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Hello my frens! palsssss if you will. Today I showed you guys my complete accutane journey from the very beginning to 6 months later! I hope someone somewhere finds this helpful. I know how difficult it can be dealing with acne, and how much it can hurt your self esteem! I know everyone’s skin reacts differently to accutane , but if it’s your plan Z, like it was for me then I definitely suggest you consider it! I was so happy with my results and I just hope someone somewhere feels as confident in their skin as I do now!

Hey friends it’s sarah and welcome back to my channel if y’all are already subscribed and if you’re not hello and welcome i’m sitting like this on my chair so if i look freaking troika that’s why um let me try to sit like a normal person that’s not good okay so i did a couple accutane updates on my channel and i told you guys that i was gonna stop i don’t think

I told you guys but i stopped because i just didn’t see the point and like recording every month after the second month because there really wasn’t any changes to document and my symptoms stayed pretty much the same throughout the whole journey so i just didn’t see the point of it i don’t want to make this long but if you guys don’t know what accutane is it’s

Literally the harshest treatment prescribed by a dermatologist for acne if it’s really bad so i’m editing this video and i just forgot to mention that you cannot if you guys watch my second update y’all will see that you can not get pregnant on this medication well if you’re a guy that is all i have for the guys every month guys also have to get blood work just

To make sure that everything inside is like still working functioning everything’s go g but we women have to take pregnancy tests along with the blood test every month so yeah if you are sexually active they make you use condoms and a second form of birth control if not you have to commit to being abstinent throughout the whole journey which is what i did but yeah

Um that is all i forgot to mention yeah so i’ve struggled with acne since middle school as you guys know if you guys watched my update videos if you haven’t go watch them if you guys want but i’ve struggled since middle school it got really bad in high school and then again in college so yeah i’ve been through a couple medications i was on retin-a – epidural

I don’t know if you guys know what epidural is but it’s basically kind of the same as retin-a they tried to tell me it was the same as writing i think retina is better my skin i honestly don’t know what triggered at this time but my skin broke out like crazy at first it started with a few pimples like around my mouth and i was like was it something i’m eating i

Don’t know i need a chillax on the dairy or something so i tried it out and it wasn’t that my skin just sucks um genetics i don’t know but i was like it was i want to say it was the first week of october i didn’t get an appointment to like november or something like that like the end of november and then when i went the dermatologist was like do you want to try

Accutane because like that’s really your only last option and i was like just give it to me i had already done my research i knew the side effects were crazy and i was just like you know what it’s my last option um if you have severe severe acne i honestly like according to your dermatologist you know but if it’s an option for you i would definitely do it if you

Have something a little more mild i would try different medications first because accutane just takes a toll on your body for me it was massive headaches back pain and super crusty lips those three weren’t side effects that i dealt with the whole journey so just be cautious about that um a lot of people experience other crazy things like if you guys do get on it

Your dermatologist will give you a list or they don’t give you on this ask for a list or do your research i don’t know but for me they gave me a list of all the crazy side effects it was like hair loss on there i don’t even know what i forgot but it was just a lot of crazy side effects and it’s things that people do experience you know like i said i was on accutane

For six months horrible six months the first few obviously were the worst but i try to keep track of it and i’m gonna show you guys like i put together a little i just gathered everything all the pictures that i took throughout the months and i want to show you guys the process um i want to show you guys all so i’m gonna throw in their pictures with makeup just so

The people that do wear makeup can see the progress of the texture of my skin because i was super proud about that but yeah i’m gonna show you guys the little slideshow now and just the before and after like why my skin was so bad and i like honestly after sometime i just accepted it i was like you know what like acne is just a part of my life so i didn’t

Really let it get to me but i did have a couple moments where i was like but it was horrible and if you guys are thinking about going on accutane and it’s your last resort i just go for it dude because i understand the pain of acne like it makes you feel some type of way it makes you insecure it just it takes a toll on your self-esteem and i get that absolutely a

Hundred percent so honestly do whatever you want because my mom was super against it and i was like you know well if you don’t deal with this not your skin it’s my skin and my skin is really bad so i’m going to hear that to make me feel better about myself so that’s just my take on that and i don’t know if you guys can see you can see my acne scars but texture-wise

I literally have no bumps on my face right now because i do get pimples here and there but it’s not as crazy another side effect that i forgot to mention was that my skin got dry like my scalp got dry i could literally get away without washing my hair for a week or two because i literally had no oil in my head and on my face but now miles back if you guys can see

Which i don’t really care like it’s whatever it’s it’s not acne at least so yeah if you guys watched all the way through thank you guys so much for watching and if you guys are starting your accutane journey good luck and hang in there because it is a long process but it’ll all be worth day and just good luck take care of yourself don’t be too hard on yourself

Your skin will get better i promise you so yeah thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you guys in my next video i

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