just very mild back pain and i never get back pain these days so i definitely thought that was um you know odd and out of the ordinary and made me kind of think it was pregnant as well so this next symptom that i’m about to share it definitely

Gave me a really big red flag and i pretty much knew that i was pregnant after filling this symptom my breasts were super sore and tender and i never i know that can be also a sign of pmsing but even when i’m pmsing my breasts have never been that sort ender before so i definitely had a feeling that i was pregnant and immediately wanted to take a pregnancy test

But i actually wasn’t late on my period yet so my husband and i talked about it and he was just like just wait a little bit and wait at least if you are late if you see that you’re late on your period and take it that was the huge red flag for me since i know a lot of a lot of the symptoms i mentioning can be part of you know you getting a menstrual cycle so

Definitely be aware of that but for me i know my body and i know what i experienced and what i feel when i’m about to get my period so those were all new signs to me and most of them i was experiencing when i was pregnant with my boys in my previous pregnancy that was definitely um one that i was like yes i’m pregnant i know i am and i kept telling my husband

I was he honestly wasn’t sure because the previous month i also thought i was pregnant oh but it turns out i wasn’t during this time i felt even more symptoms and i think honestly the biggest sign for me was that i had it like hunched and just a feeling that i was pregnant this time around i did think i was the previous month but like i mentioned i didn’t have

Any of these symptoms at all i think the only thing i i was was i was a little bit late on my period the previous month i think it was just a couple days and then obviously when leading up to my period i had no menstrual cramps at all i am one that has very bad menstrual cramps i’ve always had them as a teenager even starting out having my period i’ve always had

Severely bad menstrual cramps and that was something that i didn’t experience before leading up to my period so that was one of the major signs that made me believe that i was pregnant well ii the last symptom and sign was that had my period and i’m not very i don’t really keep up with my period too much but i was keeping up with it the past previous months

Because i just wanted to be more aware of my cycle and i had been over a week late already so i knew that was definitely a huge red flag and after a week i finally told my husband okay i’m ready to go get this test and see if i’m pregnant and when i was taking the pregnancy test i did feel my reaction to taking that pregnancy test so if you guys haven’t seen

That video i will have it up here in the cards for you guys if you want to check that out after this video but i wasn’t honestly that surprised that it was positive i was surprised because we weren’t trying to conceive at the moment but just more like i had a feeling and like i knew i was pregnant i knew all of these symptoms and signs weren’t all in my head and

They weren’t normal and i knew i was pregnant so it definitely validated everything i was feeling and all of these symptoms i had leading up to that positive test though i found out i was pregnant around five weeks five to six weeks so yeah those were pretty much all of my symptoms leading up to the positive pregnancy test and if you guys want to see i will be

Sharing my first trimester update with you guys probably in a couple of weeks i am 11 weeks pregnant right now so i have two more weeks until i’m out of my first trimester so definitely keep a lookout for that video coming up very soon so i hope this video was helpful for you guys for any of you mamas that are trying to conceive or if you are trying to conceive

For the first time and you have no idea what to expect i hope this gave you a little insight i know we all have different symptoms so these all may not relate to any of you guys i hope that it helped you guys in some way shape or form if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you made it this far thank you guys so much for watching

And sticking till the end it really does help out my channel so much make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on any future videos pertaining to pregnancy related and motherhood i would love to have you join my family here and with all of that being said i will see you guys in my next video

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