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My Psoriasis Treatment Diary Using Hyrimoz Biologic for Psoriasis (adalimumab).

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A progress report and diary regarding my progress using Hyrimoz biologic treatment for Psoriasis.

Oh hi i’m just making this video diary really because my dermatology specialist has recently changed me from methotrexate on to this treatment here which is hiring moles which is a biologic and it’s the first biologic that i’ve been given and i’ve had to show us is now from getting off for 30 years so all i wanted to do was to do for those people who may also be

Going to or considering going onto this type of treatment or if their specialist is thinking about that and just to give some kind of actual real-life case study now i’m not i’m not saying that i’m typical and i’m not saying that what happens to me will happen to you but it might be interesting just to see what does happen because i don’t know what’s going to

Happen methotrexate didn’t really do much for me even when they moved my dose up and changed me from tablet on to on to injection so this is day one oh actually i suppose you’d say it’s day two i actually had my training session with the with the pen the the injection pen yesterday and i took a double dose as was prescribed to 40 milligram doses in day one and

Then my next one is due in a week so i just wanted to show you i’ve decided to use my arm and elbow as a reference point so i’m going to show you that now my other arm is pretty similar it’s not the worst part of my body in terms of psoriasis but those are areas that i probably rather not show on a video my bottom being one which is really quite bad and makes it

Difficult to sit down from any length of time so really what i’m going to do is not necessarily every day but every few days i’ll just catch up and see what effect this treatment is having and i’ll try and keep that going for a few weeks or even a few months so that anybody who’s also going to be moved on to this treatment or thinking about it perhaps i can see

Exactly how it’s worked on on mike in my case as i say i’m not saying i’m typical i’m not saying i’m better you know mine is better or worse in terms of severity but i think it’s probably not that far away from the kind of level you’d be at if you were being moved to this kind of treatment so if you get a couple of minutes just checking every now and again and i’ll

Be happy to show you how it’s progressing thanks for now buh-bye oh hi actually just as a sort of add-ons little video i’ve just done i just thought i’m going to show you one other reference point which is my knees i don’t know how well this is coming over on the camera but you can see my knees pretty pretty bad so this is what another area that causes me quite

A lot of problems in fact my legs as a whole to this this knee in particular is quite bad so hopefully you’ll be able to see that and we can we can include this in the progress as i film it day to day and week to week so just a slight add-on to the previous

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My Psoriasis Treatment Diary Using Hyrimoz Biologic for Psoriasis (adalimumab). By steve jex