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Naloxone Part 2

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Part 2 showing how to use Naloxone to reverse an opioid overdose

Okay so i’m gonna talk about okay you honey you gotta move excuse me talking about how to use your naloxone so the first one i’m gonna talk about is the narcan nasal spray i talked about what naloxone is and what it does in earlier on in the video so this is what the narcan nasal spray looks like there is a i don’t know if you can see it there’s a very little

Hole right here that the medication is dispensed from this is red on this version sometimes there are this can be white and it is a it is a plunger where you push it and the medication is dispersed into the mucosa in the nose so obviously i can put signs of overdose on the screen you know pinpoint people’s turning blue like a labored breathing or like a

Very loud breathing noise completely unconscious things like that so the the first thing that you want to do is put the person on their back while you want to do a sternum rub to make sure that they’re not just knotted out you know do a sternum rug yell their name i’m always going to recommend calling the paramedics first before you start or have somebody else

Directed to do that because like i said earlier on no naloxone has a very short half-life or a shorter half-life in the half-life of fentanyl or heroin and it can that this medication can wear off and you can fall back into an overdose so you want a sternum rub call 9-1-1 put the person on their back and it’s honestly quite simple you want to insert this into

The nostril basically until the bottom hits like that but obviously in the nose so this hits there now you want to push back the person’s head to open up the cavity to make sure you know the medication goes into it so i don’t want to put it like on my in my nose so you wanna so your fingers are gonna go here and you’re gonna put it in until basically either

This part or the your fingers touch the bottom of their nose and you want to tilt the head back and offer use your hand to support and then push the plunger to dispense the medication like i said naloxone it’s not like how they show in the movies you’re not gonna slam this and they’re just gonna wake up you know it it’s it takes two to three up to five minutes

For it to actually work i usually recommend doing about three minutes in between and if there has been no change the person hasn’t woken up then you you know administer the second dose of it or you allow like paramedics to step in and do what they have to do these are obviously only good for one use and you throw them away afterwards you know i always try to

Tell people to paramedics know what you administered how much you administered when you administered it you know the time like and i get all those things that are like really hard to like think about and keep track of in a high stress situation such as this so most of us are going to recommend rescue breathing but i also am under the understanding that a lot of

People you know don’t want to do that rescue breathing is a very important thing that you can do and help because it’s about losing oxygen to the brain that is a huge issue when it comes to overdoses but also if you do have to leave or you don’t feel comfortable putting the person into a rescue position which would be putting them on their side turning their face

And having their support armed down just in case they do end up vomiting they do not aspirate on their vomit all of the directions are inside of each of the individual packages of the narcan now i understand taking this out and reading it is not not something that a lot of people are going to do in a high session high stress situation so it the biggest things are

Check for signs of overdoses sternum rub call the paramedics put the person on their back and with the back of your hand support their neck back and insert the the medication this tip this the white tip into the nose and basically until your fingers or this white thing touch the base of the person’s nostrils and then firmly push the red plunger or sometimes this

Is white so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t it’ll look exactly like this remember again that somebody is not nine times out of ten is not going to shoot out of an overdose instantaneously now have i seen it happen i have but very few times usually it takes two to three minutes and most people with the strength of the stuff on the street now do end up waking up kind

Of groggy which again which is why we say transporting and receiving medical attention is very important because it is it is very reasonable to believe that somebody will fall back into the overdose once they’ve been pulled out of it before but i’m i’m also aware that a lot of people are not going to want to receive medical attention just because of this stigma

Surrounding substance use disorder and overdoses and all of that okay so the second type of medication or naloxone that we’re going to talk about is the intramuscular like i said before ah the auto injector has been discontinued you can still find them very expensive i do not currently have one or the tester to show and the eight milligram clock solder i also do

Not personally have in my possession but it is also an internet intranasal spray so i am going to assume i can look into it but i’m gonna assume that it is pretty similar to the narcan nasal spray from adapt okay so this is one vial of the block zone and you know you don’t see a lot in here and it comes with this orange top this one’s just water at this point

I i’ve measured it out many times to use it as a demonstration thing so i don’t waste naloxone anyways so the top of this it with a little bit of pressure it pulls off you cannot put it back on and you have your gray net here where you insert the syringe to get medication up so usually i do see around like a 23 gauge needle used because this again this is

An intramuscular thing and you know these are more heavy duty than like a normal insulin syringe which usually range from like 29 to 31 gauge for people that inject drugs okay so this is what this this is a three mil syringe so you want to uncap it and it looks like there’s two parts to it usually they come together there are some harm reduction programs that

Do have the syringes where you have to twist the top on it now again these are a lot cheaper for harm reduction programs to obtain and distribute but i also understand that this is first of all this is very stigmatized and a lot of people don’t like to use it because there’s a lot more steps to do in a high stress situation and a lot of people with like needle

Safety and just a lot of other myths that come along with people who use drugs and substance use disorder that people have a very hard time wanting to use this so i’m still going to show you because like i said this is the most readily available thing through harm reduction programs normally now when it comes to getting things from the pharmacy you’re probably

Nine times out of ten gonna get a narcan nasal spray okay so what you wanna do is you want to turn over your vial and you want to take this your syringe and you wanna insert it just like that it’s a little rubber piece so you have to put a little bit of pressure on to be able to pull off the medication you know since these are not filled all the way i always try

To tell people just to make sure the bevel of the syringe is um below the like it’s not like up here at the top of the bottle where there is no liquid if that makes sense okay so sorry so we’re gonna pull back and we’re gonna keep pulling back that syringe so we make sure that we get all of the liquid that’s in the bottle you know you might have a teeny tiny

Little bit left so it’s about like this so you want to flick down any bubbles i always pull back to make sure everything is out of the top part of the syringe and then i will push it up basically until i see it start to enter this green thing and i know you’re going a lot faster in the heat of the moment but this is very slowed down and you can flick like this

To make sure there’s no air bubbles so this is about one milliliter oh my god oh my god this is about one milliliter of product right here okay so you can see it’s about one milliliter of liquid in the syringe so you’re gonna take this and you’re gonna go in your shoulder you’re gonna go in the thigh those are the two best places that i usually recommend going

So if like the person’s on the back that is like the best place to go you can go directly through the clothes if somebody’s wearing pants like that um i always just usually use intramuscular no oxygen when i do have to reverse overdoses just because i am more comfortable with it and when i do obtain a decent amount of like no nasal naloxone or nasal narcan i do

Like to give that out to people instead of having myself use it so you want to take the syringe and just i mean that dispense it and yeah i mean this is not an interlock so you do have to recap it recap it and i do always recommend either giving it to the paramedics or i guess the best thing would be to do is to be put into one of like a detergent bottle

Tape the detergent bottle and put do not recycle on it now i my cat’s diabetic i am and we always have like syringes and stuff so i have disposal bins but the best thing i recommend would be to put it in some type of hard plastic bottle tape it if you do not have access to a sharps disposal a lot of harm reduction programs will take them back just don’t leave it

You know so usually a lot of harm reduction programs will give you two of these again it’s wait about two to three minutes before you administer a another naloxone shot and yeah i mean i get this is a little bit scarier there’s like high stress situations there’s a lot of stigma around needles and people are afraid of like accidental sticks and blood and things

Like that but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and you got to use what you got to use but that’s why i wanted to include both of these into the video i’m but you know it’s a really high stress situation but it does make me happy to see people reverse overdoses if they get into the situation where they need to i’m at the point where you know i work

In outreach i work in harm reduction i have i’ve reversed more overdoses in grocery store parking lots than i have in my own arm reduction outreach which is crazy but just try to stay calm try to calm yourself down when the person comes to you know try to use a low talking type of voice explain to them what happened because they are going to be confused they might

Be angry a little bit but you don’t really see people like throwing a fist and waking up like they want to fight you or punch you or any of that it’s a scary situation for everybody so you know trying to be nice and trying to be calming to them and explaining what happened is the best thing that you can do you can explain to them that you might feel really sick

Right now but you don’t want to just like go out and do more drugs because you know you are at risk for another overdose but tell them you know the effects of the naloxone can will wear off in about 30 to 90 minutes so this isn’t something that is gonna like stick around with you for hours and hours most pharmacies do have standing orders for it if they do have

It in stock they will usually give you the nasal spray next distro is a male-based harm reduction uh naloxone distribution and they will either mail you out naloxone directly from them or they do partner with some harm reduction programs in certain states that will mail you out harm reduction supplies or naloxone that way but if there’s anybody has you know any

Questions or needs any further information please let me know um my tick tock handle is beauty and harm reduction and i also can be reached on my tech or on my instagram or my twitter which i will leave on the screen and i also leave my email um i can send over the pdf document to anybody that needs it and answer any further questions that somebody might have

But they don’t want to ask publicly i am happy to answer them but thank you guys for watching and have a good day

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Naloxone Part 2 By The Doctor Patient Forum – Don’t Punish Pain