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Quick Update on the Minoxidil Beard Journey, now at the 19th month.

What’s good youtube it’s your woman i’m back with another video and another minoxidil beard update so in the last video i did promise that i was going to give you guys an update at least once a month i wasn’t able to do one in august because i went on vacation but i do want to keep my promise today is uh sunday sunday september 25th i don’t know what week i’m on

Right now but so i started in september and started in february 2021 right now it’s the end of september uh 2022 so we’re at uh i think 19 months i’m not mistaken since the last video i haven’t really obviously seen a lot of progress because at this point you know i feel like it’s uh you know you’ll only see minor changes however i did decide to trim my beard as i

Told you in the last video i was thinking about it i waited out the rest of the summer you know with the the beer that i had so it was actually fairly long especially like the the chin area it was looking pretty good and like pretty long uh even on the side to be honest like i had a lot of links but when i got home home so i think early september i decided to kind

Of just shave it off and it felt good you know it felt good to finally do it it was a little weird at first not weird because it’s just like it’s something you have to get used to because obviously you’re used to having like a lot more hair but uh felt good you know i did it so i shaved it down to like a 2.5 millimeter length which i think is actually a pretty good

Length man i trimmed it about three weeks ago then i let it grow and i got another haircut just two days ago or sorry three days ago and i trimmed it again but this time to three millimeters so not as short but um you know still pretty short and this is what we have today i’m finally able to see you know stubble that i have and i can honestly say yeah you know i do

Have a lot of terminal areas i’m going to get closer to show you guys but uh it’s good to see that you know obviously there’s a lot of progress still some stubborn areas and you know i’m gonna i’m gonna talk to you guys about how i plan on addressing that but um yeah still a lot of products so i do have some areas that i want to work on for the next um well five

Months because um you know i was planning on on doing uh this journey for two years so you know my second year is up february of next year so it’s crazy how fast it’s gone you know i feel like i’ve made most of the products that i wanted to make but there’s definitely some stuff that i do want to work on um so let me get closer to the camera so you guys can see but

Um so as you can tell you know it’s it’s much shorter and i try to try to calm it sure brushed it too to be honest but it’s all good so as you guys can see i have pretty much the whole area covered but i do have this gap which has hair but it it’s not as thick as the other areas so for that part what i plan on doing is i would like to uh to buy some tretinoin and

I’m gonna be starting to apply that because that’s like at this point i think it’d be good to buy i really should have started earlier but i you know i didn’t didn’t really feel the need to um so now i do want to add that and honestly once i finish the two years i’m probably gonna still be applying it uh in this area every day and then the rest kind of like maybe

Once or twice per week just to kind of lean off of it don’t want to just stop all you know cold turkey you want to kind of wing off of something you’ve been using for the last two years so there’s another area i would like to do that for which is right here because i do feel like i still have some uh some more to do i think we do also have to accept that some areas

Just won’t look as full but it’s really just struggle a lot you know maybe i may not get those gains there so if my beer ends up looking like this i would still be very happy also i want to get myself a 0.75 five millimeter derma roller so i can really i guess kind of add that again to the routine because i haven’t done a roll in months let me get back to showing

You guys the progress so you just see this up we give you a side profile okay the chain area obviously you know my best best uh feature and it’s not good so some progression right here never got to the level of this side but that’s okay yeah small detail mustache is good chin is good right bottom machine is pretty thick and obviously when you shave it down

It’s not going to look as good all over the place but when i let it grow this looks pretty full so i’m cool with that keep up with that okay so this one’s looking good too man i do have some areas like i mentioned right here look at this right here is a little bit thinner but for the most part i’m pretty satisfied with this side as well foreign i do get a lot of

Comments on the channel which i do appreciate you tell me the same thing you know i feel like my results in the last 19 months is pretty representative of what you should expect well hopefully but actually i have average gains i wasn’t a hyper responder but i wasn’t a slow gamer either you know it took its time but you could see the progression month after month and

Today actually i was going through my instagram going through the pictures when i started and like i was kind of checking every picture uh as you know time was going and yeah you can really see the progression and in my case like it really started growing a lot like down there like here you know on both sides and then this filled in slowly but surely and i really

Feel like it’s at the beginning of this year that i got the full you know fullness right here so it takes time so if you’re someone that still you know applying minoxidil and you’re kind of getting impatient you gotta give it time you know um a year is not enough to really see the game because for me and it will be february and i feel like uh yes i was getting

Great gains at that point but between february and like uh now basically there’s been even more games you know more fullness more thickness uh more internal hairs so just just keep at it you know give yourself two years and then reassess i think after two years you know you can either stop or um continue but that’s not something i plan on using for the rest of my

Lunch you know so i’m really just gonna like you know try to complete the areas where i feel like it’s a little bit weaker and then once i’m good i’m good financing so anyways that’s their i guess that’s the video for me thank you guys so much for watching the video and tuning back in um more content is coming you know back in my like regular routine so i’m back

To like filming and stuff so um thank you guys for tuning in we’re almost at 5 000 subs you know so that’s pretty cool if you haven’t subscribed yet you know definitely do so i think we’re about 19 subs away so you know just help people out man you know we’re trying to try and get the 5000 subs that’d be cool uh real achievement there but i want to get wish you

Guys a great rest of your day my name is marlon and i’ll see you guys next time

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