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My Plan To Fix Low HDL From TRT | Cardarine, Niacin & Krill Oil

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Sup guys derek more plates more dates calm i’m gonna talk quickly about how i plan to bring up my chronically low hdl levels so guys auntie artie you know it’s super common for guys on trt to have really bad hdl levels and anyone on exogenously and regions regardless if it’s even if it’s arms if it’s deer if it’s pro hormones whatever it is your lipids are gonna get

Skewed and the biggest thing that takes a hit typically is your hdl and often times it goes completely neglected and they for some reason just decide i’m gonna leave it low because i can’t get it up and it’s fine as long as my ldl is low enough then i’m good it’s not the case you need your hdl high it and in at least in the reference range like there’s guys walking

Around with single-digit hdl levels and just you know not caring and you got to get that up so one i had a 31 on my last test which i believe the reference range starts at 39 which is it’s like the one health marker that i’ve always struggled to get on point after doing a bit more research i’ve come to kind of like a protocol designed for boosting hdl specifically

And it’s kind of an extreme protocol like i don’t advise doing it or anything i’m just you know logging essentially what i’m gonna be doing and then i’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes for me but basically what i’m doing is obviously you guys know i’m a proponent of epa dha high dose omega threes what i’m doing is i’ve talked about krill oil briefly before

But krill oil is far superior to omega-3s for boosting hdl if you look at the clinical data it’s far more efficacious for boosting your hdl so i’m gonna be having three grams of krill oil per day and reducing my omega-3 intake a bit to kind of you know offset that extra epa and dha i’ll be getting from the krill oil in addition to that i am having 1.5 grams of

Niacin per day and specifically the nicotinic acid i believe i forget which one it is but there’s a very specific one you want that gives you like the really intense flush i think that’s the one you want you don’t want to get the insole at all or whatever i don’t remember what it’s called but the there’s a very specific one you want to get and i’ll put a picture

Of it up in the corner here so you guys the reference i’ll put in the video description to you but anyways that’s i’m having 1.5 grams of that per day that’s not something that’s sustainable though you have to keep in mind because that’s several hundred percent higher than the recommended daily intake and that’s not you know a sustainable practice that you can use

Long term so the goal of this whole thing is to boost my hdl high enough and then sustain it ideally long-term with the krill oil ideally but we’ll see how that goes and then in addition to that probably the most interesting part of it is 10 milligrams of carter in per day so i haven’t released my comprehensive overview of carter in but i have my article from like

2016 or whatever is up with updated with every notable clinical trial conducted on humans conducted on rat goes over the cancer data goes over everything you would want to know about carter ain i’m not afraid to say it’s the most comprehensive article on the entire internet about carter een so if you haven’t checked it out you should you know i advise you go you

Can just wait for my video and i’m just gonna like pretty much read off of it but the data is sound on it i believe you know i obviously don’t recommend using it it’s not an approved supplement or compound for improving your hdl levels but that’s one of the things that it was designed to do that it was given to patients with chronically low hdl to see how much it

Would boost their hdl and did very very well and has anecdotally has a low side effect profile in the clinical data has a little side effect profile in humans not in that one rat model but obviously you know you probably know what i’m talking about here you know by no means is this me encouraging you to go you know use it or look into it or anything like that and

I wouldn’t use it either if it wasn’t like a dire need like i don’t car drain is a miracle by any means i think it’s very good at what it’s intended to do which one of those things is boosting hdl based on the data and based on anecdotal findings it’s not a sustainable thing again i’m not going to be on it for a long time i’m just using it to boost my hdl ideally

I want to see how high i can get it and then i want to see how high i can sustain it with something that’s a more sustainable you know intervention method like krill oil so again three grams of krill oil i’m gonna be doing 1.5 grams of niacin and then 10 milligrams of carter rain per day and i’m gonna go get my blood drawn i’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes

And hoping for the best because you know it’s not something you can leave for the rest of your life having chronically low hdl it’s gonna screw you up eventually so definitely get that addressed if you have a similar issue i highly advise you look into boosting your hdl as well however you want to go about that i’m getting so off track here but anyways that’s my

Plan i’ll keep you guys posted i’m hoping for the best i’ll talk to you guys soon

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My Plan To Fix Low HDL From TRT | Cardarine, Niacin & Krill Oil By More Plates More Dates