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My First Emgality Injection

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As many of you know I suffer from chronic pain due to hydrocephalus and chronic severe nerve damage and migraine pain. I have pain 24/7 and because of that and other factors, my health care team decided that Emgality might be a good medication for me to try.

What’s up everybody welcome back to uni life lessons live sessions youtube channel so you know that i seriously need to get my glasses adjusted but what the craziness going on i can’t find anyone that’s doing it so welcome back on today’s video i wanted to show you guys a new medication that i’m on it’s called m gala tea it’s for chronic migraines and because i have

Hydrocephalus with all my nerve damage and all that stuff i basically not basically i have pain 24/7 so that qualified me to try this new medication so i’m really really excited about it it’s got so what it looks like so it’s this type of it’s a pen with a needle in it so it’s kind of like an epipen type injection kind of thing so you don’t actually see the needle

Which is super super helpful because nobody wants to see it it’s gross and always makes me want to barf but later on in the other part of this video i actually show you how i did my first injection with this medication the first day of ingestion i’ll say you get two injections and then every subsequent month you just have to do one so this medication is really

Nice in the way that it’s only one shot a month that i have to do except for again this first dose which is two but it’s nice just having to do one and then i can forget about it until the next month um so yeah if you’re squeamish with needles you might not want to watch it you don’t see the needle you don’t see it at all except for at the end when i show you what

It looks like inside the pen but you don’t see it i’m really hopeful with this medication because it’s something new i can’t say the name of the active ingredient that is supposed to be what’s helpful with this medication because i’m not a scientist i can’t perhaps it’s long it starts with a g it’s on here somewhere yeah that word so if you can pronounce it you’re

Ahead of me but i’m really hopeful the injection didn’t actually hurt that much it only kind of hurt right when it went in about an hour so after my injection states started to burn it’s not that bad it’s just like a little bit of burning no big deal but yeah so far i haven’t noticed anything else as always i’m not a doctor i’m not a medical professional so always

Always always consult your doctor or your medical team before starting any medications or starting on any new things but if you have chronic migraines i think chronic is six or more migraine days a month that’s what this type of medication is indicated for so if you want to research it go ahead but yeah so here’s the video of me giving myself the injection it’s

Not that long it wasn’t that hard to do just had to clean the surface ahead of time take off the cap pick an injection site click the button boom so here you go as always if you want to share this with someone who you think might find it helpful or know anyone that’s struggling with chronic migraine that might want to know about this feel free to share it with

Them if you want to subscribe that would be awesome and greatly appreciated stay safe take care of yourself and have an awesome mr. day guys okay thanks watch on what’s next i’m gonna go stab myself with some needles oh my gosh stay tuned unlock this burn from lock to unlock place it somewhere hold this turquoise bottom down until it goes all the way in at about

10 seconds boom and then you lightly release it and they said it’s fine if you get a little bit of blood i only have a little little smidge –it and then the needle is right in there so you just have to put the cap back on and what they said is if you take the cap back on it will if you take the cap off never ever ever put the cap back on if you want to eject it

Because that busts up the needle and then it couldn’t be really really really painful to eject it again so you just if you take the cap off make sure you inject yourself

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My First Emgality Injection By Life Lessons Laugh Sessions