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My experience with T3, cytomel

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Hey guys welcome back this is thrown again back with another fitness video so in my last video i talked about my experience with clen or an indian context is got clean whatever but you get the message it’s clenbuterol and i also talked about it you know how the synergy of clenbuterol with d3 which is sytem saito mel goes hand in hand and and a bodybuilders across

The globe fitness models use this combination to get results so in this video i will talk about saitama more from an information perspective for you to figure out what exactly this drug is and what exactly it do for people does it is good for fat loss or how does it work so you ready let’s go so i used seitan well again you know when i was doing a cleanse withdrawal

Cycle my experience with saito mel is pretty mixed so first of all let’s understand what’s item is item l is nothing but a t3 hormone now for people who don’t know what d3 d4 rt they’re nothing but there there are their thyroid hormones anything when you play around with your thyroid it involves metabolism so these are the two hommage d3 and d4 responsible for

Body’s metabolism which means you know people you must have heard people say i have a slow metabolism of a fast metabolism so t3 and t4 have a lot of role to play in that but 90% of the metabolism a t3 plays that critical role of that 90% so that’s why people who have a slow metabolism usually take t 3 which is sytem i’ll do speed up that metabolism like you must

Have heard people saying that i have a thyroid problem so they’re majorly two types of thyroid problems that you will come across one is the the hyper thyroid which means that your body produces too much of thyroid that’s why it leads to weight loss you know these guys can never gain weight and then there are set of people you know who don’t produce enough for

A thyroid antibodies in witches which is the result of hypothyroidism so higher saito man p3 is given to people who don’t produce enough a thyroid in their bodies so that you know they can actually speed up the metabolism but you know how bodybuilders and fitness models are they kind of use this drug to speed up there already a fast metabolism so that they could

Shed that extra body fat now you would ask that you know how a saitama will make you lose weight now it’s very very simple guys you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out now if your body’s metabolism is slow and if you were to take d 3 d 3 saito mal you will see a specially if you stack it with clenbuterol you see again you know because

Clara increases your body temperature t 3 on the other hand increases or metabolism so they both work hand in hand which means one drug has increases your metabolism which was anyways slow and the other drug has raised or a body temperature if it was very cold so they both are leading for you to burn extra fat which means that you know is when you were when you

Were trained if you were to do any physical activity you would be burning 5x or 6x more what you typically burn naturally again you know as i said 5 x 6 it’s it’s that level but again it doesn’t work on everybody you know people think that you know by taking t3 and you know by taking t3 alone by speeding up your thyroid things will work no it doesn’t work like

That remember p3 is actually a prescription drug which is given to people who can’t produce a thyroid on their own and you remember anything to do with metabolism anything do with thyroid it’s it’s related to your lifestyle so you must have seen people with thyroid problems take one tablet every friggin morning without field i wrote books exactly like your any

Life cell disease like a blood pressure or diabetes which means you have to be on medication every friggin day similarly thyroid guys you know if you have if you’ve known your friends because usually thyroid is mostly common in women you must have seen because of these are hormonal changes that they go through so women are much more prone to developing thyroid

And also it runs in family to which which is you get passed on by or by your father or grandfather somewhere or the other because it runs in the family so d3 the first thing what people do because it’s a lifestyle disease they wake up in the morning and the first thing that we do is take a t3 medication so that dosage depending on the level of thyroid problem you

Would have so it may start with 25 mg or 40 mg or 60 mg and as you move along it tapered off so that when your body gets used to it and it starts walking like that what happens if you’re a bodybuilder with no thyroid problem then you start taking t3 so it works exactly like you would start taking testosterone testosterone is a steroid so what happens is when you

Inject testosterone artificially which is a in a form of an injection which is done externally you stop your body’s own production of testosterone which means now your body is relying externally on that particular dosage and it’s not producing testosterone on its own similarly when you start taking t3 externally as a tab and the dosage usually varies from 12.5 to

25 m c g’s so when you start excel your body’s ability to produce thyroid is obviously comes to a heart now again your body is relying on that extra tablet which in in testosterone can cause an injection in thyroid case it’s a tap so you really are not producing any of the thyroid of its own though just like steroid just like this duster all when you stop taking

Testosterone you follow a write pct cycle your testosterone cycle 90% of the time comes back your body produces starts producing the stress or naturally the same is the story with the with thyroid to when you stop taking thyroid obviously between so you really don’t have to follow up ect it takes about two three weeks for your body to start making thyroid again

Start making that same thyroid hormone again on its own but my experience is that you know if you were to around with your thyroid glands it can go either way because either you know if if your body gets used to it or if it’s an instant reaction or the body doesn’t get used to it you may even get more when you stop taking this drug you may put on extensive amount

Of weight again remember these are prescription drugs made for patients like for example i talked about which oakland is a drug given to ask them a vision because it’s an anti bravura branka branka vasodilate by a vasodilator man is a tongue-twister bronco a so dilator it’s given to ask my patient which opens up there a ways similarly t3 is a drug which is given

To people you know who can’t produce thyroid of their own which is called acai trommel so that they start producing them more and the metaball ism increases so it’s a prescription drug so you’re playing around with a drug that’s why it doesn’t come in a steroid category it comes in a drug category now if you want to use it for bodybuilding and for your own gains

If you want to lose fat again it’s a trade-off when i tried it i didn’t get much results of it because maybe you know my my fat percentage was already too high as i talked about in the last video that if your fat percentage is somewhere between 18 to 19 percent if we start taking clennon and thyroid and the cd 3 together sytem all together you may be little

Disappointed but if your body fat is overing between 11 percent to 14 percent and you start taking these drugs together and as a synergy they would create you may expect a tip about 2 to 3 percent in your body fat percentage that’s exactly how it works because it’s likes this a some drugs work like that when your body fats are already low for example a steroid

Category called master on is a is a steroid which only works if your body fat percentage is so if you were to inject master on otherwise it will not do anything to you same goes for winstrol stannis a role and same goes for any other steroid so for you that’s why i always keep telling you that the only time you should think of taking drugs is only when if you’re a

Competitive athlete do you know you’ve drained enough naturally that your body has stopped responding 3 it should be the last resort only if you have a point to prove to yourself that’s the only time you should think of taking these otherwise if your goal is to stay fit and socially you want to look good certainly this is not the way to go about it and saitama is

A dangerous drug including clen so you really need to be cautious the side effects as i said include it could happen you’d stop in italy could lead to extensive amount of weight gain and i’ve also seen a people dying of with glenn and d2l is because of control because it raises your heart rate too much i’m not trying to scare you guys i’m just introducing you to

Reality because every time you play with a drug you should know the consequences of it because bodybuilders know it and this will sign up for it because it’s their job because they’re getting paid to get written up for their bodies not social people like you and me you know we don’t get anything out of it i tried it because again you know there’s something that i

Wanted to you know so that i could share my experiences with you folks so that you could learn something from it so in my experience i don’t try both these drugs because you know unless and until you are a competitive athlete they won’t do anything if you are already you know a you know body fat bracket of over sixteen to seventeen percent don’t even think about

It lower your body fat percentage naturally and then give yourself a target that i want to take it to the next level then maybe you want to think about these things so i hope this answers your questions about t3 this answers your question about saitama and then these are all about these thyroid glands remember its it has everything life and body has everything to

Do with metabolism some people are born with fast metabolism some people are born with slow metabolism people who are born with slow metabolism obviously they don’t produce that much of thyroid and that’s why they stack it with d3 saitama so it’s just that we use it differently for bodybuilding reason so via pure pros and cons carefully and then only indulge into

These things so i hope this answers your question anyone of you have any questions around this feel free to reach out to me either on my whatsapp channel or on our facebook or youtube i’ll be very happy to talk about this in detail so until we meet again peace

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My experience with T3, cytomel By Tarun Gill