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Myorisan (isotretinoin) – Talking about packaging and side effects.

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This will be a series of videos anticipated to be about 6 – 10 videos long. I have been taking this for only a month, and should be done 5 months from now in… January, I believe. These videos are for future reference, as well as showing others what it could be like (as I do not represent everyone and their experiences). But these videos will have a more personal appeal, and may help someone else, so I am choosing to upload them.

Hello i’m gonna start making these videos every month um to know progress or side effects that i’m feeling i probably should have done one before i even started this medication but better late than never especially since i’m still in the first month um i’m 21 years old and i started taking this one month ago and it is this i’m not gonna start to pronounce it because

It’s it’s so old oh well there it is a computer lab sorry about that um and i wanted to make this video can you make him these videos for my personal future reference and for anyone who wanted to start taking this medicine this medicine is for acne that’s what i’m taking it for a head chronic acne for seven years and it’s like all over the front of my torso at my

Shoulders on my back and my face legs and it’s uh it was ridiculous and so i decided that i wanted to go this route um i read about it my dermatologist recommended it but it’s really hard to get to this i’m to start taking this because it causes major birth defects if you’re taking it while you’re pregnant you have to take all sorts of pregnancy tests and fill out so

Many forms and you have to watch so many instructional videos um and i was never really asked if i wanted to have children or if there are some other route i could take but um it’s regulated by the fda and really hard to talk to someone about changing the program but i’ll talk about the program another day because it’s it’s uh it’s ridiculous anyway this medication

Is apparently harry potter in a box because it just magically mix all of your acne okay well it’s very intimidating to get into the packaging as well because not only do they want you to feel shame for happy uterus but they want to make them fight for it um so there’s so many words on here that you’ve read before in millions of the packets and packaging’s they give

You um there’s a there’s a guide dear lord and they come in every single one regardless of whatever because i have like 15 of these because i have enough for two months and then i have to go and get another pregnancy test or maybe i have enough for 10 times six would be 60 days so you have two months um and there’s so many there’s so many i have so many of these

I just awesome they don’t have many many things went to toss on my throne recycling but yes the entire box on each and every box is birth defects birth defects um they have a couple pictures everything is about you know the potential child that you’re not going to have um and yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty ridiculous um this one is stating a bunch of stuff about if

You have any emotional things which is another reason why i took me two years to even get on this stuff um but anyway let’s get to the pills i was probably boring sorry about that so here’s the actual pills and there is 10 them in each all this space what your doctor already went through with you you read it you read it before i write again um when there’s so much

Information you know you just start to black out and ignore it and you don’t even it anyway um so this is some pretty serious stuff i’ve only been taking it for and um i’ve start after i’ve become a snake um but i go in the shower and i used like this mixture of like coconut oil and sugar that i’ve been using for an exfoliant and it’s been working really well for

The past year and i’m like oh my skin is so smooth but now um this what are the side effects of this is that it dries your skin out to the point of insanity and so i’ve been using a lip chap on my knuckles because i have eczema which um it’s just a you get super dry skin especially when you have um you know like i have red hair and green eyes and super white skin

And so i am more susceptible to that but like a dry just getting out to the point where i don’t know if you see that i have more boys than usual and these are the only one these are the ones on my better the most troublesome at the moment and i’ve been here in a you know lip balm and vaseline um on my wrists and other places and my lips and my nose and with eod i

Gotta shower and i use this sugar exfoliant um and just kind of wash my face with it like i usually do and um i think about 10 minutes because every time i pulled my hair hand away um there was skin on it and not like like like that really good feeling when you have like a face peel or like a sunburn or anything like that it was more like um if you had piece of

Cardboard or a click those glass bottles at the store and there’s a sticker on it and to get the sticker off you have to put it underneath underneath the water and you just scrub at it you know how it kind of papers the way um it was like that so i had to do that every time i pulled it away there would be like little rolls um um skin dry skin dead skin and i hope

You exploited off i’m going to talk about 10 minutes to to it in the shower um but it was like a brand new skin and i was telling my partner like touch my forehead it’s have a smooth you won’t even believe um but it is i was super fun and weird but it i might get concerned about it later i gotta keep my eye on that because on my nose i think under part of my chin

There’s a parts that are starting to bleed like because sometimes especially on my nose it will come off in like maybe a piece about as big as my thumb thumbnail or something thumbnail you know do my thumbnails reference you have thumbnails presumably anyway um and so when you exfoliate that and the regular skin comes off and then you peel another layer off um it

Like it started to bleed here my pores and on my chin i’m so i’m keeping my eye on the hat future rachel get to a doctor um what else oh along with the dry skin my head smell blisters are working out i think i already stated that um it looks like i have some sort of her pee on my face um it’s just dry i think i’ve had this before when i had like chapped lips is

When i’m here and there’s one right here and it’s just like it’s not even as it anymore i haven’t had any news it’s on my face i had a couple on my chin and maybe my nose but those are like the problem places so i wasn’t too worried about it but my the new skin that is washed forth is i’m super smooth and i’m sticking said it’s so velvety um and i wonder if my

Skin continues to dry out if this if this new skin will dry out and that will peel off and it will become like a problem or if this is like the skin i was meant to have oh so i’m super excited to see where that goes um or worried who knows and so these are everywhere it says on the packaging do not get pregnant remember blood we understand before you can get this

To your prescribed or you could be prescribed i’m spermicide or i’m personally taking like an oral contraceptive um then you have to use we’ll get into that in another video don’t worry about it but um oh excuse me anyway let’s let’s tuck in so i already opened one well i was practicing for this video said i’d want to blab around for too long as you can see it’s

About 10 minutes long already so um get up take copper great for something um but uh so there’s fallen orange and kinda ridiculous they’re shaped like eggs and then why don’t she look like jelly beans so here anyway um and so every single one in every single packages do not get pregnant do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars um yeah this is the most

Copied a pill i’ve ever opened and i’ve been on like medication and different medications and same one and off and on and blah blah blah for a long time and these aren’t the most dangerous pills are taken um but they’re the most difficult to get into so we’re gonna try to open one here and as you can see there’s a there’s foil and then on the back the the cardboard

Is fused to the foil and then on the other side there’s plastic slow plastic that’s keeping them in here and everything the before house fused to the cardboard but the the foil is not fused to the plastic except in one place and it’s these little divots here right above the pill you see those lines on there and it prevents you from opening the package so what you

Do is lagging me make sure guys are keeping up with me i don’t jump ahead and so it’s difficult to get them one at a time so tells you it tells push so as you push it bends the rest of them out um and there’s the dotted lines i’m sure there’s a word for that um who good 17 you and yeah it’s especially when you’re opening this for the first time i’m even opening

This square is really difficult and it’s opening each pill for the first time oh there there goes the whole row anyway you gotta keep them airtight super fresh fresh pills for stuff and so you grab it little tab that you make but all of these have other already popped so and you pull down and that’s what happens it happens every time so you got this little thing

With the with up no no pregnant lady on it and since the foil is fusing the plastic um you can’t even get into it it’s like you haven’t even done anything um so i’ve had to use knives your nail really doesn’t work oh let’s try next relentless i usually since it’s so difficult to get in and usually just spend 10 or 15 minutes getting them all out and putting him in

Like the old the old people morning noon and night pills or the monday tuesday wednesday and morning monday tuesday evening especially since you actually gum everybody twice today so i’ll just take one in the morning on at night both of food um same time every day don’t don’t mess it up so oh that one’s nicer i’ve got really good this but it’s still super difficult

To do um yeah there’s three excuse me i think i’ll just do one row since i’ve already opened these excuse me a lot um i’ll just get in here do-do-do-do-do now ma’am amanda me i’m gonna yeah it’s oh yeah this one has a little extra foil tab that it is created from the first tab so they got to at five that are able to be get a bowl and even that’s super difficult to

Get them out but um it have to use knives and it’s super frustrating and if you haven’t had any practice with this it’s very intimidating and yeah very scary packaging um so there’s that um i think that’s about it um we’re going to go brush my hair since i um yesterday i think i told you to um when i started sneaking my face start sneaking my scalp did too and so

I spent about 20 minutes just like dove and lotion a lot lotion but like moisturizing body wash moisturizing shampoo pinner in my scalp like head & shoulders major and i had to like use my nails and i used like one of those slick finger washing brushes to kind of get in there because i would go to brush my hair or like you know do like a bust ha type of thing

And um it was um dandruff everywhere except it was just dry skin which is practically dandruff but anyway um and so my scalp started sneaking my coops nikki from now on future rachel don’t forget um and so i had to while i was getting in there everything and washing it out and getting back in there making sure that all those down so i can just get it all done with

Right away don’t like tangled my hair the process so that’s why all this is happening um so anything else about 15 minutes mom anything else you’re a triple check um oh yeah moodiness um i have um you know like ups and downs and backs and forth since i decides i’m emotionally i don’t know since i am currently menstruating fertile myrtle rare um but we’ll see sad

And crying spells ah angry or irritable no energy so like a lot of these things are kinda they’re so obscured um so i suppose if you’re going to start taking this to keep a journal um since you have to have a pregnancy test one month before you can even start this um i’d start like even full before up if you had a knee um every time you have like an argument or a

Spat or you know every time to snap at somebody um or if like you start to you know feel sad or something i migrated down a couple a couple months prior to taking this um i wish i had but i can’t do it now well i suppose i could see if it increases from one month to the next but um and write it down or mark it on your calendar and see especially if you’re a female

But definitely let’s play both male female but and then to sink that up with your periods and the second week so the week after your period the next week is when you would be pmsing another be another week and they lead to have the week of your period so i would especially sync up those um outbursts more events with um your looks like a week of your cycle on the

Fourth week and to see if there are any like let make a chart make a chart uh take statistics make a chart um and see if there’s any synchronizing there and then to see when if you have an increase in angry or sad spells or even happy spells i don’t know um and keep charge keep your weight um yeah so just write this stuff down get on a scale in the morning after

You pee um and do that every day for the week and then average that out and that’ll be your weight that week so i encourage you to do that for a while not only help with weight loss too so that’s really fun to see if every lost ten pounds just by just by recording that so good for me um so just record everything and make sure like what i’m doing now and recording

But i should do this prior so if you’re thinking about if you have really bad acne and you’re thinking about whether you should take this or not um i don’t know yet but uh if you’re thinking about it now then we should start recording your feelings your highs and lows and your weight now so that you can have little been done because i had to wait two years so if

You’re thinking about it now i start doing stuff now before you do stuff later obviously so that is it for this video i hope you all have a good day sorry this took so long um and i’ll see future rachel next month thank you i

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