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Naloxone Training Video_Intranasal Naloxone

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This helpful Naloxone Training Video has been developed to demonstrate the most effective way to use: Intranasal Naloxone.

Hi i’m alison a pharmacist and today i’d like to go over how to use your naloxone product it can be really difficult in an emergency situation to remember everything that you may have learned about naloxone so feel free to come back to this video from time to time to review the information here so that you can always be prepared in the event that you witness an

Opioid overdose so you’ve called 9-1-1 and grabbed your naloxone now what this is intranasal naloxone in a prefilled syringe and it requires a nasal atomizer for administration each box contains one dose of naloxone and when you open it up it looks like this now the first step to assemble your dose is to remove all the colored caps so there’s two yellow caps

On the syringe and one purple cap on the drug vial so now that all the color is gone we can twist the drug vial on to the syringe and the most important thing to remember at this point is not to push on the vial at all while you’re twisting this causes some of the drug to leak out of the end so you want to twist without pushing until you meet resistance and then

You’ll take the nasal atomizer and twist it on to the other end until you meet resistance and now your dose is ready for administration there’s two important things to remember when giving a dose of internal naloxone the first thing is that we’re going to try and split the dose between both nostrils this means you’re going to give half the dose in one nostril and

Half the dose in the other nostril now there is no way to accurately measure half a dose of naloxone there’s no mechanism on the device that will stop you halfway so you’re gonna have to estimate and it’s okay if it’s not perfect just do your best to administer half the dose in one nostril half the dose in the other nostril the second thing to remember is to push

Vigorously on the drug vial when you give your dose this allows the medication to form a fine mist that is easily absorbed in our sinuses if you press too gently on the vial the medication forms droplets at the syringe and it does not absorb as well in our sinuses so push vigorously and give half the dose in one nostril half the dose and the other nostril firmly

Place the applicator into the patient’s nostril so that a seal forms and vigorously push half the dose in one nostril and half the dose into the second nostril and that’s how you use internal naloxone in a prefilled syringe

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Naloxone Training Video_Intranasal Naloxone By KelleyRossGroup