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Naloxone Northamptonshire Trial

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Local authorities are soon to be equipped with Naloxone as part of a test pilot. Our very own Terry Gilfoyle has been training the police in it’s use, and last Saturday was invited by @bbcradionorthampton to talk with John Griff a bit more about Naloxone, as well as our partnership with @NorthamptonshirePolice.

Police officers in northamptonshire are soon to be equipped with a nasal spray which can reverse the effects of drug use it’s called naloxone and it’s part of a pilot project will which will in time be given to officers in northampton and kettering certain of them are getting it very soon indeed as part of the trial which may then see full rollout detective

Chief inspector steve watkins is from northamptonshire police and he’s leading the project you might have heard him talking on the breakfast show first thing yesterday tackling the effects of drugs used in northamptonshire is one of the four matters of priority as they’re known which have been set of the public’s force by the public i talked to steve yesterday at

Campbell square police station he told me how the spray does what it does so this is a drug which is administered through the nose it goes to the brain and it sits on the receptor that heroin or fentanyl would sit on which prevents that opiate from having its deleterious effect why are the police involved in this and say not paramedics or the medical community so

Paramedics medical communities drug workers they have access to to this and similar drugs and more effective medication up until now northamptonshire police didn’t have access to it but what we were finding is that officers were frequently first on the scene of someone who who may be suffering from a drug overdose be it on a bus be it in a in a stairwell sometimes

Literally coming across people who are clearly suffering from from what is a medical emergency if someone’s suffering from an opiate overdose their breathing stops and so it’s really important to get the drug out of their system so that they can come back and start breathing again but just like cpr every second counts you said frequently officers find this just

How frequently do you mean what kind of a drugs problem do we now have on the streets of northampton and kettering where this pilot scheme is being trialled it’s not so much that there’s an increase in in drug dependency or drug drug overdose it’s more than what we’re seeing now is these synthetic opiates that are coming in which are mixing with the street heroin

That users are used to having and what that does is that it means that it’s very unpredictable for them to be able to to inject what they would say is a standard dose and that puts them at real risk of overdose and that’s what we’re seeing a lot more of this is a trial that northamptonshire police are involved in what process have you got to go through before the

Issuing of this particular nasal spray becomes the norm for north hamptonship police in the way that taser was for instance it needs to be approved formally by our clinical governance group they make sure that that what we’re that the spray is appropriate that all the all the legal the boxes are ticked and that it’s it’s suitable for carriage by the police once

That’s complete then we can commence our 12-month pilot you will use that to get some really useful data around its efficacy how useful it is so once a 12-month pilot is complete if it’s successful and we’re content with it then we can roll it out more widely and we should make the point that this is a priority cause as far as northamptonshire police is concerned

This is something that’s been called for by the public drugs harm is a matter of priority for northamptonshire police and this coincides with a week of action that we’ve been doing around drugs harm so we’ve been doing a lot around the the pursue aspect so again smashing doors through targeting drug dealers taking the drug pushers off the streets we’ve been doing

Open ground searches of parks and woodlands to take weapons guns and and other things off the street as well and we’re doing follow-up victims uh visits to make sure that people who might have their houses taken over by drug dealers has been reinforced so yes absolutely this is very much a response to what the public wants they want drugs off the street they want

To make sure that people aren’t getting harmed by drugs and they want to see us taking positive action action in action against drugs that’s steve watkins from northamptonshire police sergeant abdul salik works the streets of northamptonshire he’s on the beat so what proportion of his time is taken up dealing with drugs related issues a large amount of our time

Is spent around drug-related issues and that could be a variety of things from auto crime burglaries overdoses drug dealing you know it is a concentrated area in northampton where it is quite prevalent so we do focus a lot of our time on drug issues who decides if you’re going to use this nasal spray what’s the the chain of events do you have to ask permission

Or do you just dive in and frankly shove a nasal spray up someone’s nose it’s all offices it will be a voluntary basis so all officers will choose to carry again subject to clinical governance we would decide to administer the naloxone spray so at that point of incapability by the member of the public you can and you are empowered to step in and simply administer

Naloxone on their behalf without any say so what they’re doing yes we can have you actually done this so far yourself no we haven’t we’ve had a training input again we’re waiting for the clinical governance approval before we can carry it and but we are looking forward to carrying it if it’s one life we can save then that’s a success that’s sergeant abdul salik

Well terry guilfoyle is from the charity change grow live round here that charity is also known as substance to solution he’s been training northamptonshire police officers in the use of the sprays and he says they really work i know in the last three months i know of at least 10 overdoses that have occurred on seven of them occasions naloxone has been used and

That person has been brought back to life it’s not rocket science it’s a very simple procedure that can actually mean the difference between life and death how fast working in real terms is naloxone one dose of naloxone will work for two or three minutes if there’s no response you repeat that dose once you’ve administered the whole of the spray it will last for

Around 20 minutes so effectively you’re you’re buying yourself time until the paramedics get there and they can take over how big a step forward is this for us this is huge to get the police involved and to get the police on board we’ve been issuing naloxone kits for for a number of years to our service users this last year i got the role that i’m currently in now

Which is involves me going out and training external partners so police was just one of the people that it was a no-brainer we had to get the police on board they’re often a first responder and they they’re at the sharp end when it’s needed most where it’s needed most he says terry guilfoyle from substance to solution and before him uh sergeant alberto saleek and

Detective chief inspector steve watkins from northamptonshire police naloxone the trial for northamptonshire police starting in northampton and kettering but it’s right at its start we’re just at the beginning of the trial process we’ll update the story once of the results of that trial are in one of the priority matters for northamptonshire police as set by us the public

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Naloxone Northamptonshire Trial By Change Grow Live Northants