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My First Enbrel Injection: Fighting RA

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Although I am terrified of needles, injections are now my last resort. I’ve tried Xeljanz, Methotrexate, Steroids, and creams. Nothing has been effective, so my rheumatologist and I have decided to give injections a try!

So as promised i am here to try my first injection um my first human injection for my rheumatoid arthritis and i’m terrified i’m not gonna lie to you i’m terrified i’m here by myself and i decided to go ahead and start it on fridays and because you have to do it uh once a week every week same day um so this will be my first time giving it to myself i’m being

Brave right now and crazy enough i’m doing it on camera for the first time for you guys if anyone is wondering you know about this humor injection if you have rheumatoid arthritis or if anyone else you know may have rheumatoid arthritis um so this is my first box here it comes in a box just like this for the first time and when you take it out of the box

It’s placed in the box just like that and take it out and this is what it looks like um i had a doctor’s appointment my last doctor’s appointment a nurse explained to me how to do this we didn’t do it in office um but so this is literally my first time i don’t know what it feels like i don’t know what’s going to happen but once i do the injection you can

See the medicine inside of it going up and down but once i do press the injection i know i have to wait five seconds for the medicine to go in and there’s a little gauge on here where a yellow thing will come down to let you know when it’s done when we did the example in the office it took about five seconds so i’m really nervous really anxious and i’m

Deciding to do it in my stomach now they said you can do it in any fatty part of your body and you have to rotate it every week so i’m going to start off in my stomach two inches away from my belly button and i’m going to clean the area with the alcohol swab and just because i’m so nervous and anxious i’m going to use two alcohol swabs and clean the area

Once more you can’t be too careful or too clean especially now days all right so got my shirt up here i’m going to remove the white cap okay the cap is removed the needle is inside here with the medicine here we go and by the way i am terrified of needles which is the reason why this is the last resort for me to try i’ve tried everything that i can take by

Mouth or topically and it hasn’t worked so now i’m down to injections i’ve tried steroid injections and injections in my hand um for inflammation worst pain worse shot besides the epidural that i can ever remember of my life so i really hope that this is nowhere near that they said the needle is really thin really fine i can kind of see it if i look inside

Here i don’t know if you all can see that but i’m trying not to look because i really don’t want to see it but it’s supposed to just go on the top layer of your skin and not intro muscular so i’m going to grab the skin i’m going to place it on my skin it kind of hurts to squeeze my skin to make it fattier but okay here we go i’m gonna place it up one two

Three nothing’s happening okay we’re gonna try it again pushing it down one two three one two three it’s done it’s done i didn’t cry it stings just a little bit it’s stinging just a little bit but not really so i’m gonna just work the medicine around in there a little bit so to work that in you can see the yellow came all the way up and to let me know that

It’s complete i do have a little bit of bleeding tad bit tad bit but overall that wasn’t bad compared to it’s still burning right now but compared to the pain that i face every day it’s nothing it’s nothing and i have been terrified of shots my whole life it was kind of hard to push the button the first time because of applying pressure with my hands is

I’m unable to do that but it was just enough pressure required to where i was able to use it so it it was convenient and i’m excited to see well i’m excited to continue this and see if it um gives more relief that i have not been able to get with the other medications so there we go guys that’s on the humera first injection and stay tuned for more thank you guys for watching bye

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My First Enbrel Injection: Fighting RA By Mrs. Tarter