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I’m doing great good to see you man welcome back to new york it’s good to be back it’s like just before six in the morning i’m out running i still run every day it’s the greatest it’s the greatest running in the city man does it feel good to be back ac what’s up oh my god yeah how you doing welcome back thank you welcome back all right let me share with you

Like just some of the details about the how and the why of us returning to new york city i guess i guess like the most simplified way to put it is that it was less that we didn’t like it in california and much more so that we realized how much we love it here in new york city and how much we miss it here in new york city and not just candace and me but the kids too

For sure the kids too we did you know we did really well we did well in la we made friends things were going great but i had this like longing for new york that just wouldn’t dissipate and anytime i talked to candace she’d say yeah me too and then poor little franny mr friends and all that so there’s one particular moment covet hit and then if you remember like

That june or that july was when there was all the demonstrations and then there were riots and then there was looting and new york city got really worked over and i remember like calling my friends in the city being like what’s really going on i’m seeing it on the news and i was just like you know i was getting all this different information i didn’t know what was

Going on here and i’m not very good at a lot of things but one thing that i’m really good at is sharing like my new york city experience i was here on september 11th i was here during the blackouts this year during hurricane sandy i’ve always been here through like the good stuff and the bad stuff and to not be here when the city was just getting on like that was

Really tough i don’t know it’s like it’s easy to love something when it’s great but it was when this city was like down and out that i was like man i can’t believe i’m not there we’ve been back for like three weeks now it’s been a tumultuous three weeks and that’s an understatement but it’s still like every day i wake up it feels like christmas morning every day

There’s something to look forward to and i realized the whole time i lived here i felt that way i never didn’t feel that way nice to see you good to see you too man thank you nice to see you oh my god check out this truck are they chasing tornadoes with this thing you got the bull bar we got a winch knobby tires got the windows taken out satellite dish we

Don’t get tornadoes in new york city yo what are you guys doing i’m trying this rail on a pogo stick wait you can see nice yeah yeah what’s up guys oh so this is extreme pogo sticking so this is he’s a rail specialist obviously he’s a bride specialist so yeah what’s up hi i’m casey i’m emily thanks so much oh it’s the little things like running into my old

Friends like going to the coffee shop going back to my office it just feels so right how are you good how are you i’m great and just this this is what i missed the most like having a space that’s my space and not just any space but but this space check these guys out check these guys out they just sit on like a little wooden like a little wooden swing it’s

Like a little wooden plank maybe my um my favorite part of being back in my office is that i have a new neighbor one flight up how’s work i walked out of instagram you’re locked out of instagram yeah yeah i’m gonna make a call yeah everything’s a mess i have nothing candice today’s day one you just kind of hang in there it’s like i’m learning to walk again is

There anything i can do to help bye my little ray of sunshine i’ve been in this office i’ve been in this this studio for 20 years what have you done for 20 years that’s been the same what’s a constant in your life that’s 20 years i looked up the word muse the noun muse in the dictionary i know what a muse is i just didn’t know that the dictionary definition

A personified force that is the source of inspiration for a creative artist i have never been so sure of anything as i am that this city is my muse new york city is my muse my source of inspiration look at that rainbow look at that new york city rainbow oh i’ve never seen that rainbow before not in 20 years i’ve never seen that rainbow before you

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MY NEW LIFE IN NYC By CaseyNeistat