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My Side Effects On Strattera

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My name is cory elberton and since the beginning of this year i’ve been experimenting with different medications that my doctor has been you know just giving me different ideas i’m a lab rat most of you if you don’t know go back watch these other videos with the review on xanax to seroquel and the will pew trend those are the ones that i’ve been on last month i

Went to the doctor again for a check-up or just to just see how you know let her know how everything was going and i told her i’m done with the sanics you know i don’t want to be addicted to it that was another thing why i quit the seroquel along with other things you know so um she was like well you know i’m kind of at a at a loss right now how do you how do you

Want to go about addressing these diagnosis diagnosis i was like i don’t know i mean i’m pretty much open or whatever you so i can give to me and i’ll uh and i’m gonna eat it you know so strattera is is what i’ve been on for a little over thirty days now strattera is prescribed to people with adhd and it’s i mean i feel good that i felt the best that i have in a

Long time i’m able to to stay focused on thoughts you know not lose my track of thought as often i’m able to just just focus instead of having trying to trying to catch a thought there and a flying monkey over there and see something shiny over yonder you know i can i can stay focused it’s also also helps with anxiety i’ve also been also got that who doesn’t have

This though it did it common maybe there’s nothing wrong with me maybe i don’t need medication maybe i’m just the mood swings are good pretty pretty well-balanced however its oh and and let me just say that uh you know strattera is it’s not addictive it’s not a narcotic also with a lot of abd medication a lot of it is a stimulant such as adderall or ritalin this

Is this is not a stimulant so people with adhd who take the adderall or the redline can sometimes have a affect feel more anxious and and up you know and strattera is not does not do that as far as um the depression goes it uh almost some nights it’s it’s worse than others it just i just get overwhelmed with uh with sadness for for no reason thoughts that should a

Lot like the wellbutrin i suppose just weird episodes of sadness in are off sure you won’t have that problem i’m sure it’s just me so as far as a addressing my depression its they’re not they haven’t really you know i’m gonna have to go back in later this month and and let them know hey you know maybe i need something in addition to the strattera you know something

To make me happy i don’t even maybe there’s no such thing as a happy pill that maybe that’s what i’m looking for is just something a magical beans or some you know you just take it and problems are solved the only thing that came to mind right there was a jim jones and the fruit punch i mean strattera yeah i would i would definitely recommend it for for anybody

Who has adhd or if you’re not sure if you have adhd and you don’t want to get prescribed with adderall and be a tweaker monkey and come to find out you don’t have adhd and you’re just you’re just picking your face and running up the walls and you know doing doing tweaker creature things so strattera it’s i feel good i i feel like i need something in addition to it

Though for the depression so that’s this is my review and side effects on strattera and just keeping most of y’all updated for those who are staying up to date right on

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My Side Effects On Strattera By Elderton Entertainment