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My thoughts on Accutane (Isotretinoin) after 6 months of being on it

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Hey what’s up everyone just want to kind of do a video on my accutane so for the past a few months actually past six months i’ve actually been on what is called a key accutane which is a medication that you use to take for acne now a little bit of background for you about about my acne is i’ve had acne since i was fifteen years old had it all throughout high

School as well as my adult life and unfortunately a few months ago i did find out that i have like an autoimmune disease that also affects my skin and so my dermatologist recommended that i go on accutane i want to kind of take care of my facial acne as well as to also see if we can you know kind of minimize some of the symptoms from my autoimmune disease so for

The past six months i’ve been on accutane which you know quite honestly you know looking looking back over the past six months of my in my glad that i went on it yeah absolutely as the past few months sucked yeah i would definitely say that the past few months have have not been the most pleasant and it may be if you’ve had acne as well you probably know what i’m

Talking about it you know it seems like every time you take some type of new acne regimen took you know kind of period let muscies there’s always that waiting period you know is it is it working there’s always the symptoms the biggest symptom from my previous attempts at cure acne was always red skin you know when i was about 28 i found a system called acne org

So the acne org has their own system which consists of a benzoyl peroxide as well as a face wash as well in a lotion as well now that stuff if you’ve never used it before acne orgs system i mean that stuff like really like changed my life you know having adult acne sucks you know especially when you’re you’re in the meeting you’re trying to make a point but you

Know you have this you know giant blemish on like on your forehead or something and you know if you have acne on your forehead i mean i swear to god that hurts more than anything but so again get off a little bit of talking off topic here but if you want to if you want to try that before you get on acting too accutane i would really recommend trying out acting

To acne or system first and then as a last resort give accutane a try but i guess going into it you know why is it that i say that accutane is is a bit hard and a big part of that is you know there are a lot of there are a lot of symptoms that come with accutane and if you’ve walked other videos on youtube maybe you know you’re you’re interested in and asking your

Doctor about it or maybe your doctor has actually recommended that you get on an aggie team but the symptoms that you’re gonna get from this for especially like the first first month is your acne is gonna get worse and that’s something that i found out when i started on accutane it’s the first month i noticed that my acne actually got a little bit worse even even

While i was still using my acne or clergyman which i would say would limit my acne to maybe you know 1 1 a monk maybe and within my first month i was getting some every week so that that first month wasn’t wasn’t very pleasant especially since i’m you know gonna be 34 and i hadn’t had like serious acne and it was at four years so getting acting again that was it

Was definitely not fun i can tell you that i want to work with you know i head down to the keyboard just working trying to get my eight hours in and then you know what i don’t and it was it was nice to work from home on those one days where they have a new a new pen performing some of the other side effects you’re gonna get really dry skin for me the dry skin was

Usually around my mouth and you might be able to see it but i have lotion on but like right around here i’d get really dry skin and then of course the lips your lips are gonna get really dry so you know one of the things that you’re definitely going to want to do is get some chefs that get a lot of it i uz i have two of these at work and then i also have two here

At home and i always carry one with me in my pocket you know and if you go out you know you go out to hear something like that you need but something the sun and let me let me tell you i work with with mostly guys and when another guy sees a man doing this while he’s talking to him let’s just say there’s a bit of an awkward moment when you know you can lock eyes

And you’re doing this yeah so yeah that that’s a bit awkward but yeah dry skin is one of them you’re gonna get a dry scalp as well so in the morning you might see what you think is dandruff so you know you’re gonna want to get a good conditioner if you wash your hair every day try to limit that to you know maybe once or twice a week because you don’t want to take

Those natural oils out and try and get maybe some leave-in conditioner as well you could also do jehova oil which is oil that’s very similar to your body’s natural oil and that’s something that i did is something you apply to yourself you know like right before you go to bed take a shower put in your hair so you hear get a little bit soft as well but that’ll

Minimize how much flakiness that you’re gonna get from your scalp but but even if you are conditioning it your hair is healthy you’re gonna get you’re gonna get dry skok the other thing as well is you’re definitely going to want to consume a lot of water i use e by these avium brand you don’t have to have a/c but you’re probably going to go through about two or

Three of these a day and if you want to save on money obviously just use tap water i live in chicago i’m not a big fan of the tabloid here but yeah you’re gonna you’re gonna need to consume a lot of water so if you don’t like water and you’re kind of one of those people that really you know hates the taste of water which i can i can understand that um you’re

You’re gonna have a hard time and most likely the the dryness is really going to affect the six months that you’re on accutane the other the other thing is well that i’ve noticed on accutane is achy joints now i work out probably about five six days a week depending on you know what’s going on in my life so usually about five or six days a week so between the

Soreness of going to the gym and the achy joints and muscles that you get from your skin and your whole body just being dried out so much it really kind of makes it hard to stay motivated to go to the gym especially when you’re feeling really sore so that sucks you know being 33 years old and bending down to pick up something but yeah you feel like you’re you

Know like 110 years old that really sucks so you’re gonna get achy joints the other thing as well is if you are going on a keychain during summertime just just immediately plan on not having any type of summer whatsoever because you have to minimize your exposure to the sun and if you’re in the sun like let’s say let’s say you’re even in a car and you know you’re

Driving down the road and the sun is on the left side of your on your on your car even that sun going through your window which has uv coating on it it’s still gonna make the left side of your face turn red and the right side is gonna be relatively normal but you are gonna have breakfast which is similar to the same symptom of you know using benzoyl peroxide if

You’ve ever used benzoyl peroxide you know that the first few weeks really suck cause your face just turns really bright red and it’s the same with that contain your face trends really right and you’re gonna sunburn really fast so if you if you’re going to go outside put on the you know some type of spf like maybe spf 50 or something like that if it’s working for

You you’re not gonna break out from you know you know putting some type of spf on your face i usually you see anytime i put any type of lotion on my face i used to break out but it’s not as bad anymore not it not anyway the past few months i have found a couple of brands that work really well in terms of lotion that have you know kept me from from breaking out so

Definitely use an spf if you go outside the other thing is and this is this one is mostly for men but i have noticed that in that the last month this is i’m in the very last month of using a keychain so i can’t speak to the long-term effects after accutane but my last month i have noticed that there is some testicular pain and the only reason why i actually found

Out about it is because i went to my primary doctor and i told him that hey i’m having some testicular pain and so he’s like okay yeah we needed we need to check this out so we scheduled no this ultrasound and then he told me he’s like you know i i have read that it could be related to accutane and so you know that’s that is a possible symptom that you might have

You know testicular pain towards the end of you know your six month cycle or you know if you’re on it for a long time is that symptom common no it’s it’s not very common at all but it is it is a symptom and it you know in my age you know the thought of having or i should say at my age you know you’re always concerned about you know how your body is changing as you

Know there so the last thing you obviously want is to you know to find out that you have testicular cancer or something like that so i guess it’s one of those a bit of a like an oh moment like i gotta get this checked out but again one of those symptoms that you have to watch out for now the other thing i talked about is commitment now i’ve been on this for six

Months i have live literally as you can see here one more pill left so i’ll take that later on today so it’s a six month commitment you’re gonna be taking like when you really start out you’re probably gonna start out at a low dose like 20 milligrams for me i take 80 milligrams a day which is two two of these pills because the quarter milligrams each spaced them out

Over you know the an eight-hour day or space them out every eight hours and the other commitment is because these pills take such a toll on your body you have to get your blood tested once a month and that is to make sure that your cholesterol levels are within tolerance because you know this thing just it really just kind of just just tears up your body but there

Are there are some benefits obviously the benefits are you’re gonna have clear skin it’s gonna be dry but it will be clear so before i got on a keychain i would say that i had combination skin so if you don’t know what combination skin is is where like you have like the t-zone right here right it’s got the t-zone so certain parts of my face were leon other parts

Were normal and now that i’ve been on accutane for six months and you know everything is pretty much just dried out just ready to start it on fire it’s so dry my face you know you could i could touch my face without it feeling oily or shiny in the camera which is which is really nice i haven’t had that sense you know since since i was a teen preteen if you will

So that’s nice that’s a good benefit not having oily skin the other the other benefit is is you know because you do have to get your blood tested once a month and there is a concern about what your cholesterol levels are it does make you change your eating habits so if you’re if you’re one of those people that you don’t want to change your eating habits accutane

Is probably not gonna be for you if you do have the discipline to change your eating habits so that you watch healthier and you don’t mind drinking a lot of water then accutane you know it might be for you it might be something that you want to consider you know use it for me first thing in the morning is oatmeal and then for lunch i usually eat oatmeal and then

For dinner i usually you know kind of maybe whatever i want a salad maybe since i’m putting in the time at the gym which i recommend that you know you know everybody do something to stay a little bit healthier since i am putting in the time with the gym use i do a salad and there was about a month period where my cholesterol level was really high which i mean

In my family it’s genetics that we just have you know i don’t know like we eat it cheeseburger in our blood sugar or our cholesterol level is what but go up pretty high so it is something that will make you change your eating habits and my takeaway from this is i’ve gotten into such a you know a regimen because of accutane that are this i’ll probably take eating

Oatmeal for breakfast i’ll take away from this eating oatmeal for for lunch i’ll take away drinking a lot more water you know i’m pretty used to having water stocked in my apartment now so that’s something that i will i will probably continue and then of course you know doing other little things know that my you know acne so far has been cured up now you can go

From you’re more concerned about preventing acne to and now you can actually focus on you know making your skin look a little bit better you know obviously you want to keep it hydrated all the time maybe you want to do something else that maybe you know even out your complexion and the biggest takeaway is when you’re in that meeting and you don’t have to worry

About blemishes that’s that’s huge in terms of it helping out with my you know autoimmune symptoms that i can’t say for certain it’s it’s worked for me you know this is that’s something that is gonna have to be looked at long-term and so since i have you know one more of these pills left you know i still have to you know do a follow-up video to see his body acne

Returned but coming off of this for me it’s it’s definitely been a struggle i mean i there was a lot of times where i said you know what i don’t i don’t want my blood drawn anymore i’m sick and tired of you know having to eat oatmeal fur for luncheon and for breakfast and i’m tired of having to go to a dermatologist everyone some once a month as well but sticking

It out i think it was it was definitely worth it you know if my if my acne does come back or i do have oily skin again my dermatologist did recommend that you can actually do a low dose somewhere around 10 or 20 20 milligrams and you only have to take it for it maybe once or twice a week a week and the benefit to that being that you know you won’t have to you know

Come in once a month to get your blood drawn and something that you can you know i guess you could say take it once or twice a week but overall i mean like i said i really am glad that i tried it it’s something that i avoided for a really long time but if you’re willing to make that 6-month commitment if you’re willing to change your diet if you’re willing to consume

That water if you’re willing to put up with you know the the symptoms or the drawbacks of it you know at the end of the six months so far it’s been worth it for me so you know definitely consider it and if you do consider and you’ve got any questions maybe any maybe you’re kind of looking for maybe some tricks on how to deal with the dryness or something like that

Just leave a comment in the video below and i appreciate you guys watching my video and listen to me talk for the best 20 minutes see ya

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My thoughts on Accutane (Isotretinoin) after 6 months of being on it By Michael Lemus