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My Weightloss Journey

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Should I get the sleeve?

Hey everybody um this is tiffany and i just wanted to talk a little bit about my weight loss journey and what’s going on for about a year my doctor has been talking to me about getting the bariatric sleeve surgery and you know i started out going to the different meetings you know for information and it kind of took off to where you know now i’ve completed like

Every step that you need to take um you know i’ve seen the dietitian i’ve seen the exercise physiologist i’ve um you know went through the seminars and now the lady is calling me from henry ford to meet with the surgeon and i’m at a crossroads because i know that with the weight i am not well um i just turned 40 and i felt like even being a little bit heavier

When i was younger i could handle it a little better and now i really think i’m feeling it you know in so many ways um the motivation that i had for weight loss when i was younger where i could go to the gym maybe for like four months and lose maybe 40 or 50 pounds you know working out and being real diligent about my eating i don’t think i had that motivation

Anymore and i think it’s partly because of the depression and the anxiety and all the things i go through with my mental health um so weight loss surgery seems like a good option but it’s a part of me that’s afraid of getting surgery nobody wants to go under the knife nobody wants to be cut but the one thing i was thinking about earlier is that if i wasn’t

Well in any other area of my life would i be opposed to getting treatment to help myself and one thing that they always say is that weight loss surgery is a tool it’s not like a quick fix and you know maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing um the the pros and cons what kind of way out is you know i could lose the weight with the sleeve and just feel great

And be happy that i did it and you know go all off into the sunset with my life or i could have complications um it could not go well i mean or i could do nothing and then you know 10 years from now i’m 100 pounds bigger than i am now and i know that i have a big food addiction problem part of it is because of the depression and the anxiety issues to where

It just feels automatic to eat um some big decisions to make about this you know it just comes down to do i want it to stop here or do i feel like i want to play around with it for another five years or ten years and in a way i really don’t like right now i’m totally exhausted you know the different things that i have you know sleep apnea which i don’t use a

Cpap when i should pre-diabetes i have um carpal tunnel and neuropathy in my hands um i don’t have high blood pressure yet oh the female issues with the fibroids um just so much i don’t know i think maybe i should give myself a chance okay i’m gonna go now but i’ll stay updated maybe i’ll feel motivated tomorrow to go to the gym right now i’m so tired i’m

So tired of a lot of things but let me say that i still have a great self-esteem now i think i’m a great person and i you know i don’t feel like i’m down on myself or i’m ugly i’m the most disgusting person in the world i think i have some health issues that i need to address i’m signing off bye

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My Weightloss Journey By Tiffany Stevens