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And before we start this video you guys i would just like to say shout out to my big sister for following me and always commenting and just being a really really really big supporter of mines i appreciate everything you do for me and i love you thank you oh and thanks for the shirt too hi ttc fam it’s me laura and thanks so much for coming back to my channel if

You guys are new hello i am laura this is my ttc journey with pcos and if you’re not subscribed go ahead and hit that subscribe button for me all righty ladies so let’s get into this video that has been talked about and long awaited for it so we have the difference between clomid and electrical and when i say the difference i mean the symptoms that i experienced

When i was on both of the medications the reason why this video has taken so long to be recorded is because i wanted to take each level of the pill so i can know what to relate to you guys as far as symptom goes um now the first um medication that i did prescribe in order for me to try to ovulate is clomid so i’ll show you guys what that looks like so it comes

In this little tinfoil or at least mine’s dead so you can see that it’s kind of like it’s it’s like a little bit smaller than a dime but it’s not that much smaller but that’s kind of like as far as measurement goes so it’s definitely bigger than legends all and i still have some pills for lectures all left so i’m just going to show you what they look like and

I’m pretty sure half of you already know and they’re just a small little yellow pill i don’t know if my thing is gonna focus or not but yeah that’s what it looks like all right so let’s go ahead and get into this vlog all right so ladies as i stated we’re going to start with clomid oclomo thing citrate first um so i took 50 100 and 150 of clomid um when i took

50 i did not get any follicles my follicles were too small so i was not able to trigger it all on clomid at all 50 100 or 150. when i was on 100 i did have follicles that was probably the best medication for me just because i did have follicles because i took it twice and each time i had followed because they were almost mature i just don’t think that i was

Monitored properly on clomid and that’s the reason for me not being able to conceive and also i was not knowledgeable like i told you ladies i put myself out there y’all already know i was very uneducated i just went into this thing wanting a baby not researching on what any of this stuff can do to me or not that i was just like you know what whatever you’re

Gonna give me to have this baby that’s what i’m gonna take um and don’t do that that’s what i’m saying don’t do that you know research see what it’s you know um see how it can affect your body your mind just everything because i think people don’t realize how much this stuff can affect you at the end of the day these are still hormones i call them mechanical

Hormones that we’re putting in our body um you know to kind of push us and help us ovulate because if you have pcos sometimes your body does not ovulate on its own and it kind of needs the extra oomph to get it there um so when i was on clomid i could honestly say that number one i would say the headaches the headaches were definitely number one for me and

The higher the dosage became the more the headaches kind of were there um and i’m not going to say that they like oh yeah when i was on 50 versus 100 you know when i got on 100 the headaches like oh my god they were just so intense i couldn’t take it no but you still experience the headaches with with them you know with each milligram they prescribe you um and

So i’m not the type of person who gets headaches a lot unless like maybe it’s like a lot of yelling or like a loud music on for like a certain amount of time so i could notice the headaches a lot more um so yeah definitely was not okay with the headaches um i did experience a little bit of cottonmouth with clomid not too bad but definitely want to keep some

Water or something near you if you do get on the medication just in case um as far as the emotional side of everything i can say well larry says larry says i was a little bit meaner on clomid i don’t think so i think just because you’re aggravated already because you’re taking medication to ovulate and then maybe you’re not overlapping or you’re not getting

Pregnant that adds into the attitude but per larry i was acting like a we’re not gonna say um but yeah he’s still dead with it so anyways um i can definitely say i can’t say as far as acne i did break out but nothing like leches all so i can’t really say that as far as clothing now cycles i will say that my cycles were a little bit heavier on clomid than

Legisl definitely my cycles have always ranged about six days so that didn’t change it’s not like i was on my cycle for three days on clothing and then six days on the other medication no both medications my cycle stayed six days um the only difference is with cloven i kind of feel like i passed a little bit more blood clots sorry lady tmi um but i think i

Passed a little bit more blood clots on clomid than i definitely did lectures off i can’t even remember only like one time when lynch is all i had a blood clot um but yeah definitely on clothing so yeah that’s the only thing i can really remember like i said it’s been some months if you guys would follow me then you can kind of look back at some of those videos

And kind of you know get what i was saying but it’s not really too too fresh for me because it was like almost maybe over half of a year that i had taken these so but those are the symptoms that come to mind when i think about taking clothing the headaches the little bit of cottonmouth um and the hormonal changes so yeah your attitude is going to fluctuate some

Days you’re going to be happy mad sad whatever i mean this journey is so unpredictable we don’t know how we’re going to be so let’s go ahead and get into lectures all so as you guys know right now me and larry have decided that after our iui um failed that we were going to try some natural things instead of just kind of putting all of these different hormones

In my body not knowing what they’re doing to me who knows what could happen i mean for christ’s sakes i could grow a third arm for all i know i mean i don’t know uh but just so many hormone hormones hormones like i don’t like that i don’t want all that stuff in my body like i kind of feel like i need a detox after all this stuff i don’t know but let’s go ahead

And get into the big l ledge of all so when i started off lectures all i started off 2.5 milligrams twice a day which is five milligrams um i did not conceive so my doctor then bumped me up and i was taking 2.5 milligrams three times a day which was a 7.5 milligrams um definitely the number one thing i’m gonna say right now that i noticed on legends of my

Boobs ached when i say that my boobs i mean like my boobs hurt so bad sometimes like and just conscious ache like just waves of like pain just ache ache now this is me like i said these are my symptoms i’m not talking about what everybody else experienced i’m just telling women what you might go through if you take these medications okay so let’s keep that in

Mind what you may go through this is what i went through but my boobs hurt so bad i’m not laughing it’s not funny i’m not gonna make a joke of it they hurt now one of my friends i remember she was telling me she she’s on a ttc journey as well she was telling me she wanted to take leches all but she heard something about breast cancer with lectures all and this

Is something that they prescribe women with breast cancer so i’m not sure if that was the whole thing in my boo you know me taking the hormone it was kind of confused because of course i don’t have that but yeah that’s something i never really researched like i said i i wasn’t knowledgeable i just i don’t care just give me give me give me you know that’s how i

Was so and i did not conceive from either one of those as well so yeah definitely number one the boobs will let you fall automatically i never experienced that with clothes ever what ledges are my boobs ate and i know sometimes women said that they have too much caffeine their boobs connect to that may be what i was experiencing but jesus that stuff hurt um

Another thing would let us all i would say is i was definitely more emotional definitely i was more emotional i want to cry i wanted to be a big baby i wanted to be held i wanted to be consoled i wanted to be everything online just all so they said on clomid i was i was feisty i was you know but then on lectures all he says that i was more like it’s emotional

I want to cry every little thing and i just wanted to be his baby and i want to be hugged and kissed every little second of the day and i believe that that is true that’s true so yeah definitely a little bit more baby-ish on the legislative side um and then another thing is the breakouts so yeah i might have you know been learning how to do the good coverage

Or whatever as far as makeup goes but i definitely definitely had um the breakouts with lectures on and it was bad my whole entire face right here on this side definitely look i have one right there right now like it’s just breaking out horribly um ugh i was so mad at that that’s why i was like you know what after this like let’s take like a two month break i

Have to get my face together like i’ve never like this stuff is causing me like bump right here like y’all can’t even see you can see the little mark like that it’s driving me crazy so done with the ledges are like i don’t know i’m gonna be honest with you comparing the two legends of versus clomid i’m definitely gonna go with the clothing i actually want to give

My body a rest and then switch back to clothing because like i said i was getting follicles with clomid i’m not getting anything with liches off like never every time i go to the doctor i’m getting nothing and i just wanted to speak on this just for a little second i know a lot of african-american women who take legit they always say legislators better for you

Know african-american women than clomid um so i was kind of excited when my doctor prescribed me i’m like yeah if clomid didn’t work this gotta work just gotta work and it didn’t work so we are planning on like i said going natural for like the next two months three months seeing what my body can do on its own maybe doing like some fertility tree uh fertility

Teas um as well as something else i have in store i don’t want to say it just because i don’t want um i don’t want to say it right now because i haven’t really spoken with the woman but i definitely have something that i’ve had people write me and tell me to try so i’m definitely setting the appointment to try that i’m going to take you ladies with me it is

Something definitely for um fertility so um i’m so excited to do that and and see what happens after um but yes ladies that’s just my experience um as i stated these medicines at the end of the day they’re still extra hormones been put in your body if anybody would like to know yes besides letrozole and clomid i did take alvadro shot i did take progesterone i

Did take birth control pills as well um so and i probably forgot one that i took because i’ve been taking so many medications for the last two years trying to conceive and like i said the end of the day it kind of hurt our feelings because we didn’t get a baby and it was hurtful and i put all of my eggs i feel like in one basket when i first started going to

The obgyn office because i was having so much good news about coleman and reading the reviews on google and stuff i just knew if i took it i was going to get pregnant i was like yeah this i just know it and the the dosage as they went up the more i really started to believe like man this has to be there’s no way and so when nothing was working i felt like my

Drive to get pregnant i felt like my whole everything was just ended like so now what now what do i do you know um but yes ladies those are the two pills that you will nine times out of ten hear about if you’re going to ob gyn office to try to get pregnant or if you’re going to a reproductive endocrinologist you’re going to hear clomid you’re going to get ledges

Off so yes so if you guys have any questions or anything you guys can go ahead and hit me up on my instagram i’m on there almost every day and i kind of post up just about my everyday life that’s not just ttc because sometimes we need a break like this is a hard journey and i’m learning that now um and like i tell you ladies make sure you guys are being very

Knowledgeable you know as far as your body and as far as the situation you have everybody’s different you know i have just pcos i don’t have endometriosis as well and i don’t have any of the health issues that i know about right now so there’s women who are taking you know legislative and clomid and they have to take other medications as well on top of that

So they might have different symptoms for me so this is just what i experience but yes ladies um i want to say thank you guys so much for coming to my vlog showing so much love to me and larry that we had the failed iui and we are not giving up as i stated we are keeping god first and keeping love first as well so keep your head up ladies we are in this together my pcos sisters

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