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My Experience on the PILL (Yasmin) | Starting the Pill for PCOS Part 2

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Hey welcome back to this trini well i’m keisha and today i’ll be sharing with you my experience and my journey thus far uh starting the pill for pcos what do i think about a pill the reason i started taking the pill is because it was suggested to me from the ob gyn to for me to be able to have a period since i’ve been having irregular periods and honestly i don’t

Think that i had a regular period for the last year yeah and a half like i’ve been spotting but to say like i’ve had like a period period i didn’t have a period so the pill was recommended to um stimulate the period um again this doctor was against primolute so she wanted me to take the pill um for my on my first pack i don’t know i don’t know if it’s just me

But like my i think i have high anxiety but my anxiety i think was almost through the roof i was like overthinking like the simplest things for no reason like usually i would watch a commute like i would watch a commercial and i would literally cry like if the man passed the dog on his head i would cry because it’s emotional but like what like certainly is

When you pill like yo i can’t remember to come with y’all but your girl tears are running on like down rolling down her face and i’m like holy hell but i need to ask my husband what he thinks okay so i just want to know if you noticed anything different uh since i started taking people um only just maybe a bit more emotional at random times for no reason

For no reason i don’t know outside of that nothing else really so that’s the main thing you notice yeah just sometimes just a bit more emotional i guess hormones acting up ah but anyway so i started in the end of january so after 21 days i stopped for the seven pill three pill three days and for the last week the kind of cramps i was getting and not abdominal

Cramps like cramps in your pelvic area like if somebody is stabbing you those cramps i was getting i i knew that if my period came it would be painful very very painful and so thought so happened the first day of my period i i think i stayed in bed for the majority of dd the kind of pelvic i don’t know it’s not contractions like but the pain i was getting

It was really painful pain was painful but yes it was really painful and usually it’s just the first day but no it was the first second third fourth day i was getting this um kind of pain but the thing is because i didn’t have my period in such a long time i was expecting it to be heavy and to be painful because of i guess the lining would be very thick so yes

It was heavy yes it was painful so in my mind i’m like yo is this how it’s going to be is this how it’s going to be every time but you know i was like i’m not going to stop now at least i want to do these six months to see um so that was that i started my next um my next cycle so my second pack i think during the first week i’m very emotional um my i think

My emotions fluctuate a bit so again i’ll ask my husband to see what he thinks but yeah again finish the pack for the second park i think my period came on the thursday so before i kind of would have started like on wednesday for the second pack it started on a nightly thursday and it was much it was much lighter than the first time so yes the period comes

A period comes on well i guess on schedule some person say you may have some breakthrough bleeding i did not experience that as yet or well yeah as yet and now i am on my third part today would be the third day i was a little bit emotional yesterday i think so yeah both of them are from the brand beer in terms of these symptoms i had with each of them when i

Was taking the primo lutes i remember having nausea i used to feel upset like midday i would feel upset and my appetite like sometimes i wouldn’t feel to eat because i just wasn’t i was just feeling upset so that was the primo loot now with the yasmine um symptoms i would say kind of like breast tenderness and i need to monitor to see at what specific point in

Time because yo i already have big girls but sometimes they just be feeling so heavy like extra heavy sometimes i feel like it’s the only thing i could see because it’s so huge like that’s how i feel so i know for sure breast tenderness um mood changes anxiety some of my symptoms be again i can’t say for sure because like again like my eating habits currently

Are not crazy they’re not out of the way i don’t like overeat but my weight is like staying the same so i don’t know um some days i do feel a lot bloated than others so i guess that could be the pill as well um and then like a decreased sex drive is one of these symptoms and i was trying to figure out if i if if that is a symptom that i have and i kind of

Think it is because like when i’m not only pill i’m like so that is another symptom of the pill um i’m currently on my third pack and i think that i would do these six packs to see so i could monitor it and it wouldn’t just because i’m now starting i’ll let my body get accustomed to it see how i feel if i want to continue or if i would switch back to the

Premolutes because like before i went to the ob gyn i went to the pharmacy and i got some packs just in case i would not be able to get it in italy um so yeah that is my experience thus far starting the pill for pcos i mainly did it because i wanted to have a period or have more regular periods but again the recommendation has to work out and have a healthy

Diet so those are two of the things i’m currently working on but y’all it is difficult in the land of pasta and pizza so in the instances where i can control what i eat i am trying to control what i eat so that when i go out i don’t feel as bad that is basically my experience um do you have pcos what has been your experience thus far did you try the pills did you

Like it are you still on it like share your experiences with me um did you switch pills i was just talking about that in order to track the pill i was looking for some apps well first of all my husband he knows me so he was like there must be an app so that you can track people to make sure that you take it and like whatever to give it like a little notification

Or whatever we found a few apps i’m still deciding trying to decide which ones i like and which ones i don’t so there’s eva avia i believe and what i like about this app it asks you to choose the pack that you have and you can log each day you know that you took the pill for this cycle because i just started they can’t tell me so it would track to tell me um the

Percentage of time that i am on time and taking the pill um it also tracks your mood because there’s there are these questions are you in a good mood today did you cry did you argue with anyone did you have any pain so you could track me moods what i like about this app is the interface the user interface is very friendly while the graphical user interface is

Very friendly it it’s cute it makes you want to use the app the next app i found what is ease now this is the more it’s kind of serious app but it allows you to track a little more and it lets you know like if you’re protected if your protection is affected depending on the time that you take the pill because you’re supposed to take the pill the same time every

Day um this one you see the interface is not as cute um but you’ll log your pill it will tell you protection affected um like that then you can long like your symptoms so there are a whole range of symptoms that you can monitor and track um how you’re feeling bloated your um discharge your mood like everything and well the benefits i guess you think that i’d have

You could track it as well so light cramps fear cramps no cramps your mood or any other your acne and you can submit all of this i like this app as um it’s very it’s more detailed as you would so it’s more detailed um this one it also um takes into account your pill free week so um these are the days you take the pill your pill free week when you’re starting

Your pack etc with the other app like why is it on day 22 you’re messaging me on notification to take my pill i said i’m taking the 21 day pack with seven three days like leaving me alone um and then the last app is my pill um it is a paid app so if you want it to be a little more customizable uh you have to pay but so it has the this is you tell them so it’s

Uh i have the 21 day pack so it just gives me a generic pack and on it has the dates so it shows you log your pills and like this and um what i like is in all of the apps there is like a little community where you could chat ask questions um etc and i think this one is the most active honestly so this video is quite long but again we’re talking we chat and

Etc so anyway um if you appreciated this content if you appreciated this conversation don’t forget to like the video so that youtube can recommend it to other persons who may also like it as well and if you are interested in seeing more content from me go ahead and click the subscribe button and in that process you’re helping your girl get to 700 subscribers so

Thank you very much for watching again i hope you enjoyed it and until next time bye

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My Experience on the PILL (Yasmin) | Starting the Pill for PCOS Part 2 By This Trini Will