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My Journey on Accutane – Isotretinoin Capsules (DAY 1)

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Hi guys my name is Wendy! Follow me on this journey as I show you step by step, day by day, the process and effects of Isotretinoine, also know as Accutane. I will be uploading my weekly progress so that you guys can see for yourselves if this is something YOU want to do. Thank you for watching. Please like, share, and subscribe. Don’t forget to turn on the notifications for my channel so you can become part of this journey!

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is wendy today i’m gonna be taking my first dose of i said tretinoin also known as accutane i’m so excited i’ve been waiting for this for like ever i had trouble with the cvs that i went to they didn’t have it and so the wait was just so intense i’m so excited to share with you guys i’m gonna be sharing my whole journey so

If you haven’t already all right down below rings a bell notification that way you’re updated with everything that i post regarding accutane i’m gonna be posting about the effects that it gives me personally i know everybody has different side effects but let’s hope that i don’t have that many i am ready for it i’ve been waiting for this solution to come hopefully

This is the one i have tried many different stuff that the doctor has prescribed to me my face just dust whatever um i have very oily skin therefore i get sudden breakouts whenever my face feels like it i mean once it’s had enough oil and it’s just clogged and you know i feel like and everything that’s just stuck in there just wants to come out so there’s not a

Day where i can say oh today i’m gonna do a makeup and i just feel glam no because you never know what you’re gonna wake up with when i do have to type the skin i have my skin gets very red and irritated and sensitive and just a breakouts are ahead so i had lots of problems finding the right foundation that will cover the redness because a lot of them i feel like

The redness would not cover just the bumps and the imperfections were just like boom like my pores i also bought this very beautiful palette from sephora and i’ve been wanting to use it and it’s just been um a horrible experience as you can see i tried using this one and these two and what it does when you have acne or when you have scarring from acne or acne

Period what it does is like it grips on to those areas where you have acne so i happen to have acne here and here and just scarring and you can already see by the first wipe okay so it’s just very like red irritated skin that i am sick and tired of having and walk around places and you see people with just beautiful soft skin so i finally said um trying whatever

It is that i need to do to fix this because i’m sick and tired of it you know what there’s so much about architects are defects don’t take it and that was the worst mistake of my life you know what when you’re down to this point your acne your breakouts your the redness i mean why not try it right when i get very horrible oh my god about horrible cause anyone ever

Had an annoying painful what do you call it pimple i don’t know it just hurts really bad and i’m like really in my ear i’m done come to the rest of you please so um yeah it’s just been a crazy roller coaster it’s been going on for years and i’m just tired of it and i want to share this with you guys because i know there’s a lot of people that are afraid that

Don’t know whether they should do it or not and just ring the bell notification and follow my journey so i will be taking my first dose to be with you guys i’m making you guys part of this journey like yeah it just goes wherever it wants to now honestly and sometimes i feel like in my head this is my lifesaver somebody’s posting about everything like literally

If i have a nosebleed i’m gonna show you guys my nosebleed if i have crusty lips i’m gonna try to get my crystal itself anywho oh and it’s like so big-time important that you don’t get pregnant on this medication so stay away from men or have very good birth control okay yeah big a bubbly neela okay so i’m taking 40 milligrams my doctor said we’re gonna see how i

React in a mom mmm this just tops of all it’s very like they put it out there big time so it’s just ladies not affected or the plan i’m not being responsible don’t take this medication my pharmacist told me that i need to be taking this on a full stomach so before you take this so that your body can absorb it really well also she told me that that’s gonna help me

With my scarring which one and also continue to follow me like i said you need to subscribe and ring that bell because if this doesn’t fix it i’m gonna take it to the next level and i mean if it does fix it but i still see scarring i’m gonna do like a chemical peel or like i just want anything not a new face new skin okay so you’re the pill they’re very humongous

I’ll hold their you know all that so oh i’m gonna show you it’s cold they really do not want either pregnant and they show you all kinds of so that can happen to your baby we do not want that baby or any of us but just don’t get pregnant i think you feel a whole packet on how not well the types of birth control and okay so look they are serious about not getting

Pregnant okay so as as directions for opening cover system package push tab through arrows point to towns so push the child wish me luck everyone this is my first day i’m excited okay oh oh i guess you’re supposed to push the top and then pull it from the spokes that one too this is a deal anyway this isn’t push the tab and pull how easy was that and then oh it’s

Orange i thought they were pink it’s orange okay i’m ready to do this and i’m ready to see my results and i’m ready to watch this video and be like poor you before but anyways yeah i’m tired of like trying to do my makeup and i can’t do it the way i want to i’m tired of not looking fabulous when i put on my foundation and my pores are just like and the scarring

Is just like oh just right and i’m tired of just not being able to wear my beautiful palette or that and i can’t wait to be glowing with mine i can’t even put highlighter i can’t highlight my face because my oils looks like i’m already highlighted everywhere let’s take the pill ready you’re doing this with me okay so one sorry i just really wanted to go down i do

Not want it to stay stuck anywhere i wanted to travel and get my body so that’s the first i’ve been going through this for a long time it’s big scar here watch i’m putting pictures see this can see how right i did pictures are coming up somewhere in the next couple of seconds but we did it we did it that is the first dose for these braces he’s not talk i’m just

I was just a mess all over the place braces plus my mouth open this phase think i’m almost races so stay tuned for that too if you want to know about braces in my experience oh my goodness let me tell you eating it’s horrible in the beginning you need to learn how to use your tongue to clean honestly i don’t know what to do if i should give veneers or just fill in

The gaps my movie this open ears are your experience for now this is done we already did the first pill alright well thank you for watching my name is wendy again see you next time

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My Journey on Accutane – Isotretinoin Capsules (DAY 1) By Wendy Amrel