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My Microneedling Regimen UPDATE! Topical Dutasteride

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My Microneedling regimen for hair loss prevention! Update

Actually i did the micro needling session yesterday so maybe you can still see some redness maybe not and uh the only topical that i’m using right now is a topical dutasteride with stemoxidine hey this is matt welcome back to the channel everybody where i’m gonna be giving you an update on my micro needling routine why i pretty much already ditched my derma

Roller for good and why i just replaced it for my derma pen that i’m using on a regular basis and before i started with the video as always this video has been brought to you by go fiber which are hair building fibers you can use to mask anything any patchy areas that you may have on the scalp so if you are interested make sure to check out the link in the

Description below where you can visit go fiber get a free sample of your choice and try them out see if you like them guys welcome back to the channel in this video i’m gonna be talking about the derma roller derma pen in fact i also made a very quick uh poll on my youtube channel some of you guys already voted uh which microneedling device are you using in your

Hair loss prevention regimen 130 people already voted 56 percent of guys using derma roller 16 of you are using dermapen 5 derma stamp and 23 uh aren’t using anything uh as far as micro needling device now derma stamp is pretty much a mechanical uh device causing micro injuries like derma roller you have to stamp your head with that mechanically to cause uh

Sufficient micro injury so i have never used it but some of you guys use it but not so many you can check out the community tab of my channel if you’re watching this video this will probably get several hundred votes by then so the benefits of using dermapen instead of derma roller for effective microneedling for causing effective injury to your scalp will be

First it’s faster and i think it can do it even more effectively and efficiently and the micro injuries are are better uh and you can cause them in a shorter amount of time compared to using the roller and number two you don’t uh pull out or you don’t pluck a lot of your existing hair why while doing so with the pen compared to a roller because with the roller as

Soon as your hair is already a bit longer like mine or like this you will pluck a lot of your existing hair while doing the rolling and if your hair density is like thick if that hair is like also thick and dense you will pluck even more hair from your scalp that’s why it’s important to uh invest into a derma pan it’s more expensive but at the end of the year

It’s going to be worth it because you need to also replace your derma roller many times and it doesn’t have like uh the car cartridges which could be replaced here like the dermapen has so i think it’s worth it eventually for you guys i’m just saying uh so uh if you have longer hair you don’t want to pull out or pluck a lot of your existing hair while doing the

Micro needling i think it’s much better to use the thermapen or derma stamp which is also causing the injuries like this not doesn’t require any type of rolling because that’s more invasive in my opinion and also the incisions that the dermal roller is doing are more invasive they’re like also bigger compared to the incisions that the dermapen or derma stamp

Is doing okay because these incisions are being made like in a perpendicular angles or direction so that’s uh much better if you are somebody who is using a topical product for uh you know uh stopping your hair loss or thickening your existing hair be it minoxidil detasteride or finasteride and you are not using any microneedling device i think you are leaving

Some gains on the table that’s just my opinion because it has been shown that almost no matter which topical product had been used in the study study was it minoxidil or was it dutastride uh additional use of microneedling always provided the nice boost uh in the you know um treatment group which uh had been treated with the topical and additional microneedling

Therapy so i think it’s very important to use it if you are a guy who is using topicals and if you are somebody who is just using oral medication like oral minoxidil or oral dutasteride oral finasteride any type of oral medication which is working for you i don’t think that additional use of microneedling will be a good benefit maybe it could help it has been

Shown that microneedling on itself is responsible for overexpression of hair growth related genes uh in your in your scalp uh epidermal growth factors platelet derived growth factors even each it has been shown to potentially enhance the proliferation of stem cells in the hair bulge area by uh you know regular derma rolling uh i although it might be true to an

Extent extent i don’t think you will notice that difference if you are using oral finasteride and just add this the micro needling without using any topical i think the main role of micro needling is to use it with a potent topical to fight hair loss actually i did the micro needling session yesterday so maybe you can still see some redness maybe not and the

Only topical that i’m using right now is a topical dutasteride with stemoxidine i use stemoxidine as a solvent for the topical dutasteride and i use a 0.1 percent topical dutasteride sometimes it is percent uh i just experiment i i just experiment right now i go zero point zero five percent to zero point one percent just to test whether i get side effects or

Not so far i haven’t been getting any side effects by the summer 2021 i’m going to be sharing with you the results of this uh therapy i’m obviously also using the oral finasteride which i’ve been using for over a year right now i think one and a half years and uh this topical dutastride i added in uh by the end of november last year so three four months that

I’ve been using this thing uh regularly i decided to use topical dutasteride because i’ve been seeing very promising research on dutasteride mesotherapy which is pretty much it’s similar to microneedling and then applying dutasteride but due tasteride mesotherapy means that they will literally inject topical dutasteride into your scalp like a prp shot so that’s

Similar and that’s why i also decided to use a topical dutasteride without propylene glycol myself so i can apply it immediately after my micro needling session and that’s what i’m doing also i don’t wait always 24 hours i don’t suggest you to do that though this is just my experiment and uh so far i haven’t got any side effects any side effects on my skin and

No irritation uh besides the light erythema that uh always that is always normal after using thermapen or roller but besides that nothing else nothing serious so that’s why i’m using that to make it more like a mesotherapy instead of like this micro needling therapy with an application of a topical 24 hours later i want to make it more like this uh injectable

Dutasterides mesotherapy that’s why i like to apply this topical dutasteride immediately after i do the micro needling okay this is just my experiment i cannot stop you from trying it out right but it’s something that i haven’t been uh you know uh educated about by a dermatologist or by anybody or i guess that was it for this video let me know how you enjoyed

It and if you have any questions let me know in the comments below check out the facebook group hair transplant experiences and also my website matt dominance com if you are interested in a hair transplant this year and you want to make all the right steps towards this decision choose the best possible doctor for your particular situation and if you need some

Help you can always uh contact me also check out matt dominance com mentoring where you can also apply for a one-on-one consultation with me so i can help you out in person talk to you next time

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My Microneedling Regimen UPDATE! Topical Dutasteride By MATTDOMINANCE