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My opinion on steroid use for women: By Dylan Gemelli

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Welcome everyone dylan giamelli here today with a brand new video for you and today uh i’m gonna talk about my opinion on female steroid use but before we get into that just a big shout out and thank you to everybody out there watching and supporting the channel i cannot thank you enough if you haven’t yet please like sub share whatever you can do it truly helps

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Dot com coupon code jameli30 save yourself 30 so all right i’m gonna give you my opinion on female steroid use in general what i think about it what my experiences have been being around it coaching it you know interacting with different females over time and so i i just want to give you my thoughts on it um i am not a fan of it with with any compound to

Be honest with you you will see that i have a few that if it gets down to it if somebody needs coaching or if they’re asking me what’s the safer or more mild ones to run for a female then we’re looking at anavar is the most obvious and generally if a females really want me to coach or advise that’s normally the only one i’m going to really feel comfortable

Advising and i really don’t even like that but that would be the one that i’m most comfortable with the other ones that i find women tolerate better primabolin and winstrol um those are the three where i my comfort’s still not good at all but i would have the most comfort saying okay these would be the ones that you could do more safely and have a greater

Probability of getting through with unscathed so to speak or with minimal problems those would be the ones that i would recommend to to go with um you know you start getting into certain things like i see women running deca and tren npp d-ball and i just i i scour and cringe at the thought of like the damage being done here um so many different things you know

Really really scary to mess any sort of estrogen you know scenarios with women i really don’t like that i think that goes without saying um but beyond that the the viralization aspect of things especially with more androgenic compounds that you get into it’s very scary um you know developing all of these male attributes unwanted changes deepening and voice

The hair growth the possible like large amounts of acne and women can tend to have all of these compounded way worse than men even and it just because it’s just it’s that opposite effect and getting too high levels of testosterone for example it’s kind of like when as men if we get too high of estrogen um it’s a very very problematic and it’s even worse on

Women and obviously you and then again you don’t want to just smash your testosterone levels because it’s just like a man smashing their estrogen levels if we do that we’ve got really big problems and while women don’t carry very high levels of testosterone at all just like men don’t carry high levels of estrogen if you smash it and that gets out of line oh

My goodness it can just be devastating as well and i’ve seen this i i oh i had a major encounter when i lived in las vegas discussing with a a female that had been on anavar for three years running and she had been going through some of the worst it it it makes me cringe to even like think about this conversation that i had because it haunted me it still

Kind of does just like thinking about what this poor girl had done to herself and what she was going through and and me listening to this going and thinking in my head man i don’t really know any really great way out of this because you know i was this has been now i guess since i just turned 40 this was probably back in 2013 or 14 so it’s been a long time

And i really wasn’t anywhere near as well versed now and i still would be looking at that scenario going holy like this is going to be a fun one for me to figure out you know like that type of deal and i’m being sarcastic about it so i’ve seen some devastating things happen so i really really stress being careful if you are intent on using steroids as a

Female on what you pick um you know the the virulation of virelation side effects that i’m talking about you know and and i’ve seen women get deepening of the voice quick and it doesn’t change back for a lot of them um some people it does i can’t predict that it’s like you want to play the russian roulette game go for it and you’ll find out i i don’t know

But once it’s there you’re not going to reverse it um so keep that in mind and then you know think about the massive hair growth that can occur and like like i said the male attributes you know you could even have smaller breasts which some of you may not care one bit about some of you that could be the end of the world i don’t know i’ve seen people with

Irregular menstrual cycles enlarged clitoris um the list is long and it’s steep and it’s probable with any steroid um obviously more so with some than others i’ve seen women wanting to blast testosterone i mean i’m not totally against women with the hgh use but you also want to be careful with your dosing and run less lower and more moderate but i’m a

More moderate advocator of that anyway so that would be more acceptable sarms peptides much more acceptable i’ve seen much better experiences at least in terms of women using them there are sarms for women that you need to avoid though as well that are harsh and i maybe it’s because i’m an only child and i’m so like protective of like my stepdaughter

And like um my my nieces that are just like the world to me and obviously my wife and my everybody that knows that follows me my kitten i mean then they’re all women and you know my my mom i’m so close with so maybe i’m overprotective maybe i am and i’m sorry but i i just i’ve been around it too much and i’ve seen too many situations and scenarios to know

What generally happens um even the the ones that i know that are super responsible and super sometimes there’s things out of your control and i certainly can’t predict that and you really can’t either because you just don’t know how your body’s gonna take it and then you know over time your body like some of us we find that we get worse side effects some of

Us you say oh my body’s used to it everybody’s different i don’t know and that realm of unknown to me is dangerous ground you know and i don’t find it worth it when there’s other options i can design like easy sarms and peptide stack where i have total comfort going i really don’t think you’re gonna endure too much too much here but like i said with sarms

There are some especially some of the newer ones you absolutely want to avoid as a female and there’s really peptides that you want to avoid as a female as well but those are different videos and separate scenarios um and and also keep in mind when you’re dosing anything as a female it has to be a f don’t don’t look at male dosing on steroids at all on

Certain sarms yes but then there’s others that you still want to go lower with you’ve got to be very careful about that and understand that the dosing is far lower just like with anavar 10 5 to 10 milligrams is generally where you’re going to want to start and stay a more advanced user maybe up to 20 but that’s maxed out whereas a man’s running to 50 to 60

For example primo and and it’s something you’re going to want way lower than a man 75 to 100 milligrams a week where most of us you know generally are in the 500 to 600 milligrams a week range and this these are just examples um of keeping it very low you know winstrol is one i’ll tell you don’t ever go over five to ten milligrams of as a female some people

Might disagree that’s where i’m at with it so you know it is what it is but if you’ve got questions like that you know feel free to post them on forums and stuff we’re all there to help with dosing questions and things to really help you you know with things like that but you know i’ve coached several bodybuilders and just women in general that are training

For shows or just for certain peak um you know bodies that they’re trying to achieve just because and i’ve got tons of experience seeing you know the things that happen and occur so um you know i guess i seem a little bit more serious too right now maybe um just because i take it so so serious i’m only looking out for you and it’s not like oh this this

You know he just wants to on everybody’s parade ruin this it’s not that i i have seen some and coach some such tremendous incredible transformations with women most women appreciate my approach especially because they see how delicate i am and i’m going to care for the body and i find women are a lot less reckless when it comes to what they put in their

Body or what they’re willing to do us like us where we’re definitely a lot more reckless i hope that i’m getting smarter over time and i’ve done a lot less but i i mean i’m the first one to admit uh women are a lot more careful and mindful of the things that they’re doing so most appreciate where i’m going some people think i’m a jerk because i don’t want

To tell you what you want to hear and i don’t it’s not that it’s that’s i’m so protective and i want to cover and make sure you really really really understand so it is what it is i i hope that that that resonates and comes through so that being said stay tuned for plenty more to come dylan jamelli signing off

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My opinion on steroid use for women: By Dylan Gemelli By PE Fitness