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Hello friends hey welcome back to the channel so today i am going to be sharing some stuff with you guys i’m super excited to be sharing with y’all it’s been on my heart for a while now to share this journey to share this story with y’all and i’m just so glad that i’m finally getting the opportunity to do it as a lot of you know i do have a almost 16 month old a

Baby girl now her name is reese and she is just my biggest blessing she is our miracle baby and i’m just so thankful that i have heard she’s great recently me and my husband had decided to grow our family so we were super excited about that it is a little bit scary for us but you know it’s in god’s hands how i prayed about it i really i just put one more baby you

Know and my my journey to get pregnant with reese was was crazy it was difficult it was draining you know but then stuff finally worked out and i had my baby girl and then my delivery it was horrible i had all kind of stuff go wrong and i’ll get into why in just a little while but um so it’s a little bit scary to do this but it’s time you know i’m not getting any

Younger so we definitely need one more baby running around this house and we’re just so excited to see what god has in store i got my birth control removed a month ago so we’re just waiting we’re gonna see you know when it happens but um this video is in collaboration with a friend of mine from youtube her name is raven nessman i am so excited to be doing this

Collab with her she is just such a sweet girl i have been drawn to her channel from the very beginning as soon as i found it she is just so creative and she has such a style with her editing and that’s what really drew me to her at first was just um tucker you know she wasn’t how good she was with her editing skills but yeah so she is just great she is a mommy

Of two baby girls brielle and anna lee and she is married to trevor her hubby they’re just so much fun to watch all she is so real she doesn’t hold anything back she’ll tell you what she’s going through you can have somebody to relate with you know because we all go through these things so you’ll need to go check her out she does all kinds of videos i’ve seen

Her do cleaning videos mostly vlogs but i’m just inspirational stuff and just mommy stuff so please go check out her channel y’all she’s going to be sharing her trying to conceive journey with her of her two girls so we’re both getting ready to add to our family super exciting but yes so just anyway go check her out and let me go ahead and get into this video ok

So story time trying to conceive with my baby girl least this started i’ll take you back to me and my hubby got married in march of 2015 our plan was to wait one year before we started trying to have babies well i got baby fever so bad and four months in we decided to start trying to grow our family and you know he was more like whatever makes you happy because

I was being crazy about it i’m like i’m ready now i am 30 years old at the time and you know i was just ready to have some babies i got my man we’re blessed were older you know so it’s time to get this show on the road and i’m so glad we stored whom we did because it was actually a process i got pregnant within a couple of months with my first baby and it was so

Exciting you know i brought a little gift to my parents and told ryan’s parents and you know we were having a baby we were so excited we were you know we were gonna grow our family so we went to the doctor and this is our first baby this is all the only picture i have of that baby precious little angel okay so anyway we went into the first appointment this baby

Here was supposed to be seven weeks and four days it was measuring smaller and there was no heartbeat so we waited a week and went back still no heartbeat so i was getting ready to miscarry my first baby the doctor that i was seeing we weren’t a good fit for each other bless her heart she didn’t know me she didn’t know my history and i didn’t tell her a whole lot

Until after she was just kind of rough around the edges she wasn’t real sensitive with me you know who was going through her first miscarriage the girl who was going through a first miscarriage and she she told me to just go have a glass of wine and relax it’s pretty much it she’s so anyway don’t doubt that i was miscarry my baby and she didn’t suggest a d&c

She said i think that you can do this naturally the baby’s probably gonna pass soon so she didn’t go on to tell me about how bad this was gonna be how painful this was gonna be you know she just she was like you can do it you’re gonna durgan pass the baby it’s gonna be alright she’s like you want some pain medicine i’m like okay well i’m in recovery so i don’t

Know if i need to i need pain medicine because if i need it then i’ll take it but she was like i won’t need it you probably won’t need it so she gave me some naproxen and sent me home well my husband and i were getting ready to film our first wedding he was just starting hit-boy he hadn’t even started as a business yet this was just the first opportunity that came

Up for us to film a wedding so we were supposed to be going to do that like i don’t know maybe a week not even a week later and the day of the wedding i started miss carrying the baby he couldn’t miss this he had to go he was obligated i had to stay here by myself and pass this baby by myself it was the most horrible thing i’ve ever been through at that point

You know like that it was so tough i just remember you know it was just it was horrible if you’ve never had a miscarriage before and passed it naturally you know the stuff that happens how bad it is i couldn’t breathe i was in so much pain it was just constant just pouring out of me and i was here and i was just on the floor i just remember being in a ball and

Crying and then being in the most pain i had ever been in and i was passing my baby i haven’t thought about the stupid a while but anyway it was pretty horrible and so i did that like the next day we wouldn’t got a puppy so that’s when i got my red dog pumpkin and hmm okay yeah so anyways i got my first baby pumpkin and she helped kill my heart i love her she’s a

Rotten little dog and she’s just a good little puppy so anyway i got my first donkey and that was it not even i think it was two months later i think i might’ve way to the cycle and then i got pregnant on the next one then i got freaky it was my second baby and this is you know the pictures that i have of my second baby i made it to one doctor’s appointment and

Again i was further along this time but there was still no heartbeat so this time something that stood out to me i remember just how sweet and precious the ultrasound tech was she i had switched doctors at this point i was seeing somebody else because i’ve heard great things about this lady and i was you know i was just happy to be doing something else but this

Lady was so sweet and she was just like so compassionate and her heart was breaking and then she was going through some stuff you know like we were both going through some things and it just kind of all came out there and and we just had a moment now i just couldn’t help but think you know about these ladies that have to tell these mamas there’s no heartbeat you

Know there’s your baby’s not gonna make it you know there’s no growth or there’s something wrong you know there’s these ladies have a tough job too and so i just kind of had a different kind of respect for for those people at that point but this baby it didn’t last very long either and i ended up having a d&c with this when this doctor was said you know she’s

Like we’re gonna get you a dnc and y’all dnc was the best thing if it ever happened to me doing my johnny because i was able to just put this stuff behind me it was like had a surgery had it all removed and then it was over with you know and then i could move on whereas with with the first one i carried that baby for even longer and y’all it was tough that was

So tough but anyway i you know i had my second miscarriage ahem a dnc so sometime 101 they still this doctor wasn’t interested in doing any testing she thought that this doll could just be a flu miscarriage just happened sometimes ladies have one sometimes they have to you know sometimes stuff happens so she was gonna let me try to get pregnant again three times

So anyway i get pregnant again with my third baby it’s hard for me to get excited at this point you know for a baby because i’ve had two miscarriages why would i want to put my heart and two loving this baby you know whenever i keep losing them but as a mother as somebody who has a baby you know that you can’t not get attached so i got attached in this pregnancy i

Got a little bit further along and each one each pregnancy that i had i got a little bit further along so this one this is my third baby let’s see i was eight weeks here eight weeks and we had a heartbeat and that was like it was awesome you know i there is my baby’s heartbeat right there and so i started thinking this might get different you know this might be

Different i might be able to have this baby and anyway so time passed and my next appointment was at 12 weeks i was fine i was feeling sick i was thought i was craving foods i might have been you know like i was just i was feeling like i was pregnant but then the day i went to my 12-week appointment in the day before i had a fear come over me and i just started

Crying it was like i was already grieving this baby before i knew that this baby was gone i didn’t really feel it up until this point i didn’t feel like i had lost the baby but i was scared to death to go to the doctor because i knew something was gonna be wrong every time that i went something was wrong so anyway the next day ryan couldn’t get off of work so i

Went to this doctor’s appointment and i sure enough have lost this baby there was no heartbeat they they couldn’t son heartbeat so i was distraught i was trying to ride my head around what had happened and i just couldn’t understand why i was going through what i was going they’re like why do i have to happen to me and right about that time i was just sitting in

There waiting a lady i guess one of the nurses there that i didn’t recognize came in and she said can i pray with you and let you pray with her made sorry y’all this is so hard for me to talk about but this is something that i want to share you know because whenever i was going through it i know i should have been looking to god and you know praying and whatever

But i was looking for youtube videos i was looking for somebody that i could relate with that you know was going through the same thing that was going through and how are they dealing with it you know and i wasn’t able to find a whole lot surprisingly at the time and i don’t know if i wasn’t certain all right but i just wasn’t able to find a lot but anyways let me

Get back to my story this lady came in and prayed with me and she was precious and the lord sent her to me at that very moment and she was an angel and i just felt a peace come over me and i was gonna be okay they decided to do some testing finally to find out what was wrong with me why was i losing these babies every time you know like why was i getting further

Along every time so anyway they did some blood work they found out i had two blood clotting disorders mthfr and factor v leiden i think it’s how you say it and the mthfr is common that can be treated with aspirin a friend of mine actually was going through the same thing and she was able to have her baby on aspirin but the other one was the problem and so they sent

Me to i think was a hematologist and she’s like yeah so she’s like you haven’t been having all these babies but she’s like i’m gonna give you this shot and you’re gonna be able to go have a baby i’ll go ahead and call it in for you y’all can start trying now and as soon as she get pregnant start taking this shot which was lovenox discipler thinner and i hope it’s

Just encouraged by this try to call my doctor the lady that had seen the past few of times the lady that had sent me to this doctor and i said get in touch their office we had a flood here in 2016 and her office flooded and i guess they were just so busy she was still seeing patients but it’s just everything was chaotic here for a long time and anyway i ended up

Not being able to get in with her my boss’s wife and several other people had told me about this other doctor oh she is great mom neighbor my mom worked with somebody that she knew i just heard wonderful things about this lady so i called and i got an appointment with her in anyway so i saw her after i got pregnant started taking my shots y’all she was wonderful i

Took shots you have to take a shot every day of the load knocks whenever i’m pregnant sorry y’all had something important in my face that shot every day kept me safe but kept my baby safe and now i have my baby girl y’all my labor was crazy because on blood thinners you know like you’re gonna lose a lot of blood if you’re having a baby i did lose i ended up having

To get three pints of blood i ended up with preeclampsia and there was just some horrible stuff that happened after her so i really am crazy for think i don’t wanna go through this skin but i’m just trusting god and hoping and believing that he’s gonna take care of me and i know that he is so yeah so that’s what’s going on that was my journey to my baby girl y’all

I have three miscarriages and now i have the most precious doll she has spoiled rotten but how could she not be i did what seemed like forever for this baby girl whenever it you know it was only it was only about two years she is my everything and i just feel like she needs a little brother or sister so yeah if any of y’all have you know any questions if you’re

Going through the same kind of thing please let me know let’s talk to each other because it’s not something easy to go through please go check out ravens channel y’all go check out her video i’m gonna have her video in her channel linked below so don’t forget to go check her out and support her she has been through a journey as well so just like we all have go

Listen to her journey support her just you know and just hang out because she’s got some great videos so yeah i hope that you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already i would love to have you all here i post all kinds of different videos i do a lot of cleaning a lot of mommy videos i

Do some vlogs and yeah so i just hope that you guys will stick around and we will see y’all in the next video bye

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