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My skin journey in 2021 on isotretinoin (basically accutane)

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Good morning good afternoon good evening good whatever time it is you’re watching this um my name is heather and i’ve got a shaky voice right now i don’t know why um tired that’s probably it that’s probably it um my name is heather i am 23 years old from norway and i’ve been struggling with acne and pimples and spots and all that good stuff all my life all my

Life um and this morning i started very very heavy duty acne medication given to me by my dermatologist so i want to document my journey my acne journey for the next six months of my life i’m gonna take these pills get all the good stuff that comes with it with all the dry skin and mental things that also are written in the like description that beware

You might be suicidal um or get suicidal or whatever or get mentally unstable or more mentally unstable than what you’re what you already are um i don’t know where i’m going with this um i’m documenting this for myself mostly um so yeah i hope you want to uh well for some reason you found this video um and i hope you want to stay on this kind of journey with

Me um it’s not gonna be six months for you it’s gonna be um a couple minutes for you i have no idea how long this video is gonna be um filming this on my iphone 7 by the way so that’s probably why the quality is absolute um hopefully i’ll change that but um yeah no um we’ll see how long this video ends up being for me it’s gonna be six seven months um maybe more

Maybe a year uh i might just take a year but again it’s mostly for me this is a hair mask that’s and i’m going to bed that’s why i look like this uh but i’m going to only film myself with like no makeup i think that’s the plan for now um my skin is quite good now it is um but i’ve been struggling with all of the good stuff since i was 14. um it’s been very

Very bad at times um and it’s oh my god my arm is so tired it’s been very very bad at times i’ve been struggling mentally because of it uh it’s been a mess it’s been a good old mess but hopefully it’ll change again like i said my skin is quite good now i’ve got a couple spots here and there on my chin but um yeah um it’s quite good now but i know that it’ll

Come back eventually if i don’t um try these very very strong medications so i’ve been talking for like uh four minutes now so i need to wrap this up because this is only the intro jesus rice this video is gonna be so long so long um okay well thank you for watching this um and hopefully you want to stay tuned and follow my journey for the next months

Of my life okay um well bye for now and i’ll see you at some point okay um three days in got a new phone i found 12 pro max i think um my lips are already very very dry two days in this is day three this is gonna be quite a ride okay so um it’s like day i think it’s been a week now on the pills and i just wanted to like update you with like oh yeah an

Update with my face um how it’s going my right side is quite good um my left side you can see that i still have some like some some things going on and i’ve got the spot right in my forehead um i think i want to do like weekly updates i think that’s more than enough it’s not that interesting to look at my face slightly change from day to day and like for six

Months i’m not gonna be able to do like a like check in every day for six months that that would be a very long video i might have to like make it into like multiple videos i don’t know what’s going on let’s see when i start to edit that um yes okay well i think that’s it and i’ll see you in the next clip yes bye okay um it’s been a month i i just thought i

Figured that like doing weekly updates is just not necessary okay you see me now okay perfect um yeah doing weekly updates is just unnecessary and this will just turn into like an hour long video and nobody wants that because nobody’s gonna watch that anyways it’s been a month um i have my new appointment this thursday it’s currently sunday um but i just want

To update you i’m starting to see some of the symptoms or like the the the things that um my pills could cause one of them being dry face so i’m just gonna try to show you okay so um my nose has like dry spots over there my oh i’m trying to show you i’m quite dry here you can also see that my um spots have like dried out there and also trying to get in the

Light yeah it’s a little bit dry hair and dry there so i’m so i’m quite dry but at least it’s working and jesus christ um where’d you go where did you go oh there we go my like clinique um 72 hours the hydrating hydrating um facial cream thingy so that’s good uh i’ll update you in the next clip don’t know when that’s going to be but woolsey hi um it’s

Now currently the 21st of february uh i’ve been going on these pills for three months no never like two months well i can’t count um oh i spilled my chocos oh that’s annoying uh anyways um i just want to update you on my skin journey um i’m no longer like extremely dry unless like because i i have this um overnight mask from clinique which is so good like

But yeah no as you can see um i hope this is in focus that will be annoying if it’s not um that i still have some is it there or is it there i don’t remember i i have some here and there but my skin is so much better it’s clearing up and i’m currently taking two pills uh so yeah i think that’s the update yeah so i’ll see you in a month hi um it’s we’re at

The full month mark uh well i mean it’s like the end of march um and i’ve been going on the pills for the accutane pill thingies and my skin is a lot better like i still have some the most prevalent thing is the redness that i still have in my face but i don’t really mind that i mean compared to my face and my acne and spots and everything from like a little

Under a year ago it was just not really comparable to what what it looks like now but you i sti i have quite a lot of scarring but that’s possible to like fix later but right now i’m really happy with where i’m at i’m also taking three pills every day so like to speed up the process a bit and yeah i just want to pop in and say that hi fam uh it’s like a couple

Days after the previous um update i just want to update you and show you my hand i don’t know if it’s like correlated with the um pills but just look at this i had this like rash wait i can’t why is it so difficult to fill this i thought i have this having this rash um and then it’s just like spread to my hand can you see this it’s like it’s not it’s not fun

And it’s things it’s just it’s not fun my skin is a lot better but i don’t know what’s going on with my hand so hopefully this will go away and i wish i knew why it’s like this if i knew that it was like correlated with pills but i don’t is it because of my intolerances i don’t know is it because of something else i don’t know so let’s let’s see i’ll update

You in a month or something greetings um it’s now the end of may i’ve completely forgotten to film anything but this is what my skin is looking like um it’s really great um the rash on my hand is completely disappeared too and yeah things are really good and it’s starting to get really sunny so i’m i’m wearing so much sunscreen because my skin is just very weak

At the moment because of the pills um but yeah um the only like dryness that i’m experiencing at the moment is my lips because i have to wear like spf like that those like spf sticks on my lips and they like tend to cling to like really dry parts of my lips which just makes them look really disgusting but my skin is great i had some like scarring but except

For that things are good so let’s see when i remember to do the next update okay so two months later i completely forgot to film myself in june but it’s now july i’ve now finished my pills my whole um series of pills i’m now off them uh seven months later and i’m feeling good i’m feeling i’m feeling good my skin is very good i have like this red spot

Hair or something somewhere on my face but i’ve had one pimple but that’s it like i’ve had one new pimple in seven months which is crazy to think about and yeah now i’m just crossing my fingers hoping that um i won’t be struggling anymore that i won’t have to go back to everything um and have to redo this whole pill thing hey people um it’s now august and

I’m officially no it’s not it’s the first of september yes sorry um i’m officially like ish one and a half month of the pills and my skin is still really really good and i’m really really happy um yeah and i’ve decided that i’m gonna make this like a year thing so in december i’m gonna finish this video so this is gonna be like a video that lasts for a year

Which is kind of crazy to think about i just went back to look at the footage from like last december and it’s crazy that’s like over that’s like seven months ago it’s crazy no eight i don’t know maths i don’t know numbers okay but i’ll up to you in a couple months i guess to see how it’s looking how it’s cooking and it’s going to be like a split second for

You but for me it’s going to be a couple months so we’ll see where i’m at in my life then okay cool bye actually i just looked at that video and in this lighting my skin looks very pigmented like not like pigmented like that but like looks like it has like pigment like spots but i don’t so i don’t know why it looks so strange in the video now but in real life

That’s not what it looks like i don’t know okay let’s see in a couple months then hi hello and welcome it’s been a year today is the 16th of december yeah the 16th of december it’s incredible i just looked at the first clip and mentally i’m a completely different place and also physically in my face um i’m standing in front of a mirror right now uh okay

Let’s close up a bit i am wearing makeup but only on my eyes i don’t even have concealer on you can see i do have like i’ve had like a couple um things going on here um some down there a little bit there and perhaps a little bit there my forehead is there’s nothing jesus my hair is its own situation but you know thinking about how things have changed and

The fact that i barely wear makeup if any like i wear some concealer under my eyes and eye products but my skin i barely touch it and it’s crazy and i’m still using different products right now i’m using ola henriksen what’s it called truth juice daily cleanser that i have been using i have been using the survey hydrating cleanse cleanser for normal and

Dry skin because my skin has been getting a little bit dry and now yes it is like the it’s really cold outside and like the temperature has definitely affected my skin now um i do have like a really dry area right there and underneath my lips there so it is a little bit red but other than that i’m good so i’m gonna end it there it’s been a year and it’s

Incredible like literally i’ve been filming my face for a year and my whole journey with this with my skin really um so thank you for following thank you for watching thank you this has been my first ever english video so that’s fun um exciting okay yeah i think that’s it so thank you for watching and i will see you in the next one bye you

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My skin journey in 2021 on isotretinoin (basically accutane) By Hedda Askheim