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My Infertility Journey | Round 1 of Letrozole

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Hi guys! Welcome to my channel. My husband and I have recently started our infertility journey, and if anything we are going through can help anyone else — all the better!

Hey guys i’m lauren welcome to my channel so today we’re gonna be talking a little bit more about what my infertility journey has looked like so far and where we are heading in the future so me and my husband josh have been married for a little bit over two years we have always wanted kids we have always known that we wanted kids sooner rather than later and we

Started trying a july of this past year so we actually got pregnant really really fast we got pregnant my august cycle and i found out that i was pregnant september 10th and i miscarried september 11th so that was our first chemical pregnancy the reason i say our first is because after that i stopped testing super early to see if anything would get basically a

Week past my period and i’m not sure if we’ve had any more chemical pregnancies i have a feeling that we may have had one other one but obviously like i can’t diagnose that at this point so we have that chemical pregnancy in september and josh and i both are very big on a natural where we can and not taking medical medication just to take medication so we kept

Trying naturally well we got to this place where we both realized that there probably was something wrong with me doctors had said in the past that there might be some hormonal imbalances with progesterone or that i may have pcos so we decided to go ahead and go to my obgyn who i love i’m so grateful for them i went to the ob/gyn about three weeks ago and they

Started running some tests bloodwork to double-check my thyroid levels and any other things that i already knew were maybe a concern when i went in for my ultrasound they found out that i had many many cysts on the ovaries and because my cycling links are a little bit abnormal as well i was diagnosed with pcos now pcos looks so different for so many women i have

At least two friends right now who have it the reason why i say at least is because g0s from what i’ve read can affect anywhere between 20% of women in america so i think a lot more people have it than what may be aware that they have it either way pcos can look very very different it looks different in me than my friends what i am aware of is that pcos has three

Main criteria on it and you have to meet two of those so for me my criteria was abnormal cycle length and also my cyst on my ovaries now some women also have higher androgen levels which means higher testosterone or other male hormones doesn’t mean you’re a male it just means that every women has a certain amount of testosterone and in some women it’s a little bit

Higher which can cause some issues now i’m not a doctor that’s just what i’ve read in what i’ve heard so for me my secondly and my system my ovaries me that i was diagnosed with pcos my ob/gyn decides rather than making us try a whole nother six months that she would go ahead and put me on letrozole otherwise known as the mara the mara is about well my famiry

Kilogram amount is about 2.5 and i take it from cycle days 3 through 7 me or yes 3 through 7 all right question let me check but i’m pretty sure it’s 337 again this was my first cycle of trying it so i’m about midway through i am cycled day 15 and i am just currently happily awaiting hopefully when i ovulate so let rizal is really good for helping women ovulate

It’s really good for a moment with pcos it’s also good for women who may not know what else is going on in their bodies and for me i haven’t had any side effects yet so that’s been great i typically still have an lh surge so that was what was always confusing to me i thought that since i’m le surge i must be ovulating but my progesterone levels didn’t show that so

Hopefully lord willing when i go back into the doctor you’re going to see that i actually ovulated this month and then we can get this show on the road but a little bit more difficult that’s okay too something i just wanted to say for everyone watching i know for me watching other women on youtube has just been such an encouragement getting to watch whether or not

They’re believers the lord work in their lives and allowing them to conceive even one sometimes it’s a longer and harder journey they let anyone anticipated at the beginning and i just really hope that maybe this video can be like that for maybe one person maybe a few more depending i don’t know but i want there to be some documentation of the lord’s faithfulness

In my life in my husband’s life and if this video is just for me and my husband and my family to watch and just see the lord working in our lives i’d say okay but if a few of you stumble across this and just are looking for some encouragement and to know that you aren’t alone please know that you are loved that none of your infertility struggles i mean that you

Are less than you’re not good enough or that something is wrong with you the lord is doing wonderful things in the lives of so many women and honestly i believe we will get pregnant i think the lord is still good even if we don’t but i do believe that we will get pregnant i just don’t know what that road looks like and how hard it’s gonna be to get there so if

You’d like to join me on this journey and we can encourage each other i’d love to have you here feel free to leave a comment feel free to leave any prayer requests and i look forward to updating you soon all right thanks bye guys

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My Infertility Journey | Round 1 of Letrozole By Lauren Taylor