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Naloxone Instructions (Injection)

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Instructions for administering Naloxone by the method of injection.

Using injectable naloxone to reverse opiate overdose naloxone is a medicine and is also known as narcan when someone overdoses on opiates they stop breathing naloxone reverses opiate overdose so they can breathe again opiates include drugs like heroin methadone oxycontin vicodin percocet codeine and fentanyl naloxone does not reverse overdose from drugs like

Cocaine meth alcohol or benzodiazepines like xanax or valium step one how do you know if someone is overdosing there are several signs not breathing or breathing is very slow or shallow turning pale blue or gray especially in their lips or fingernails making snoring gurgling or choking sounds becoming limp throwing up or not responding to yelling or other

Stimulation the quickest way to see if the person is responsive is to take your knuckles and rub them firmly up and down the person’s chest bone if the person does not respond check for breathing watch their chest to see if it rises and falls put your ear near their face to listen and feel for breaths step 2 call 9-1-1 if the person does not respond and is

Not breathing call 9-1-1 immediately there may be complications that need medical attention or the person may have overdosed on something besides heroin or other opiates emergency medical services are critical step 3 rescue breathing if the person is not breathing start breathing for them first make sure their airway is clear check for food or anything else

In their mouth when their mouth is clear tilt their forehead back and lift their chin pinch their nose and give them one normal breath every five seconds continue doing this for about 30 seconds step four give naloxone if the person is still not breathing it is time to use your naloxone if possible use an alcohol wipe to clean the skin where you are planning

To inject the naloxone remove the orange cap from your vial of naloxone if you have a small one milliliter vial of naloxone draw up the whole vial into a syringe if possible use a muscling syringe with a one to one and one half inch needle that is 25 gauge or lower insert the needle at a 90 degree angle and push in the plunger inject the entire one milliliter

Of naloxone into their upper arm thigh or butt step five give more rescue breathing it may take several minutes for the naloxone to kick in brain damage can occur after three to five minutes without oxygen so you need to breathe for the person until the naloxone kicks in give one breath every five seconds if the person has not woken up after three minutes

Give them a second full one milliliter dose of naloxone continue giving one breath every five seconds until they wake up or until emergency medical services arrive step 6 follow-up if the person is dependent on heroin or other opiates they may go into withdrawal after you give them naloxone withdrawal symptoms can include vomiting diarrhea sweating and agitated

Behavior this may be unpleasant and dramatic but it is not life-threatening and only last until the naloxone wears off tell them that naloxone wears off in 30 to 45 minutes and there are still drugs in their system within 90 minutes the withdrawal effects will be gone watch the person for at least an hour or until emergency medical services arrive in case they go

Back into overdose when they wake up keep them calm recommend that they seek medical attention and help them if necessary do not let them use more heroin or other opiates the naloxone will block it and they could overdose again once the naloxone wears off recovery position if you have to leave the person at any point put them in the recovery position roll them

Over slightly on their side bend their top knee put their top hand under their head to support it this position should keep them from rolling over onto their stomach or back so they won’t choke if they vomit prevent overdose opiate overdose is most common when your tolerance is down after you take a break from using when you mix drugs especially combinations

Of downers like heroin methadone or other opiates alcohol and benzodiazepines when you’ve been sick tired run down or dehydrated or when you use stronger drugs than usual to prevent overdose go slow after breaks or if you’re using something stronger be careful when mixing drugs take care of yourself eat sleep and drink water review if you think someone is

Overdosing check for responsiveness by rubbing your knuckles hard on their chest bone call 9-1-1 breathe for them for 30 seconds give a first dose of naloxone continue breathing for them for three minutes give them a second dose of naloxone if they have not woken up or started breathing after they wake up monitor them to make sure they do not overdose again

Put them in the recovery position if you have to leave refills ask your trainer how to get refills in case you use your naloxone and need more you

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Naloxone Instructions (Injection) By Idaho Department of Health \u0026 Welfare