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My Experience With Phentermine: The Truth

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Hey guys so today i’m going to be talking about phentermine basically what fentamine is is an appetite suppressant pill i’ve taken it for two ish months on and off uh i decided that i’m gonna be more consistent with it so for a entire month i’m going to be posting a video vlog style video at the end of every week of that month documenting my phantom journey so

I’m going to document how much i worked out how many calories i’ve lost how much weight i lost what i ate just so you guys can in semi real time see my journey and see how it’s working for me and then be able to you know figure out if it’s the right thing for you while doing that in this video i’m going to be telling you pros and cons about it how to use it how

It feels and stuff like that i do want to do a disclaimer before i start though because body image and um weight and stuff like that is very touchy subject so i do want to make sure that i’m not offending anybody i do want to apologize to anybody if this video triggers you in any type of way it’s not meant to do that i just want to um document my journey and help

Other people who decide that they want to try phentermine i think that everybody’s beautiful the way that they are and they don’t need to change but if you want to change for yourself for your health then do what you want to do if you want surgery then do it i had surgery myself had a bbl and um i can also talk more about that in another video let me know if you

Guys want me to talk about that um in the comments or something or like the video or whatever um anyway but everybody’s beautiful the way they are nobody needs to change but if you’re doing it for you then do it for you don’t do it for anybody else and that’s all i have to say about that really like i said i’ve been taking phentermine for two-ish months on and

Off i’ve been inconsistent and the reason why i was inconsistent is because of is because of some of the cons that come along with it uh that’s what i’m gonna talk about today so basically i’m gonna start with the pros the pros are that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it does it intensely basically what it’s said to do is to suppress your appetite

To cut cravings and that’s what it does it literally when you take it you’re not hungry at all you don’t think about food and you just go about your day another pro is that it gives you a lot of energy i’m not gonna tell you guys what it feels like in comparison to another drug but just know that it does have effects that feel like a certain drug and based off

Of what i say next either you know or you don’t know i’m not going to say it but um you know either you know or you don’t but basically what it does is it gives you like this burst of energy so like when you take it it feels like you just drank like so much coffee so much coffee strong coffee you just get this huge burst of energy you’re ready to go take on the

Day and you just don’t feel hungry whatsoever you don’t think about food you’re just not hungry and and those are those are the pros to it like i can go and work out on it and it makes me feel so energized i can just keep going and going and going and going and going so those are the two main pros about it now here comes the cons the cons are what made it it made

Me inconsistent because i didn’t feel like i could keep on feeling those cons without you know it messing with me so basically some of the cons to me are that it does give you like a sense of like anxiety and i didn’t know why my uh the lady who prescribed these to me would was asking me if i had history of depression or anxiety but i found out shortly as soon

As i took it um towards the end of the pill like after it’s wearing off a little bit you start to feel kind of i don’t know if it’s anxious or what but you just feel like you just want to sigh all the time like it’s just a sense of like like you’re just kind of bla so that’s one of the cons to me it’s very hard to explain but you will know what i mean when

You take the pill uh i think that you should only start with half of a pill because it’s very very strong and that’s what they told me basically what you should do oh well those were the pros and cons about it like the cons is that it does make you feel a little crazy sometimes on top of also making you stay up so i’m gonna get into like how you should take it

Um and like ways that you can avoid some of the cons so basically the way you should take it and the way i was told to take it and they were completely right take half of a pill the first time you take it one whole pill is way too strong even after me taking it on and off for two two-ish months i still like i’ve only taken a whole pill maybe four times it’s very

Very strong and the thing about it when i say it gives you energy it gives you a lot of energy and it will make you stay up so take half of a pill to start off with just to get the feel of how it makes you feel and how it’s gonna work for you drink tons of water that day and because you’re not going to feel hungry you need to make sure you put something in your

Body whether it’s like a salad or you’re just like snacking on something but you do have to eat if you don’t eat it’s not going to be a good look you could pass out and that’s not just from the pill that’s in general of just like not eating and depriving yourself of food that’s depriving yourself of key nutrients that you need in the day so even though you’re not

Going to be hungry don’t starve yourself eat but try to eat healthy since you’re not going to be craving anything fatty or anything unhealthy just try to put something healthy in your body and drink tons of water and that will help you uh to lose weight at the same time as being healthy because you’re eating healthy options um on top of that uh for the first

Two to three days take only half a pill to get a fill of it and then on the third second or third day if you feel like it’s not working as much then you can go ahead and take a a full pill but i will do suggest not taking the pill after like 2 p.m i think you can get away with taking it at like 3 p.m but you are going to be up and at night you might even you

Know stay up the entire night the first time i took it i had so much energy and like even at night i still felt like jittery and like i had just drunk a coffee and i couldn’t go to sleep so i would try to take it as early as you can like right when you wake up drink tons of water eat and make sure that you’re like you know getting some of the energy off of you

So that you can sleep well that night as far as figuring out a way for it to not make you feel like that sighing feeling of like bleh like i was talking about i really have no words to describe it except you’ll know when you try it but ways to avoid that i really have not found a way to avoid that it’s just a side effect and that’s what they’ve told me is that

It’s one of the really strong side effects of taking it so there’s no way around it but uh i think that if you’re really serious about taking it it’s something you can get over now if you have a history of anxiety and depression you might want to rethink it or try half a pill and see how it makes you feel and then if it makes you feel bad don’t take it anymore

It’s not worth it so those are the pros and cons about it and that’s really all i have to say about it but remember that i am going to be doing the journey video starting this upcoming week so the end uh so next friday you know next sunday i’m going to be posting a video about my journey uh documenting everything and all of the stuff that you guys need to know

And you can figure out what you want to do based off of my journey see how it works for me before you do it yourself so subscribe and if you want to be notified of when i post that video you can turn on the notification bell and it’ll tell you when i post it but yeah so that’ll be like three or four videos coming up that involve phantom mean and that might help

You guys you know figure out if it’s the pill for you or if it’s something that you want to do so watch out for those and i’ll see you guys later bye

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My Experience With Phentermine: The Truth By Tiaa Belle