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In this episode, I talk about my experience with Prep/Truvada.

What’s going on you two family welcome to another episode of real deal tv thank you guys for tuning in today i’d like to talk to you guys about truvada also known as prep so when i was on this serial dating kick and addicted to the gay dating apps i discovered this pill called truvada slash prep it’s a blue pill that gay guys take and it prevents them from contracting

Hiv so i wanted to protect myself as much as i could and in the event that there was unprotected sex involved i’m currently off of it when i became celibate june first and i came off of it because it was a reason just to have more sex i didn’t want that anymore and on these gay dating apps it got so serious to where they put it in the profile where you put your

Hiv status and in these gay dating apps they would have in the profile an option where you select your hiv status and the options would be negative positive on prep anything goes because you can’t really trust anybody these days even if they tell you they’re negative especially in the gay community it’s very sketchy and you have to be aware of your surroundings

And people around you and and ask probing questions before you get yourself in some and i was fortunate to be smart enough to realize to ask these questions and and make sure i’m playing it safe in the first month i began i went to the doctor i got the prescription i told him doc i am worried about my safety i’m gay and that’s the first time i ever told like my

Doctor i was gay you know that was crazy it was awesome like a liberating experience just to like tell my doctor be honest and let him know what the deal is you know so i told him and he was like i can only give you this prescription because i really like you as a person and i want you to take this knowing that this is not a form of protection you also need to use

Condoms while you’re on prep so when i started prep the first month was brutal i had stomach problems heartburn dizziness headaches it was the worst so after that first month there was still symptoms here and there and i had to just deal with it because i wanted to be on just to protect myself you know you have to take it every day you can’t miss a day also it will

Prevent you from being protected i believe you’re protected by 92% from getting hiv if you take this pill this pill does not cure hiv it just prevents you from contracting it just so you know in case anybody is interested i’m not against prep using a condom is no fun and i definitely got tested and it was always with the right guy and i asked matt questions ask

To see the paperwork and blood work and all that stuff before that even happened i was smart about it but condom suck it literally suck can’t feel a thing real neal tv but what i notice and what turned me off from taking prep was the guys on there were just once they knew you were on prep they wanted to have unprotected sex once you have prep on your profile you

Automatically are put into this category of you like to have unprotected sex there was a few people just a few that were that understood why to take prep it’s just another form of protection but the gay community now especially on these gay dating apps and the hook-up apps they use it to have unprotected sex like all your prep i’m on prep let’s have unprotected sex

And then there’s also like okay you’re on prep how do i know you’re on prep you need to ask if they’re on prep because there’s no proof like you just say oh i’m on prep and this person could be hiv positive for all you know i just wanted to not be in that category anymore so i stopped it completely and it’s done so i have nothing against prep i don’t judge anybody

That’s on it it’s just not for me if you’re considering it do your research and do you think just be careful be safe so i hope you enjoyed this vlog i hope it was informative thank you for watching i love you for watching i’ll see you at the next vlog real nail tv as real as it gets cut it’s been 5 months already since i’ve been celibate and it’s been great like

I don’t crave it i don’t i just i don’t even think about it because i’m so focused on myself homes on this journey just

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