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Naloxone – Training Video

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Hi i’m jess in the clinical nurse manager for depaul we film this overdose management and naloxone the administration video with the help of our staff our service users and our volunteers to help build confidence in managing these situations in their services this first scene demonstrates what to do if you find somebody who may be under the influence of substances

Whose unresponsive and not breathing hello hello hi someone call and one to bring in lots of someone is unresponsive in the tv room ruben when a person is not breathing and requires cpr the aed is needed one person should open turn on the aed and attach the pads as soon as it arrives on the scene while the other person is checking for breathing giving breaths

Or starting compressions to use naloxone check the expiration date remove the clear film wrapping by twisting the outer plastic box as shown and removing the seal open the box which contains one syringe of naloxone and two needles remove the instructions and place them beside you check that the needles seal isn’t broken and open the needle by pushing the blue top

Through the paper backing remove the rubber cap of the naloxone syringe and attach the needle in a twisting motion hold the naloxone firmly at the barrel and not the tip of the needle sheath remove the needle sheath being careful to keep your fingers away you administer one dose of naloxone in the largest part of the lake at a 90 degree angle holding the device

Like a pen or a dart inject the naloxone slowly into the first black line place the use naloxone back into the yellow tray being careful not to touch off anything take over compressions from your partner after administering naloxone continue compressions for another one cycle of cpr 30 compressions to 2 breaths administer a second dose of naloxone after 3 cycles

Of cpr repeat these steps until the person wakes up or help arrives this next scene demonstrates what you should do if you happen to find somebody who’s unresponsive but is still breathing weakly alright love ok rica can you hear me marika hi it’s jessica just doing the checks here i’m in room 3 marika stopped responding can be conned out of us bring the locks

On and the aed please marika marika can you hear me or just how do they really look so here it perfect oh she’s good she’s breathing can you get get over to the other side they’re good yeah we’re doing to the recovery position there and on your side it’s her head okay there she breathed them there okay yeah damn it yeah but so can you marie can you just got a shot

Of naloxone there you’re gonna be waking up shortly okay ambulance is on the way yeah right laughs okay can you hear me love her breathing’s okay there yes it’s been about two or three minutes there yeah you grabbed another locks in there yep yep just there where i gave it there just be careful okay just mind your fingers there yeah very key okay laughs jess all

Right you’ve just had a dose of naloxone there okay you weren’t breathing very well so the ambulance is on the way you okay yeah they’ll be here shortly all right it’s important after any situation involving an overdose to debrief with your team and other service users that may have witnessed the incident it’s important to notify your management or on call as soon as

Possible and complete the incident report good to see you – i hope the team will have a quick chat we prepare for the team are being tortured right how to see them perfect how are you doing ron would you do me a favor and just grab the flashcards for me yeah yeah we’re doing all right we’re glad that you’re safe so maybe you get a cup of tea maybe make sure that

We have a chance in the morning just to make sure that we go through a few things to make you say how are you feeling now that’s better okay good well we’ll check in with it a little bit later on okay just wanted to let you know i don’t want to remember but we used in the lockers among there last night okay so you weren’t breathing very well i’m not sure but you

Take it and i thought we were really worried in a better trip so you probably evidence but without this cynthia really quickly so it’ll be good maybe tomorrow when you talk about how you could carry this around on you so that if that happens again that we can make sure that we can always keep you safe okay thanks a million thank you great we’ve now seen two videos

Demonstrating the use of naloxone one where a person’s not breathing and one more persons unresponsive but is still breathing it’s important that when a service user returns after overdosing that we provide an overdose prevention intervention this might be keeping somebody on high-risk checks or referring them to another health care provider or using your naloxone

Champions on site to promote personal naloxone kits it’s important to know that not every overdose happens immediately after taking a substance overdoses can happen over a long period of time and they can be what we call slow burners the most important things you can deal with you find someone unresponsive it’s called for help after that user acts on the rock song can save lives

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Naloxone – Training Video By Drugreporter