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My personal experience with Latuda, a bipolar medication – Lurasidone & Unknown Experience Report #1

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An account of Latuda withdrawal driven by dark hallucinations.

My personal experience with watuda a bipolar medication yo what’s going on is someone that’s known and welcome back to today’s report today’s report is coming from majestic sami off reddit when this happened early 2018 the drugs used lorazedone and unknown gender female and her age 19. so while searching for some good watuda reports i happened to come across

This withdrawal experience that turned out to be very deliriant-like i didn’t want to use this as the introduction for watuda because this isn’t a report of the medication itself rather how it played a role when this user quit cold turkey along with their new medication which is the unknown substance as they chose not to list it now i assume by the title they

Were prescribed this because of bipolar which their condition could also have played a role in what they experienced either way what ends up happening is very hppd-like and is very interesting to see that these conditions cause this and if you don’t know about lorazedone we’ll break it down some at the end mostly focusing on the withdrawal of it so i hope you

All enjoy this one without further ado let’s dive right into this note scary withdraws do not listen if easily paranoid important things i wish i’d done to avoid this situation talk to your psychiatrist when you have problems with your medication taper off especially when you’re on a high dose research the medication you’re on and if possible before you start

Taking it this is basic stuff anyone should know when they start psychiatric treatment i didn’t don’t make the same mistakes i did and you should be fine i haven’t taken watuda in years so my explicit memories of it are a bit fuzzy but i do remember a few weeks before spring break of 2018 i think it was in march because my brother’s birthday was around that time

I got so frustrated with taking watuda because every time i took it i would vomit the dose was too high for me and i hadn’t been diagnosed with my acid reflux yet so i gave up on the medication and quit taking it cold turkey from what i remember to be a relatively high dose although i don’t remember what the exact dose was i had been told by my psychiatrist that

It was the second highest dose anyone was allowed to take safely and didn’t tell my psychiatrist until about a week later i was 19 and irresponsible but i’m better about that kind of thing now he prescribed a new medication which i’m still taking now i won’t name it i don’t want to sound like i’m promoting anything and besides i’m probably going to have to switch

Again in a few months because the new medication isn’t as effective anymore i started taking it the night before my family my mom my stepdad my brother and i who have to go to san diego for spring break everything was fine aside from the mood swings that i would have due to the new medication not having started working yet until about two or three days in heads

Up this isn’t meant to sound like a horror story but it generally felt horrifying at the time again there are a lot of factors adding into this i quit cold turkey from a high dose and apparently matuta is doubled as a schizophrenia medication causing the severe rare withdrawal symptoms to be similar to that of schizophrenia again chances are you won’t have the

Same experience as long as you taper off and keep in touch with your psychiatrist one night while we were staying in a small airbnb i woke up and saw a figure standing at the foot of my futon i was sleeping on at first i thought it was my brother trying to play a prank on me because he was holding a pillow and grinning but then something clicked and i realized

That the figure was too tall to be my brother my next immediate thought as the figure approached was that someone had broken in through the window and was trying to suffocate me to death i screamed for my life and my stepdad ran out and turned the light on as soon as the light turned on the figures seemed to just float into the ceiling and disappear my mom came

Out to console me is i couldn’t stop crying and i slept the rest of the night with the light on the next morning i did what i should have done beforehand and researched the medication it wasn’t until then that i found out that it was also used as a schizophrenia medication and that hallucinations were a possible withdrawal symptom the next few nights went oddly

But less terrifying for example one night when we were staying at a different airbnb i thought i saw a giant bubble float into the room i was staying in with my mom and stepdad and i told my mom and she told me to shut up and go back to sleep thanks mom she wasn’t very supportive after that first incident in fact she was more mad at me than anything my brother

Still hasn’t forgiven me for ruining his birthday trip none of my family seems to care that i’m still scared of the dark because of that one night i thought i was fine a few weeks later but i kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye sometimes i would fall asleep and i would hear laughing or crying or conversation it was gibberish that i couldn’t make sense

Of or sometimes i would hear a loud explosion or pop that would wake me up some nights when driving home from my boyfriend’s house i would look in the rearview mirror and for a split second see figures in the back seats other times while driving at night i would think that there were people in the middle of the road so i’m on my brakes only to realize there

Was no one there i almost caused accidents a few times which became an issue eventually because when there were actually people on the road the cause would be much closer and needless to say i never saw the same people jaywalking twice eventually i just started choosing the drive home before sunset to avoid the issue one night i was playing board games with

My roommates and their friends i didn’t have any irl friends of my own and i also have really bad social anxiety and i thought i saw someone standing in the doorway of the room but it wasn’t even dark all of the lights were on i thought it was just one of my roommate’s friends until i did a quick headcount i realized there was one too many as soon as i came

To that realization i nearly had a heart attack and then the figure disappeared apparently i went ghostly pale because everyone noticed after a few minutes of them prying i finally told them what had happened i thought they were gonna think i was crazy but they were actually really supportive and i thank them for that thankfully i haven’t had any hallucinations

Since last year so i think it’s safe to say i finally gotten past the latuto withdrawal symptoms although the paranoia is still there more of the story talk to your psychiatrist when you have problems with your medication so here we are back with lorazeidone which we just covered here a couple days ago this is a common antipsychotic medication prescribed to

Those with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder now i recommend jumping into the report we just did a couple days ago my personal experience with watuda as in this video the report details what a common experience might be and you can pick up some more general info on the substance but to keep the details of lorazedone brief here its main goal is to help relieve

The symptoms of those prior listed conditions it can help clear up the mind some might say in the last report this seems to be exactly what happens but it often comes with side effects some mentioned here like the impact on one’s appetite but there’s a ton that can potentially happen depending on the user but other common side effects can be heavy impact towards

Sleep weight gain metabolic imbalance impact on heart rate dizziness movement disorders and much more like i said it will vary from person to person and like in this report these side effects may be too overbearing are discomforting for the user or the substance itself may not even be effective now the way dependence forms and the urge to quit cool turkey is

Very understandable with watuda often patients will be put on watuda very gradually and a noticeable change isn’t even expected until the substance has been taken for a couple weeks or so and before they know it a patient may wake up one day in a very discomforting state physically mentally or both you can end up in a state where just feels wacky as to the

Point where a patient wouldn’t even care about withdrawal now withdrawal effects will vary matuta will affect dopamine serotonin and adrenal receptors all of which will be out of balance with the discontinuation of the substance because of this this can lead for a wide variety of withdrawal effects that can happen obviously the higher the dose the longer it’s

Been taken the stronger and longer the withdrawal is and just like how it can take weeks to take effect the same can be expected of withdrawal since you technically were priming those receptors your brain’s still going to expect that activity in a similar manner causing some to experience withdrawal effects for up to weeks possibly even longer now looking at

Today’s report it actually isn’t really that common for hallucinations and delusions to be a withdrawal effect of watuda but i think the dose could easily be attributed for this though but here’s where i want to bring up stimulant psychosis and how matuta may have played similarly here the same is true for schizophrenia both are thought to be caused by an excess

Of dopamine in the brain and a result these can cause voices hallucinations are to the point of psychosis watuda will antagonize dopamine so cutting cold turkey likely caused an influx of dopamine at times for this user but other than the hallucinations the paranoia and anxiety mentioned in this report withdrawal can also include impact on weight this will

Impact the appetite there may be body aching one may end up seriously depressed or feeling empty there may be insomnia nausea is a very common withdrawal effect you might just feel sick you might have a lot of mood swings you can feel very fatigued you might end up sweating a lot there’s a lot of things but there’s many factors that are going to impact what

Could happen on a withdrawal cold turkey though with this one is one sure way to experience them strongly and just living like the way described in this report just sounds like a living nightmare you don’t know when it’s gonna pop out so we’re gonna end it there today i hope you enjoyed today’s video on watuda if you want to see more reports on antipsychotics or

Any substance at all let me know in the comments below and we’ll do that do me a favor like the video subscribe if you haven’t already follow the socials share the video if you have a report send it in to know submit report it’s been someone that’s known and i’ll see you guys next time peace you

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My personal experience with Latuda, a bipolar medication – Lurasidone & Unknown Experience Report #1 By Someone That’s NoOne