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My Micro-needling Routine, Topical Dutasteride, Derma Pen!

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My Microneedling Routine with derma pen, and topical Dutasteride application for hair thickening and reversing my diffuse hair loss (androgenetic alopecia).

Hey what’s up this is matt and i know for a fact that your hair could look thicker and fuller and for this exact reason i decided to share with you my micro needling derma rolling routine which i’ve been doing for a while right now in conjunction with using a potent topical solution to apply for better hair regrowth now this is only going to apply to guys who are

Losing hair okay who have thinning hair not to all you guys like norwood ones with perfect looking hair get out okay don’t watch this video this is not the right video for you so before i share with you all the steps that i’m doing with the micro needling applying a topical solution after that and drying my hair applying a dry shampoo this video has been brought to

You by go fiber which are hair building fibers you can use to mask any thinning any patchy areas on your scalp make it look darker fuller and thicker visually so make sure you check out the link in the description below where you can get a free sample from go fiber and see if you like them try them out all right guys welcome back this is again the micro needling

Routine that i’ve been doing for a while right now for almost a year uh pretty regularly i’m only using a micro needling uh once a week once every 10 days and then i apply my topical solution which is now topical deuterostoriid and stimoxidine but later about that now what is important well uh i have my derma pen this is the second one i have because the first

One i had broke and i got this one uh which was a little bit more expensive it’s also wireless i can charge it for a while and then use it for several micro needling sessions we’ll start with the micro needling session very very soon but first i want to tell you that this is obviously a new cartridge i have never used it and ideally you should always not use it

Anymore after you have used it once even though i keep them in alcohol i never use them more than twice i would say or three times at most but then i throw them away okay so that’s important for you to know because we want them to stay sharp so if we combine this device with applying any type of topical solution which has been shown to either prolong the anagen

Phase like minoxidil or block dht while by inhibiting five alpha reductase like it is with finasteride or detached right topically if you combine this with microneedling therapy we can expect uh better hair thickening new hair growth potentially on the areas where you have some thinning wispy hair this hair can be thickened and also some new hair occasionally

Can also start growing on these areas with existing hair in them okay existing hair but thinned out here okay this is uh mainly the area where i’m gonna be doing the micro needling the front the front of third was already pretty much all transplanted so i’m not gonna be using it there just on this area here okay so let’s start all right guys so i hope you can

See the uh slight pinpoint bleeding and redness on the crown and i always like to start here on the vertex and i do it for about four minutes and then i slowly move uh to the front and my usual micro needling session uh lasts about i would say 10 sometimes 10 to 12 minutes sometimes even 15 minutes if i take more time but generally about 10 to 12 minutes and

I use the 1.5 millimeter setting this one can go from zero this is two millimeters you can go from two to zero okay so i use 1.5 and i use this device about every seven to ten days now let’s keep on micro kneeling towards the towards the transplanted areas uh which are starting over here and then go all the way here so let’s focus on the mid scope now and also

On the humps here and also you should always try to hold the micro needling device like perpendicularly towards the scalp because that’s how you will feel it the best and also it’s going to be more effective so you don’t have to micro needle for like half an hour or longer the more perpendicularly these needles are kind of penetrating into your epidermis the

Better it is the more effective the derma rolling session is going to be and the shorter time it will it will require uh to properly micro needle the whole scalp or the whole thinning area that you may suffer from here you can see the erythema and pinpoint bleeding pretty much all over the vertex and also this portion of the mid scalp zone so that means that you

Have been doing the things uh right and slowly i’m gonna finish up with my micro needling session i’m just gonna run it all over this area once again maybe from spot to spot no more than one or two seconds per each spot and just maybe get another two three minutes uh with the derma pen and then i’m gonna be pretty much finished i’m done with my micro needling

Session and now i will probably just let my scalp be as it is right now you should be also feeling like this this pretty pleasant tingling sensation on your scalp uh one thing that i really don’t advise you to do right now is to apply any topical which has like propylene glycol in it because this can really uh you know create some unwanted allergic reaction all

Right guys after we have officially waited for 24 hours but i waited about 12 hours because last night i did the micro needling and now it’s the morning another day i’m gonna apply my topical and this can really be minoxidil it can be topical finasteride it can be topical dutasteride as i am applying and here i really also i’m playing with the right concentration for

Me the concentration that is effective uh but it’s not giving me any side effects now uh there is this discussion about the teutosteroid molecule being heavier i think it has like 560 daltons or something like that which some people claim that it should not you know penetrate deeper than the you know sculpt issue if you micro needle and apply topical dutasteride

It shouldn’t go systemic uh so uh that’s why uh i started with the zero point zero five percent uh topical dutasteride which is an equivalent of zero point five milligram of dutasteride oral this one has a little bit more it has somewhere between 0.05 and 0.1 percent uh i use stemoxidine as a solvent and some of you guys probably know uh this thingy here uh

It’s from stamoxidine so i’m gonna be applying this on the areas which i uh micro needle it yesterday and sometimes i use only 0.05 but applied right after i microneedled okay but be careful be cautious if you are somebody with sensitive skin this may not end up uh well for you that’s why always wait ideally 24 hours if you are more confident in your scalp in

Your skin being not so super sensitive then you may also start applying your topical earlier than 24 hours but also depends on the topical you’re using depends on the vehicle whether it has propylene glycol uh whether your skin is overly sensitive to properly in glycol you got to test it first before you can actually you know start applying a topical right after

The micro needling okay now as far as oils like castor oil emu oil uh jojoba oil i don’t know how to pronounce that um almond oil probably said already coconut oil things like these if you wanna apply on your scalp right after microneedling nothing should happen even if you have sensitive skin okay but things that already have some chemicals some you know um

Penetration enhancers like propylene glycol you know alcohol uh dmso uh then you probably want to wait a little bit longer now i’m gonna pretty much just show you how i i always mix it in this uh little it’s a cap which i use i think it’s from this one actually so i use this to mix my uh topical dutasteride and stem oxidine and then it’s quite liquidy this one

So i just apply a little by little and massage it massage it in right away first i try to uncover the hair from the spot so i’m not applying it on the hair but rather on the on the skin and actually you should feel if you micro needled properly you should feel that when you touch your scalp with the hand like this and try to rub it in you should feel a little

Bit uh like not a pain but it’s sensitive it’s something like it’s wounded it should feel a little bit wounded okay that’s how you know that you also uh microneedled enough because also there are i i i’m sure i mean i did that mistake at first i was using that very uh these very tiny needles on the first thermal roller i used it was 0.25 milliliter millimeter

Roller and this one doesn’t really induce enough micro injury and i was also using it just for a couple minutes so no wonder i didn’t really cause any effective micro injury all right so that’s pretty much it and now it looks like this and here we are about 30 minutes later after i applied my topical dutasteride with stemoxidine and as you can see the hair is

Already pretty dry i didn’t use any additional blow dryer nothing really and you can see that the hair can be pretty much styled it can be calmed it can be uh you can put fibers in it you can put hairspray on it you can put dry shampoo on it in fact uh dry shampoo is something i’m going to be putting on my hair since i shampooed it with ketoconazole shampoo

Yesterday so today i’m not gonna be shampooing it with a normal shampoo but using my dry shampoo and the dry shampoo i’m gonna be using is uh batisti instant hair refresh dry shampoo plus uh heavenly volume that’s the one let’s see if the volume from this shampoo is gonna look heavenly you tell me guys so that’s pretty much how i use it then i kind of brush

Through my hair with my hand and then i see if i need more of it or less maybe a bit on the crown okay something like this and it really makes your hair look more fresh more cleaner really uh maybe you can tell the difference maybe not that much but i i sure uh can tell you the difference between you know when i’m using this dry shampoo versus not using the

Hair just feels much better okay and yeah that’s my hair care for today i’m not going to be taking any finasteride since uh i just applied to topical detached right so no 5ar inhibition of systemic inhibition today and i’m going to continue with my oral finasteride regimen tomorrow so that was it for this video guys hope you enjoyed that and if you’re new to

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My Micro-needling Routine, Topical Dutasteride, Derma Pen! By MATTDOMINANCE