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My Experience Taking Accutane Twice For My Acne – Isotretinoin Journey

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In this video I tell you guys my experience taking Accutane or Isotretinion. I took it once for 8 months for cystic acne and a second time for 7 months for mild acne. It is not easy to get prescribed this medicine and should be your last resort. Please try treating your acne naturally before taking the pills. It is a very hard treatment but well worth it.

Alright guys so today’s video is gonna be on accutane which is basically the atomic bomb of acne medicines i actually took it twice and i’m gonna talk to you guys about both of my experiences so let’s rewind to win my acne first started i remember its first starting and popping up when i was about 13 years old the first thing i tried was proactiv of course because

That was the biggest thing on tv at the time and it didn’t really help but it definitely picked up the dirt that was on my skin i do remember that and throughout the time i would try different face washes and stuff but i just really felt like nothing was actually getting rid of it it was just kind of calming it down and when i was 16 i actually got a gift from

Someone and it was a chemical peel at a dermatology place and i had a really bad experience with that basically my skin flared up super bad it was ended up being worse than it was and i just was not fun at all so ever since then i just don’t mess with chemical peels like that so like i said it wasn’t terrible but at the age of 19 is when it really did flare up and

Get it’s worse and really turn into cystic acne so i’m gonna talk to you guys about the symptoms and basically what started happening so i would get little tingles in my face and basically and my body was telling me that there was gonna be a pimple there like either within 24 hours or the next day i wake up my acne was the worst around the jawline and the cheeks

I do still have some scars there but they’re not too bad and honestly i would have rather had this and what i used to have there used to be times where i wouldn’t even want to look in the mirror i think the long as i waited to look in the mirror was like a weak once there was also times when my skin was so sensitive and inflamed that when the water would hit my

Face in the shower it would cause it to tear or pop the pimples and my face would bleed in the shower i also remember when it was at its worse a lot of people would talk to me and they would start touching their face and just like you could tell they were just thinking about it and that wasn’t really cool either also my skin was super sensitive at this time i

Would wash my pillows and try not to even sleep on the side of my face because i knew anything that was touching my face would make it break out i couldn’t even shave my face with a regular shaver i had to end up buying an electric shaver just to make sure i didn’t cut my face and leave any scars which i kind of did a little bit in the beginning but there’s no

Noticeable scars from that anymore basically i didn’t have a single day where i didn’t have a pimple on my face keep in mind this was cystic acne it wasn’t just regular acne my whole face was full of red pimples everywhere so i’m gonna talk to you guys about what i tried to get rid of it like i said i tried pretty much everything out there in the store like face

Wash wise and none of it really worked so i ended up going to the dermatologist and she gave me an anti-inflammatory pill which was supposed to help calm it down it did help a little bit but i just felt like it really wasn’t gonna solve the problem associated of prescribing me and i so cream which is basically isotretinoin but in a gel and that did help a lot but

I still felt like that wasn’t gonna solve the problem and i just really wanted something where i just i could be more like a normal person and i feel like i had to do a 10-step routine and always have to worry about going to sleep with a clean washed face so i ended up taking the accutane pills it was the actual brand was clara vez or clove eres or something like

That i ended up taking that for i think eight months and it was two pills i can’t remember the exact dosage but it varies depending on person because it’s based off of your body weight so the side effects that i had of course i had dry lips and dry skin because that’s basically what it does it basically dries you out and you basically turn into a snake and just

Start shedding and peeling your skin off basically it makes it so acne can’t even live on your skin my lips were dry every 30 minutes and basically every 30 minutes to an hour i would have to put aquaphor on them i found that aquaphor worked the best for my lips so definitely give that a try if you’re gonna take accutane so the brand for the lotion and cream that

I would use is cerave that was one of the highly recommended ones i could find online so that’s what i use it and i really liked that one i still use that one today my eyes were dry most of time so i did have to buy lubricating drops for my eyes and pretty much every day i would have a gallon or a big container of water cuz basically you’re super dehydrated and

That’s like one of the most important things that you need to be doing when you’re taking this pill is just stay hydrated and basically i would drink a whole bunch of water throughout the day because you really need to stay hydrated when you’re taking this stuff so two more symptoms that i had one of them is my skin was way more fragile and i noticed that it would

Cut or tear and i would just get more cuts than i used to and for me one of the biggest side-effects i had was it really affected my energy levels i remember before taking the medicine i felt super hyper and just full energy all the time and then once i started taking it i basically felt like a normal older person like all that energy was gone and i do kind

Of still struggle with energy a little bit but it’s not super bad where i want to just sleep all day i almost forgot to talk about this but not a lot of people talk about drinking alcohol when taking accutane and i can definitely talk about that because i was getting drunk every friday and saturday when i was on it pretty much and let me tell you one thing the

Hangovers are way worse and it’s probably super bad on your liver because you’re not even supposed to be drinking when you’re taking this stuff do i regret it definitely but i don’t regret the memories and maybe i’ll regret it later in the future but for now i have gotten a lot of lab work done and stuff and my liver looks fine and i’m not dying or anything so

Thank god one thing i do remember about drinking while in accutane is it definitely made me tired if anyone else has experiences with drinking on this stuff make sure to leave a comment down below and let me know how it affected you guys so those were the short term side effects other than the energy one to other long-term side effects i kind of still have is dry

Skin and dry lips not too bad but it’s definitely towards the drier side and i personally feel like my skin is a little bit thinner than it used to be before taking the medicine also my eyes are kind of dry too so i feel like that kind of stayed a little bit so now that i’m done scaring you guys let’s talk about the pros with accutane basically once you get so far

Enough into the treatment you won’t even break out anymore if you do it’s going to be something super it’s gonna go away super quick it basically gives you a whole new layer of skin and like i said the pimples go away super quick it’s pretty awesome you just feel like a brand-new person now some people’s acne does come back after they take the treatment but for

Me it stayed pretty clear for a couple months i might say like six months and then i started noticing some little breakouts up here and on the side of my face so i decided to take a second round and i helped a little bit but i feel like it didn’t completely solve my problems and i went back to the drawing board started looking at more videos and trying to learn

As much as i could and i ended up fixing my diet up a little bit and i also tried the caveman regimen which did help a little bit and i really wish i would have done that before taking accutane i’ll make a separate video on that cut back on the dairy really don’t drink any milk and if you can avoid cheese and basically any products that have milk in them just cut

Them out and you’re definitely gonna see an improvement in your skin so all in all i would say accutane is definitely worth it i know i was kind of scared and my mom was definitely scared when she found out how dangerous is and that i wanted to take it but i don’t i personally don’t think i would have my skin like this if i didn’t take it i actually don’t even

Have that much pictures of how i used to look before because i just didn’t want to even remind myself of how bad my acne was i’ll try to find some pictures and throw them up here for you guys so if any of you guys watching this have any questions or have taken accutane before make sure to leave comments down below so we can help each other out because i feel like

This is something big that a lot of people always research before they take i almost forgot to show you guys my skin post accutane like two years my nose is a little bit red right now which is weird because there’s not really anything there but i think it just got a little bit irritated from when i washed it in the morning yeah there’s really nothing there that’s

How my skin looks i i like it a lot and i will make a separate video on my skincare routine post accutane so that’s going to be it for today video make sure to like the video please it helps me out a lot and if you’re not subscribed make sure to hit subscribe and hit that bell button i got a whole bunch more videos coming out so make sure to stay tuned and thank you for watching you

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My Experience Taking Accutane Twice For My Acne – Isotretinoin Journey By Carlos Nunez