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Naloxone informative Speech

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Hello my name is amberly chapin and today i will be presenting to you the life-saving drug naloxone as of 2021 the cdc has announced one death occurs every five minutes in the united states due to drug overdose what is naloxone substance abuse and mental health services administration describes naloxone as a life-saving medication used to quickly reverse the

Effects of an overdose due to opioids also known as an opioid antagonist the luxon can restore breathing to someone who has stopped breathing due to the use of opioids although the effects are only temporary and immediate medical attention is required after administration this medication is widely used by emergency medical personnel but can be administered by

Anyone at home how fast does an electron work the lux zone is a very powerful medication and after administration if the reversal is successful the person who had overdose will typically wake up within one to three minutes what are common side effects of an opioid overdose that would require an electron the fda lists common side effects as unresponsiveness or

Unconsciousness dilated pupil slowed breathing cold skin discolored lips discolored fingernails or drastic change in heartbeat how is naloxone administered naloxone can be administered either through a nasal spray or through injection if injected it can be either injected directly into the muscle into the vein or under the skin many people prefer the nasal spray

Due to the fact that there is no prior formal training needed before administration are there negative effects to the administration of naloxone other than feelings of discomfort due to withdrawals being possible due to the use of the opioids to begin with no known fatal side effects have been reported due to naloxone being administered this is still true for the

Person who receives the medication has no opioids previously in their system there is also no age restriction to this medication another important thing to note involving the administration of naloxone is a 911 good samaritan law fear of arrest can cause some people not to call emergency services after the administration of naloxone which is very vital 40 states

So far have passed 911 good samaritan law which provides protection from legal persecution for the person helping the person who overdose and including the person themselves who overdosed how common are deaths due to opioids the cdc published that over 932 000 lives have been taken from drug overdose since 1999. in recent years two out of three drug overdoses in

2020 involved opioids death from overdose can occur in up to four minutes it takes an average of seven minutes for ems to arrive in a suburban setting why has a number of deaths due to opioid overdose has grown so rapidly over recent years the u.s department of health and human services says this rise in numbers is greatly attributed to the rapid proliferation of

Fentanyl how many lives have been saved from naloxone a study published in the centers for disease control and prevention showed that nearly 27 000 lives have been saved due to the administration of naloxone after an overdose a review of emergency medical services data from massachusetts found that 93.5 percent of people survived their overdose when administered

Naloxone afterwards why are some people against the luck some being available over the counter some people believe that by having naloxone over the counter people addicted to opioids will take advantage of it and continue to use the drugs epinelex zone is successful in this way some people think naloxone is enabling drug use all in all i have shown you the

Importance of the life-saving jungle luxon and how it works having this medication easily accessible has been crucial in decreasing the number of deaths due to the opioid crisis amongst us every year thank you so much

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Naloxone informative Speech By amber leigh