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My experience with Viibryd Viibryd Review

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My experience with Viibryd. It’s working pretty good today but sometimes it magnifies sadness or makes me restless and manic with a little confusion and racing thoughts.. 😬 My Viibryd review.

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my channel i’m corey fritter with rabbit ronix and today i want to give you an update on my experience with vibrant 5 red is an antidepressant i suffer with depression i also have a hard time taking antidepressants because of the side effects well most of the time what happens for me this is just my experience i don’t know

About you but antidepressants will make me a little bit manic or they will make me even more suicidal and have more suicidal thoughts or thoughts of despair or just general like anxiety and unrest and so the nice stuff to quit taking them because they get all like manic and very unsettled so that’s kind of what has happened with vibrant in the past and i’m taking

The very lowest dosage that they start you out on this one that in 10 milligrams and then i cut it in half i can take five milligrams and like within a few days i will notice a difference and then what happens as i start to get a little manic the last time i was on this what it did is i was kind of going through a period of sadness in it like i don’t know it

Like magnified that experience it just made it feel way more intense and i was more sad and i was like oh my god i can’t take this but you know i’ve recently here this is why i haven’t been doing very many videos lately is because i’ve just we’ve had this huge snowstorm my back got all jacked up about a week and a half ago and let me tell you what there’s nothing

Like chronic pain like back pain to make you just get up and he hate the world and not like life at all and so it’s been just a little over a week and i thought you know what i’ve been i tried jogging i tried swimming i swam for the last two days and then i tried vibrate for the last two days and i could tell it was getting me like antsy and i was all kind of like

Anxious last night i couldn’t really get settled and restful but this morning i woke up i didn’t take it i didn’t take it last night and i didn’t take it this morning but this morning i woke up and i got that feeling that we all loved if you suffer from chronic depression and you know exactly what i’m talking about when i say this you just want to wake up and feel

Like everything’s okay like you have energy for the day and like i don’t know i just feel good right well i woke up with that today and i can only say it’s probably because of the vybrid and a combination of the exercise with that but i still don’t know the magic formula because if i take it too much it just makes me manic or i don’t know more anxious so what do i

Do like i need to figure out the perfect formula or the perfect amount to get me to this magic spot where i feel good all the time but today i woke up and i felt like i haven’t felt in a long long time it’s that feeling that you tell yourself every day you just wish you could wake up and feel i felt it today it was great i was a little bit hyper like i know i was

A little bit much god i felt so good and i just felt like doing things so i thought hey i’m gonna make this video and capitalize on feeling good today cuz when i don’t feel good i don’t make videos and i you guys know that because i’ve expressed that before and so now i’ve got all these things i’ve got to do now that i’m feeling good i’m gonna try to like do five

Milligrams like every other day and hopefully i kind of just level out or maybe i’ll even try like two and a half milligrams every day maybe that’s the magic formula i don’t know or the magic amount but i’ve got all these things i’ve got to do reviews on now i’ve got this comic ax shotgun mic for the iphone i guess you can use it for an android phone too but it’s

This comic shotgun mic and it clamps on right here so i’ll be doing a review on that real soon dada that’s cool and then got a couple other things here i got the new vapor esso aurora play which is kind of like a zippo it’s so cool it’s a little tape and then i’ve got the aurora zero kit this thing’s cool little pod system both of them replied systems i’m going to

Stop at the store right now and get some juice then i got another little thing here it’s called the their amour no wireless earbuds i’m gonna do a review on these i’ve actually been using these for like three days now and they’re freaking awesome love them they’re gonna replace this old jalopy right here actually i wasn’t using this to listen to music but talked

On the phone i hate this over the ear thing this was a good i mean this was really a good bluetooth but this is kind of bulky now i’ve got these in let me tell you what when i put one of these in my ear it’s perfect it’s like comfortable it fits like perfectly in my ear and it sounds good people can hear me on calls the call quality is great so i’ll do a little

Review on that what else i don’t know i just wanted to give you an update where i’m at an update on the vibrate and oh there is one cool thing about vybrid there are no sexual side effects so if you are looking for an antidepressant without sexual side effects this is the one and other than that i don’t know something just dropped out pill i don’t know i would

Say this is probably the best thing i’ve tried for depression in a long time hybrid like i just feel like this generally good feeling right now like i just feel super good i feel energy i like my life today and it is snowing outside and usually i’m just super depressed when it’s snowing and cold i hate it i just absolutely hate it and today i’m able to overcome

That so the only thing i can contribute that to is this right here but hopefully i can keep it going anyways if you like my video say hi down below if you haven’t already subscribe to my channel let me know what your thoughts are on vibrate if you’ve been trying it maybe you can give me some feedback on what what works for you i’m hoping i can get it to like level

Out and just work really good all the time for me so let me know what your thoughts are thanks for watching keep coming back and i’ll see you guys real soon for some cool reviews peace oh yeah and my invisible aligners are on their way – and also i’ve got merchandise if you want one of these cool new homemade worldwide t-shirts that are badass check out the link

Below the video and if you haven’t noticed like if you watched any of my other videos that’s i’ve got a card on all of my videos now and that link to my merchandise or my merch store it’s red bubble homemade worldwide these were made by my muddy my buddy mark and he didn’t really do anything with them so he said i could kind of take over this brand and do what i

Want with it and i might have some other cool stuff cover down but yeah it’s kind of like hollywood but it’s homemade i’m homemade peace talk to you later

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