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Naloxone vs Naltrexone?

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Okay i wanted to make a quick video and i’m gonna answer the age-old question that everyone wants to know what’s the difference between no locsin and now trek zone no okay i know i because i know you know the folks that follow i know that you you know that i’ve explained i don’t know if i even said it right anyway folks that follow you know i’ve talked about this

On my videos but i have to make a video like this because there’s people that you know i start making other videos about now trek zone and then you know people stumble upon my channel and i should probably have a video somewhat explaining this so anyway okay here we go so the difference between now trek zone and naloxone now first of all if you don’t even know what

Those are well i’m sure if you’re here you you probably know but naloxone is obviously what they put in suboxone it’s in it’s in there with the buprenorphine and it’s in there so if you shoot up you will go into frickin agony withdrawals it’ll suck really really bad so that’s that’s what the knox uns in there for naltrexone separate no trek zones not in there if if

It were you would withdrawal every time you took it even even if you took it under your tongue so and the reason is so and the reason is is because the locsin doesn’t absorb orally it does it’s not gonna absorb that just goes in your stomach and you poop it out so and i’m not a doctor i’m not a doctor at all this is information that i’ve gotten from a few doctors

And lots of reading and you know anyway it’s it’s just what it is you all can go find it out so but but yeah so the naloxone you know that’s you don’t want someone overdoses you shoot them up with the naloxone yeah sorry you shoot him up with the naloxone because it’s iv that’s that’s how that’s how its absorbed it’s not absorbed orally and you know someone odie’s

You shoot them up with that and it and it does the opposite it blocks the receptors and it saves their lives and then there not feel very good but at least we’ll be alive so and then and then so that’s that’s the locsin now trek zone is the oral version of of no oxen okay so that you just you know pop it in and and it blocks your receptors so i mean it it’s that’s

Just the simple the most simple way i can put it as i’ve said before or said earlier in the video i know i explained that in another video of mine recently but it’s like suboxone pot i don’t even know my title suck on all my videos i talked about so many other topics and anyway so i wanted to do a video of naloxone verse personnel trek zone so yeah all it is ones

Iv ones orally okay now locsin naloxone it’s got to be iv so if you’ve been taking you haven’t been absorbing it if you’ve been taking suboxone now trek zone is the world version of naloxone or no mock since the iv version of now trek so whatever you want to say i hope this video was okay i hope i didn’t mess up and say like no trek zone when i should have said

In the locks and i’ll watch it real quick just to make sure it doesn’t suck too bad so anyway that’s all that’s all it is i probably be here tomorrow i have some of more updates to anyway that’s random no one yeah anyway god bless and salute

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Naloxone vs Naltrexone? By Gabe McCall