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My Response to Letrozole! EMOTIONAL: Trying to conceive During a Pandemic Update

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Hey Ya’ll. Here is an update on how Round 1 of Letrozole is going. It has been rough these past few weeks while trying to conceive baby #2. I just want to share how my body responded to Letrozole for the first time in hopes to help someone who maybe be trying it out. I recently switched from Clomid to Letrozole so this was a trail an error situation. I thought trying to conceive during a pandemic would be the hardest part, but switching to Letrozole has topped that.

Let me show y’all something real quick y’all see this do y’all see this mess i am so so frustrated so frustrated look at that absolutely ridiculous hey guys welcome back to my channel i just wanted to come to you guys real quick and just get some stuff off of my chest because i’m feeling very vulnerable at the moment as you seen in the first clip i haven’t

Had any luck this cycle with the progression of the opks i have not ovulated apparently all of my opk’s have been negative and i just don’t understand like it’s making me feel like i made a mistake by going through with taking this letrozole this cycle because that’s that’s the difference between last cycle and the cycle and i’m just stuck on the fact like

That even though i didn’t fall pregnant last cycle i at least ovulated like i at least had my foot in the door and so this cycle i just don’t know where everything went wrong and it’s just been a emotional roller coaster with testing every single day sometimes multiple times a day and not seeing any anything just a negative test and so i’m really freaking

Going through it i’m feeling like i should have just advocated for myself a little bit more and just told my ob like nah like i don’t want to try anything different i know what works for me we’ve seen it work multiple times like even last cycle it worked i want to stick with it but i mean at the time i honestly felt comfortable taking the lectures also it’s not

Like i feel like i was forced to do it or it was forced on me but at this particular time where it’s not working i’m like okay maybe i should have just you know not have jumped the gun so quickly and just should have just like i said put my foot down and advocated for myself to just stick with the chloe because i feel like we’ve scaled backwards like scaled

Backwards took a big step backwards with this letrozole because it has not worked at all and of course it’s a low dose of course it’s a new medication but to not like i don’t know i don’t know i just feel away and i’m trying not to think about what we should have could have did and all of that i’m trying to be positive but i’m being very open and vulnerable

With you guys and just letting you know how i feel like this is just not where it’s at and i i’m just hoping for the best so anyways i work tonight and today is cycle day 20 and tomorrow obviously cycle day 21 so i have scheduled a um progesterone test tomorrow so that we can know for sure if i ovulated um this cycle and so i can’t wait to take that and to

Get the results back so i can’t really really just know but you know based off of previous cycles like the opk’s have been you know working for me and so i’m almost for certain that i didn’t ovulate but i’m trying to have you know hope that maybe i missed it maybe it’s late like something because it just doesn’t seem right like for me to have ovulated on 50

Milligrams of comed but not ovulate on the lectures like i don’t know it’s just a lot of the unknown and it’s really frustrating it’s really heartbreaking um it’s a lot um so anyways i just wanted to go ahead and vent to you guys and let you guys know um especially before i go to work because if you guys don’t know i do work on a postpartum unit i believe i

Said that in one of my previous videos and so being just in that environment with new moms or mom and new baby and all of that when i’m going through my own personal stuff it’s really hard on me like emotionally to deal with that and you know of course i’m grown i’m an adult and i feel like i can put my personal life aside when i go to work because i do all

The time i don’t bring you know what i’m going through or what’s happening in my life to my job like that’s my job that’s you know me having somebody else’s care in my hands and you know just being professional and so you know i know how to flip the switch on and flip it off but i just wanted to get it out now before i have to report to work and um just let

You guys know and yeah so let me get off here before i start crying um and yeah i’m just gonna move forward and i’ll update you guys later

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